Stickman Readers' Submissions September 22nd, 2011

Response to The Thailand Bar Scene for Beginners

What a hypocrite and self-serving submission by Caveman. You of all people, 30 to 40 years of age or older (I guess), well educated
and sophisticated gentleman or more like human trash or pig. I do not know how old you are and your profession but I felt you are a f@#$ing bastard coming to Thailand to match wits with and taking advantage of lowly educated, young, immature working
females. You know damned well why you frequented those bars / gogos / nightclubs joints for the sole purposes of mongering and sexual pleasures which you dare not venture (cannot afford) in your own country. Yet you would only look for nice looking
girls with that "up to you" good-natured attitude and rendered themselves at your mercy or whims in terms of monetary compensation after services performed. These girls have more class than you in that they are working to feed themselves
and their families by selling their bodies. What more insulting and self-degrading and sacrifice can that be? They tried their utmost to survive and entertained you whether short or long time and tomorrow will have to start another round as life
must go on. Living is already tough for them so don't play mind games with these poor souls who were not at your level and equal match. Since this is a service don't give me that crap and bullshit about "give her something out of
the kindness of your heart". I felt this is plain heartless to write something like that! Especially from a person of your caliber of education and sophistication. Be a gentleman, knowing that you are a lot older, wiser, richer, more fortunate
and don't have to sell your body to feed yourself and your family. Be fair and upfront with her and let her know in advance what to expect of your generosities or exploits or CC. A good night's services should command no less than 2,000+
baht instead of the meager 1,500 baht you shamelessly suggested. I felt you are downright low and have to get this off my chest. I am not objecting to you writing your submission as a guide for other farang punters from getting ripped off by these
poor souls. I, however, do not think kindly of you using your advantage over the lowly educated, young,/ immature working females to obtain sex-tisfactions with your self righteous and holier than thou attitudes. You are, my dear sir, in my humble
opinion, just some hypocrite and self serving f@#$ing monger, to put it mildly.

Now let's bore you folks with my background. I was born in Thailand some 70 years ago of Chinese descent and of average intelligence and looks. Growing up in Thailand was a great experience in those bygone days. No friends I know of
ever engaged in pre-marital sex with potential mates; the phase "girl friend" is non existent. All male / female friendships were just pure and innocent unlike the modern days. The only way to gain sexual experiences were through visiting
whorehouses / brothels usually around the age of 18 induced by older friends. Those were the good old days where you spent around $4 – $5, maybe less, for sex and make new friends in those establishments.

He Clinic Bangkok

From a Christian family and mostly studying in Christian schools have conditioned (mostly what's sin) and inhibited me from approaching / chasing girls and I never had any relationship before and after marriage, even up to now. Although I have out
grown and overcome this religious BS until quite late in life, even now I can only chat / flirt with ladies on occasions but still don't know how to start any relationship with a female. I traveled to study in California in 1961 and returned
to Thailand around 1969. Because of those religious taboos / conditioning I never had a girl friend in the US and in my life to that effects, just frequented some hothouses occasionally when in the US. In Thailand things were different in the
70's and I found myself working and making new friends and out dining, drinking and socializing and enjoy myself with the packs. Working in Thailand was more enjoyable than in the US (I worked briefly in US). In Thailand your workmates were
like a big extended family and we would eat out, drink, socialise, nightclubbing, Turkish bathing and visits brothels together… Those were the fun days and best days of my life. We all paid for sex and I don’t recall anyone taking advantage
of good girls for sex… Some Thai guys do that but not many that I know of at that time. Then I returned and worked in the US in 1976 until I retired early in 2003. My fields of expertise were old school IBM Computer Programming, starting from
the early '60s with IBM 1400s, 360s, System3s, 38s, and AS400s as Programmer, Programmer / Analyst, Software Consultant, etc.

Since I was raised more Chinese than Thai, culturally quite different; Chinese were more strict whereas Thais were more promiscuous in terms of flirting and trying to get into the pants of any girls they met. Growing up I recall having very
few real Thai and / or half Thai friends, I guess Chinese just don’t socialize with Thais that much. Whereas Westerners were more Puritans and lead a double standards life as they tend to fear God and appear respectable but f@#$ around
whenever opportunity permits and tend to f@#$ off as the going gets tough. Just my 2 cents and that's all for now folks and peace.

Stickman's thoughts:

CBD bangkok

In fairness and indeed in defence of Caveman, the 1,500 baht he pays ladies in Pattaya is often above the going rate in many Pattaya beer bars which still seems to be 1,000 baht a night. In Pattaya gogo bars the rates are all over the place but I have never heard of a girl complaining or feeling cheated by him. With Caveman – and I know him personally – I think it fair to look at the whole package. He is a fit, clean guy so a girl getting into bed with him is getting a guy who is in tip top shape, clean and not some overweight smelly pig. Payment for the naughty stuff aside, Caveman is generous and takes girls out to decent restaurants, to a movie in some cases etc. He would never ask a girl to do something she would not want to do. Put all this together and other than the girls who will do anything for the maximum amount of baht – which I think is probably a minority of bargirls – I think I can safely say that any girl that had him as a customer would leave happy.

Caveman can be quite forthright and I know some people struggle with his tone. I reckon that while some of his comments upset you, if you were to meet him in life you would probably quite like him.

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