Stickman Readers' Submissions October 17th, 2011

Stickman Losers

I've been reading Stickman now for about 5 years or so and several common themes set me off. Again, as my last submission, I am Canadian, not close to suicide, happily married to a Thai (for the most part) and not fat and bald. We are not 20 years
apart in age either.

Why is it so many readers have to add after the word "Thai"…Chinese? This is f***ing brutal!!! What in God's name does this mean? That Chinese are a superior race? That Thais are incapable of achievement unless their Dad
has sex with a Chinese and produces a Thai Chinese? They are Thai! If you were born in Thailand, you are Thai! End of story. I am not Canadian Ukrainian just because my ancestors came from the Ukraine. I am Canadian. It just about makes me vomit
how writers have to always add…"I met her at the club and she was light skinned and Thai Chinese". What, did you check her Nazi identity card? Who even introduces themself as this race? Really, it says so much about the writer when
they have to add the "Chinese" part as if it gives them further credit…almost as bad as saying…"she never asked for money". What just pisses me off to no end is how the writer drops it in there as almost an afterthought
except it's's purposeful and is intended to convey the message that she is an elite; above and beyond the average pickings. Well, let me tell you something….my wife is Thai. 100% Thai and zero mix. She doesn't even know
further back than her grandparents who worked as farmers. Not merchants, bankers or landowners…but farmers. So what does that make me? An idiot or loser for marrying a common Thai who has a heart of gold and loves children, laughter, her family
and helping others? Similar to the Sawadee submission where I wanted to kill the entire hi-so lot for spreading rumours, I also want to really hurt these people that have to slip the "Chinese" just before the Thai. Who fu****g cares???

He Clinic Bangkok

Now I'm on a roll. Next issue are the writers that in their writings, simply demonstrate what a serious, social loser they really are, stuck in the 1960's. I read it all the time…for example…"I retired to my quarters as
the I don't partake in the sordid sqaulor of Sukhumvit". Well idiot, the word "retired" in this instance makes you sound 60 years old. I've seen your kind around Pattaya Beach Road with your gut, your square glasses, your
inability to function among normal girls in Australia, the US or wherever. You are a loser! Your parents raised you as a serious and unloving moron lacking the ability to have a drink, relax and have a good time. To you, it's all about examining
your surroundings and posting your opinion. Guess what idiot??? I see you on Beach Road all the time and the hookers don't even look your way. How pathetic. The same way you describe your beef as "the finer cuts". Well sh*thead,
when I order beef, I don't care…I eat and drink my beer, pay the bill and head to the bar. I don't appraise my wine, my meat, the music, my surroundings, the ambinence…nothing. I don't give a sh*t! I am in Thailand to party
and have a good time. I came from a normal family with a father who was not overbearing, did not whip me and I want to have fun. I don't judge you, where I am or compare anything. I live for the moment. I love hot ladyboys also!

The next one just gets me going. The writer who has to add a thing about their wealth, their age, their ability to pick up women and their disdain for bargirls and their pursuit if the finer things in life. Well, let me tell you something,
as*hole!!! I am 40 and have 60 million in convertible bond debenture funds earning 20% a year. And when I walk into a BMW or Porsche dealership in Thailand, I am dressed as always…a t shirt, shorts (maybe stained) and sandals. Sure, I get looked
down as a loser but guess what fu*kface? I actually have the money to buy what you're selling. So go ahead and look down on me and my brown wife…see if I care. I don't need your respect or hi so attitude as I have a hell of a lot more
money than you and I will never act that way as it goes against my very culture. Canadians do not give an ounce of added respect to simply means you have more money than me and means nothing more. You are not entilted to special treatment,
you don't have power over me and we are equals under the law. Well, guess what? These values transfer over to Thailand as I am a Canadian in Thailand and expect no more and ask no more from anyone based on their wealth. To do so would show
my lack of confidence in myself. I will treat the garbage collector exactly equal as my Thai lawyer who went to school in the US and commands 400,000 baht a month. You are equal, get it? I was near Siam Paragon one day when a brand new 7 series
BMW pulled over on the curb and a woman lookng like a million bucks opened the door. All the moto taxi drivers and pedestrians just stared in awe…I walked over and asked if she need any help. Why not? That is the way I was raised. She said it
wasn't running right and called for help; to me, she was someone in need and was no different than what I would have done for a tuk tuk driver breaking down. Get over yourself!

The last issue are the writers who have to tell everyone how they never married a bargirl. Almost as if they are a better person for it. Well, I've learned a few things in my days and one of them is that a bargirl loves sex and knows
how to screw. They have so many partners and if they get you off better than anyone before them, then you will see the second coming and tip accordingly. Sure, it's a job at the end of the day but I honestly feel they love their job as otherwise
why would they scream, pull the covers off the bed and orgasm multiple times? Sure, you probably would say they are faking but then again, a girl can lie there and do nothing yet get paid the same as the one who becomes visibly aroused. So why
would they get aroused if it's just for money? Well, even if a robot stroked me and had the right touch, it would work for me. When they kiss you and their breath gets sucked inwards as they gasp from pleasure, is this all a Hollywood acting
moment? After all, even actors have fallen in love just from doing a romantic scene. Secondly, so what if they are from Issaan? I just emailed my gik who I will visit in Thailand in 2 weeks and the fact that she is from Issaan turns me on to no
end. It's almost as if they were built for sex and can orgasm in 2 minutes. They crave sex and become so wet that it can't be faked. They love drinking, partying and having fun, even when making out with other girls. Ask yourself this…why
does a north, south or central Thai girl look down on Issaan girls if they are really so stupid and lack culture? Its because inside their heart they know the Issaan girl can get you off and and make you lose your senses.

CBD bangkok

So this is my rant and these are things that should have been said a while back. Much like that loser in England that writes in occsasionally and is in the men's choir and can't find a date or a job after his Thai wife left him.
Well, wake up! Had you marrried a British wife, the outcome would have been the same because you are a loser! You've never upgraded your credentials, you complain about lack of women in the British pubs and talk about outfitting your Thai
whores in extra small dress shirts. This makes you a certified loser! If I lived in England, I would love to have sex with large breasted, soft British women that are horny. Why do you think they are going to the bar? Because they like the taste
of beer?

There are some guys I respect. The falang in the newspaper in Bangkok who does the ambulance work on a volunteer basis. Jake, the contributor on the Pattaya news website who calls it as he sees it. The British commando officer who won't
back down to the Jetski Mafia on Youtube. Stickman…well, I appreciate his efforts but his unwillingness to tell the truth because he is afraid of the consequences shows that he is turning to become more Thai than Kiwi. Where would the world
be without real journalism where the reporters sacrifices their well being for exposing the corrupt and the greed? People complain about the police and the corruption in Thailand but how many Falang will put their neck on the line to make a difference
and say enough is enough? Certainly not Stick and certainly not you…

Stickman's thoughts:

Egalitarianism might be aspired to in Canada but it is another story in Thailand.

wonderland clinic

It is incredibly ignorant to suggest that you can behave in one country exactly the same as you can in another. And in some cases, as has been outlined numerous times on this site over the years, to do so can be FATAL.

PS Why use a different pen name to your regular pen name?

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