Stickman Readers' Submissions November 12th, 2011

Are we Stickman Readers a “Sub Culture” Are we Low Lifes?

I'm talking about all of you Stickman readers out there. Yes, that includes myself. Are we a "sub" culture? Unfortunately, "sub" does refer to "lower". Are we a sub culture? I ask that because I've been all over
Thailand, and if even 3/4 of you readers out there are from the group of guys (farangs) I see around Thailand, I'm afraid you may fall into that category. Of course, I would not put myself in that category, but that may be why I'm really
in that group. Denial. Yes, self denial. Many of us lie to ourselves all the time. Yes, I see all those low life guys around those sex areas and I think……I'm not in that group! I just happen to be over there. And why don't you see
guys I would classify as good average guys that you respect in these areas? (Let's face it, would you want the typical farang in these sex areas to marry your sister?)

That may be why low life guys are attracted to the women in Thailand and / or the sex areas. These Thai girls will accept almost anyone, warts and all. Yes, if we don't blend into society in our own country, how do we solve the problem?
Just move to a third world country where they will accept almost anybody. They need money, you have it, problem solved. Right?

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Many people choose a lower path in life because:

1. It's easier.
2. We choose not to demand more of ourselves as a person.
3. We were born into it. (I feel so sorry with kids born with low life parents.)

I ended up going to Thailand after a 12 year relationship. The last year there was no sex at all. I was ready to let loose and enjoy myself, and a friend recommended Thailand. I still, to this day, am not sure if that was the best thing I could've
done, or the worst. I think if you see things over in the bars the way they really are, and you're honest with yourself, then, that is the mindset to have when you are over there. I do find myself getting bored after a while. I do love sex,
and that's what gets me still going over there. It's really cool for the first few days. But, when you get up in the morning and walk through those same areas in the daytime, you really see what lies beneath all the loud music, pretty
girls and neon signs. That alone is a major wake up call. I remember walking out of my hotel on Soi 4 and the first sight I saw was a half dead cockroach wiggling around in the middle of the sidewalk. I thought, wow. How in the heck did I end
up in this place?

When I get back to the U.S. and pull up videos on YouTube from these sex areas, Nana, Soi Cowboy, Pattaya, etc. I ask myself, gee…..are these women really that attractive? I can't believe I fly 14 hours, spend a lot of money, put up
with all the touts, etc. just for the great, available sex, but that's just what I do!

Perhaps some of you guys out there can relate. I know I've read many submissions and thought….wow, Thailand really can mess a person up, with all the available sex, etc. With all the fun people think they can have, there sure seems
to be a downside to it all. I read some submissions and think, gee, some people's misery becomes other people's reading entertainment….. Kind of like watching a train wreck, or gawking at a roadside accident that's just happened.

I do enjoy travel though and being within a different culture. Everyday becomes a life learning experience. Seems like the more we learn about others, the more we learn about ourselves.

I have always known I love sex, but in Thailand there is an unlimited supply. Perhaps too much of a good thing? If I wrote a submission about myself, I think I would title it : "Addicted to Crack". That line seems to sum things
up. I think someone should set up a counseling service for sex addicts on Soi 4. I mean, if you're looking for sex addicts to treat, you might as well go to where the business is. You can step out of a short time room, and into an office
where you can talk with someone about what you're going through. Of course, we also have the option of sitting down and typing a submission in on Stick's website.

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I have heard of "life coaches" that people hire to help sort things out. Perhaps Stick could start a service and put "Sex Life Coach" on his business cards. Ha!

There are still guys over there that I just for the life of me can't figure out…and that's the guys that go "bareback" with no protection. Why don't I just give them a gun and take one bullet out if they want to
play Russian Roulette with their life. I've even met guys that tell me how great the anal sex bareback was, and they are married!!! WTF? I just don't get it. I think I'll invent a device that attaches around a bargirl's waste.
Anytime a guy approaches without protection, a warning alarm would go off. Hey, even then some guys would just plug their ears and go for it.

Because of Thailand trips, I've learned that there are some advantages to paying for sex. You get what you want when you want it. I was going to say when you need it, but does anyone really need two girls a day for 20 days like my last
trip? I can't believe that some guys go years without sex (with another person ha!) when it's available almost anywhere any time for a price. The downside, is that it can really take it's toll on the old wallet. It's also nice
to get variety. I admire Stick for his willpower in the gogo bars. I know I'm weak. What can I say. I look at sex now more as an entertainment factor. I think if it becomes a huge part of your life and daily routine, then things may be getting
out of balance.

I've thought about checking out the Philippines. You can pull up many bars on YouTube and check the scene out. Not sure if it's worth the effort when things are so good in Bangkok.

I've often said. It's impossible not to get laid in Thailand. You could even roll a dead guy into Nana Plaza and stick $2000 baht in his pocket, and some go go girl would roll him up to a short time room. Ha!

Well, I guess that's enough rambling away. I just saved 2 hours with a sex counseling therapist at $125 an hour. Thanks Stick.

Stickman's thoughts:

I believe that the best way to enjoy Thailand's naughty nightlife is to not think too much about it and certainly not to look too closely or analyse it. Do that, and if you are really honest with yourself and have a conscience, it can really change the way you look at things and detrimentally affect your enjoyment of it. That is one reason why I don't participate.

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