Stickman Readers' Submissions October 10th, 2011

Is Napster Right?

I recently read the very lively and interesting article by Napster. If I might take the liberty to make a conclusion about his sub, he would intimate that in general it would be much easier to score a decent looking Thai (or Asian) girl that to score
even a mediocre girl at home.

Now for the past several submissions I have been in a tangential way been beating the same drum, and in the course of the line of duty have been nailed to the cross as a zyclon b toting racist by trying to broadly describe the market dynamics
in play.

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Again my point of view is neutral and I do my best to look at the statistics and interpret them to the best of my ability. Whether one sleeps with a white, blue, red or grey-skinned person is of no particular interest to me emotionally. I
just like to try to observe and look into the future to see what it will bring…

I would admit to having one latent interest in as much I would hope that my son who is just now at the age for starting to go out with girls would not get trapped or burned. Lucky for him he is a realist and sees what is going down…

Now there are several readers' viewpoints on the subject. Even as these have led to what could be called written punch ups on the site.

Some of the more conservative readers, and the western world at large say that we would be losers (doesn't the west love to categorize things!) for even trying out the Asian marketplace. Certainly where there are plenty of available
good looking women in such places as the US, UK and Canada!

Conversely, some of the more pragmatic readers would say, well, why not let’s take Asian advantage of the situation while it lasts.

I personally am a pragmatist and would fall into the latter camp…

I am lucky enough to own my own business and travel around all of Europe, meaning every country in central and western Europe, including the UK, about 4 times per year and also visit Asia (mainly China also about 4 times a year so I witness
a lot.

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Even the German FKK scene and the even better Partytreff or swinger club scene as recently described would exist for those who want that. (Thank heavens for those well-organized, open-minded Germans, and the capitalist market dynamics of
letting Romania and Poland into the EU…)

Until recently I went to Canada several times a year, which is fairly close in PC standards to the USA, that is barring Quebec which thank the stars is still rather European and with good looking women to boot…

Having witnessed this in so many countries, I could only say that Napster has hit it on the head, and that Vaveman is not far behind.

Those who have or would provide anti- views are just spouting out conservative political correctness IMHO.

Let’s take Canada. When I was working there several years ago, I would have to do local sales rep accompaniments. Naturally I would invite them for a bite to eat at lunchtime, never in the evening. => Beyond even my wildest imaginations
I was hauled up before the group MD and accused of by doing so, of making approaches to a 35 year old lady rep in western Canada. Of course it was all tripe and in fact she and her local boss were found out later on to is all banging each other’s
brains out in after hours office parties, not that I could care less. However it’s the double standards that get to me.

I would read any US paper, for example Huffington Post which is supposed to be left wing. In those journals; if a lady (and I use that word loosely) who is well known person has it away with someone else, even if they are married it’s
looked at as something as a victory for femininity and equality! If however a married man is caught out, they are usually set up by the “hostess" a-la Tiger Woods and tried to be scammed for money, berated and sent into purgatory!
Is that not the economic equivalent of prostitution? (Note I don’t refer to morals as that is subjective.)

Let’s take the USA, luckily which I don’t have to visit often, even if I am still a citizen. Just look at the pics from Caveman which are totally 50 percentile, and possibly on the light side… Even if I just look across my
street in the European 'burb where I live to see American women (I live near a DOD school), mostly of large size waddling about like ducks out of water. And one could imagine that military families would be fitter, physically speaking, than
the average…

Let’s take the UK. I was, recently, lucky enough to be invited to an upper class restaurant by my business partner there where you would see the upper crust and indeed the women there were better dressed than average and slimmer, even
the older ones, however totally un-approachable and haughty.

Let’s take the 'hood. Dover, a moderate sized market town, now rather down at heel due to the recession. There, one sees the general humanity in all its glory…

High street at 2 pm. Many old people doddering about, the unemployed loitering, many young mums pushing prams, ca 18 to 20 yrs old and fat and with several nails (body piercings) adorning their faces (council house style). A few young men,
most with beer guts and tattoos, some tramps and not even 1 decent looking woman of whatever age between 20 and 40.

That, from my trips about the country, would be representative of any mid-sized UK town… (I suppose that our UK readers could substantiate that.)

The rest of Europe, would be physically “lighter" but the approach-ability would be poor, except in Poland, and Czech where economic need plays a part of the dynamic.

So once again I would beat the drum of good old Biffault and state categorically that money for the most part flows downhill… This still means usually from the man’s pocket to the women’s purse!

The use of the CIA data on spread of gender by age group is very insightful:

Have you ever seen the programs of the better looking Russian and Ukrainian girls being groomed to serve the economic elite? I guess that is what rabid capitalism is all about. Well it bears looking into… Their dream is to become one of
the harems of the oligarchs, or at least of being a mistress of a mid-sized business owner, that is until they hit ca 28, and then it's babushka time with the guy from the apartment block whose liver is still intact…

Personally, I remember well growing up in the northeast in the late 60s, when the US was at its apogee and you where counted each day the number of dead gooks (that’s what they were called back then in the papers…) The women, even
the mothers, were generally slim and friendly. People congregated in each other’s lawns and partied and the girls at school were approachable and skinny. Now just look at the average US school kid, 50% are overweight and 20% obese – and
that is your future…

Napster has mentioned the fact that women watch these fairytale TV programs about love and romance where all the men are within the top 1/2 percentile of handsome-ness (and many possibly gay as many of the best dressed guys are). They then
transpose that onto everyday life and expect that an identikit of the TV tale will walk into the life and sweep them away. Of course being that it’s not reality it will never happen, but it artificially sets the bar higher for the average
Joe. That’s really pretty sad.

Now if you take your 50 percentile Asian girl then you will get:

– A body fat index in correct proportions.
– Someone who cherishes their other half (should I say better?)
– Normally a decent cook and house-proud.
– Regularly demanding of sexual services.
– If you get one from the right
background: not a nag and using correct and not course language.
– Possibly better looking (but that is personal / subjective).
– And you will have a spectrum of ages to choose from your own; down to your own – 20 % (Below that would be

Now why on earth would anyone want anything less?

Again I make a prediction. More and more frustrated white western men will turn to Asia. More and more fat white women will have to look for alternatives, probably amongst the minorities, no relationship at all, or light lesbian relationships,
which in a generation will bring it own set of social problems. Just wait and see. Let’s discuss it in 10 to 20 years….

Have fun
The Frenchman

Stickman's thoughts:

I am 100% with you in your conclusion that the masses are going to descend on parts of Asia, particularly South-East Asia. because the situation in the West has become so bleak for the average Western guy.

I would anticipate that over time Asian women will start to realise their "value" and become more discerning. This is probably happening already but will gather steam. For sure, in 10 – 20 years the social dynamic is going to be rather "interesting"!

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