Stickman Readers' Submissions October 21st, 2011

Affair With A High-Class Girl

Been reading the site as a voyeur into an alternate universe for awhile, but never expected to find myself in the LOS a with a bar girl, though I say that not because I consider her such, but that is what society considers her. Anyhow,
here I am, with some insights that I think may be of interest to Stickman readers as a window into the world of high class hookers as a bit of a change of pace.

First, some background on me. I am originally from Italy. I am a corporate lawyer in my mid-thirties who has lived in New York, Paris, Moscow and now Hong Kong as well as my native Milan. I am attractive, dress well and like to live a good life. I have
dated models as well as Harvard-educated lawyers and traveled in more than 60 countries. I have had some long term girlfriends, but have never settled down for no particular reason other than I suppose wanderlust. I have had some wonderful girlfriends
I still keep in touch with, many of whom no doubt would have made excellent wives, but for whatever reason the time has not been right yet. Within my set of people that work lots, travel a lot, this is not unusual, though my parents are ready
for me to settle down and always pester me about old girlfriends and what happened to them. I have had occasional dalliances with hookers, but never an obsession, and would not consider myself a monger, but an occasional user when I want a good
time with no drama. Enough about me.

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So after a few weeks at home, I got back to Hong Kong and was out late with some friends – both male and female, by the way – and we wound up at Escape. It is an equivalent to Brix in Singapore or Spasso in Bangkok. It is a night club with
a high percentage of very attractive ladies of the night frequented by bankers and lawyers. Anyhow, after lots of booze, one thing led to another, and a girl I will call V wound up back at my place. The next day we went out and had breakfast and
a great conversation and I dropped her off at home. I asked if she wanted anything (thinking she wanted me to pay maybe) and she said she wanted to see me again and to go find her in Bangkok. So to Bangkok I came as there was something alluring
about her, as well as Bangkok, as a Stickman voyeur who had never experienced the Bangkok naughty boy scene.

She picked me up at the airport in her brand new Japanese car and we went to her apartment (I suggested a hotel but she preferred her apartment). She lives in a reasonable apartment with a gym and a pool, which sets her back 30k baht a month.
Her apartment is eerily similar to that of an Italian lawyer I once dated who was making 200k sterling a month in London – chock full of the latest designer handbags and shoes. She also had all the latest Apple kit – an iPhone, iPad and MacBook,
as well as all the older models rusting away. Suffice it to say, her lifestyle makes it clear she does pretty well for herself financially (certainly at least the 100k baht mooted by Stick, likely much more). Oh, and she works about two weeks
a month and her clients call her for things like recommendations for the best hotels to stay at in Hong Kong with their families…

A bit about her. She moved around quite a bit growing up but attended Catholic schools as her father had a good government job and wanted her to be well educated. The issue with the family was that he is not corrupt, as they are good Buddhists, so though
well off comparatively, money was tight when she went off to Bangkok to attend university as an international relations student. So she went off to the bars on Soi 33 one night and met a wealthy retired Frenchman. He supported her through university,
got her a cover job on graduation at a French company and then took her back to France. She learned the language and settled into life in his medium-sized French city. She made friends and they lived a life of leisure, traveling Europe, going
to the best restaurants, sailing the Mediterranean and spending two months a year in Thailand. His friends loved her and he desperately wanted to marry, but she got tired of his incessant philandering and eventually left him for it. She reasons
that she was faithful during their years together, so he should be too. He could not give up the wandering eye. And that was that.

Moving back to Bangkok, she tried an office job, but the remuneration was too low, so she settled into life as a high class call girl. Mostly by invitation only, but occasionally at the high class spots of Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, with occasional
travel to Dubai, Sydney, even South Africa. She showed me some of her clients, and they checked out as partners at top law firms where average salaries are 1.5m USD a year and other executives. She definitely knows the best restaurants in Hong
Kong and Paris better than I do, which is saying something. She tried thailovelinks once as it is all the rage, met a nice guy from Oz who was an ex-rugby player with a degree from U.N.S.W. and a job as an engineer. She got to know his family,
and she describes him as a really nice guy, but the night before he got on a plane, he said he couldn't bear it anymore and got down on a knee and proposed to her. She said no and it broke her heart so no more thailovelinks for her. She was
still clearly traumatized by the experience and feels terrible about it, but she said she could not in good conscience go through with it because he could not give her the life she wanted. He was early thirties, athletic, with a good job, house,
etc., the whole package. You can hate her for leading him on, but she was honest. Though his friends were nice, she did not want to spend her life hanging out with a bunch of guys watching rugby as she knew she would find it boring given her more
cosmopolitan life. So her search goes on.

V and I spent a week together. She had done her internet research on me and she liked what she saw. She even told me she thought I could give her the life the Australian could not. She cooked fabulous dinners and we had candlelight dinners
at home. We went to temples together. We watched movies and went to wine bars. She wanted to show me off, so we went to meet her friends at nightclubs around Bangkok. One day we went to Pattaya, as I told her I was curious. I paid for everything,
but she asked for nothing, which was a fair exchange as I had free lodging. All she wanted was for me to become her proper boyfriend. She cried when she drove me back to the airport.

The truth is, V is a class act and I am enchanted even knowing her past. She listens to enchanting French and Italian music, not pop, which she hates. She is smart and educated and interested in the world. She is a bit of a snob, but we all
are, it is just a matter of degree. Yes, she dumped the Aussie who would be a great catch for most Thai girls. He sounds like a good lad, and I feel for him, but we all have our standards. Just as he cannot keep up with the jet-setting crowd,
he would likely not go for an uneducated Isaan or even Aussie girl. We shall see how this goes, but this is a lovely lady. A great conversationalist, great cook, and always looks stunning. And most important, she always makes me feel great and

Oh and on the day she was leaving, we went to a charity where she gave 10k baht to the flood victims, as she was terribly concerned, proof of her good heart, I think… Though I am sure Stick can set me straight…

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Stickman's thoughts:

A most unusual story. After what would appear to be a decent upbringing, I wonder why she went off the rails and ended up at soi 33? It seems to me that there is something missing in her story…

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