Stickman Readers' Submissions September 27th, 2011

Pou-ying Whisperer

A recurring theme with submissions has men explaining why they can’t get attractive women in their home country, and then telling us how successful or not they were with women in Thailand. Brandon’s submission and Caveman’s
follow-up are two such examples.

These posts usually start by telling us there’s a shortage of attractive / suitable women available to them and why this shouldn’t be the case because they’re rich, fit, young, and their mothers told them good looking as well. Okay,
I’m sold. Using this logic there must not be an attractive and suitable young lady in any western country. Or if there are, the women are gold diggers, prefer men of color, are HIV positive, have been sold off to an Arab harem, or some
other oddity providing a convenient excuse why they’re not with you. Got it.

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The drums are beating the coded message throughout the jungle “I’m so damn good and these women must have something wrong with them if they don’t like me..” Other men of the same species decode the message
and beat out their reply “Yup, I’m damn good too and these women are messed up so I’m going to Thailand where there are less defective women..” And throughout the Kingdom of Man old tired drums raise
a frightening din, a cacophony of wailing only matched by the primitive Howler Monkeys during the Great Banana Famine of 1862. Indeed these are scary times, women are bad and the TSA wants to take your picture naked.

We usually get these insightful submissions right about the time the man who has traveled half-way around the world in search of women with better taste.. discovers they’re not doing that well here either. Stick has said it many times but it bears
repeating, “if you haven’t done well with women in your own country you’re not going to do well with them here either.” Well, unless you count the ones you pay to like you. When you think about it,
this is hardly surprising news, right?

This doesn’t mean life is hopeless and you should go asphyxiate yourself in some tired 4-star Bangkok hotel’s closet. Nope, put off your plans for auto-asphyxiation just a few moments longer and read the rest of this submission.

Let me ask you a question: Do you really want a woman to like you because you’re wearing nice clothes, have a fancy haircut (or in the case of Caveman because he waxes his nuts), a good job, a nice car, or other equally shallow
motives? More to the point, do you think your mother would think such a woman would be right for you? The answers are so obvious we instantly recognize the preceding questions as rhetorical. Yet, how many men tell us they have these attributes
in the course of these subs?

Some women like men from Japan, others from Australia, and some from Finland. Some women like short or long hair, education, tall or short, long or short. Sure, there are women out there who go for these things, and / or other sets of criteria as varied
as the day is long. So what. I’m going to tell you what ALL women like more than anything else, what they’ll fight to have, what they dream of during long cold nights. They dream of a man who can whisper in their ear that which they
want to hear. It’s that simple. Really.

You’ve heard of Horse Whisperers? Dog Whisperers? These “Whisperers” don’t speak horse and they don’t speak dog. They have simply learned to ‘sense’ what the horse or dog needs,
and to communicate to them in some form to trust them to provide for their needs. They’ve learned to instantly put a horse or dog at ease, to earn their trust, to not freak them out, to make them comfortable in their presence, and more..
to want to be in their presence because they do provide for their needs. Every horse and dog is different, and they each need different things. A successful horse or dog whisperer simply learns to sense what their individual needs are and to assure
them he can provide. Horses and dogs are individuals, they want to be recognized as such.

Now, a horse or dog whisperer doesn’t do this naturally. They have to learn. They spend time learning about horses or dogs, what makes them tick, what they like to eat, what makes them laugh, and what makes them trust. They learn to do this by
researching and spending time with horses and dogs. And during this time they’re not using them, instead they’re actually caring about who they are and what they need. Horses and dogs can somehow sense sincerity. So can women.

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If your goal is to be the kind of man who routinely gets the women, and I mean the best women in your country or any foreign country, to get them fast and to get them no matter what you’re wearing, what language you speak, or what you drive.. there
is only one way. You must learn to ‘sense’ women and become a Pou-ying Whisperer. I kid you not. I’m only putting things in these terms to provide an analogy, a way you can relate and remember, but the premise
I’m totally 100% serious about.

Is it easy? Not at first. Like anything else learning to talk and relate to women can be very difficult. For most of you it might be the most unnatural thing you’ve ever attempted. There is no book, no ‘game’, no
set of rules. There is only doing and learning. You must get out there every day and meet women with the primary goal of learning who they are and ‘sensing’ their needs.

Often, even the women couldn’t tell you what their needs are. Their surprise as you show them often results in instant and intense appreciation, but you shouldn’t expect this. By that I mean it shouldn’t be your goal. Women detest
being gamed and can sense such a man kilometers away. Women call these men “creeps.” And that’s when they’re being kind.

It’s almost like learning a language. At first you feel embarrassed to try out a newly learned word or sentence, but after a few tries you become comfortable and you’ll start using that word or sentence without thinking about it. It will
start to come naturally. Do this often, do this daily for as long as it takes, and one day you’ll suddenly realize you’re fluent. You’ll be sitting there chatting away with the ease and grace of a native speaker and you’ll
have this epiphany as you realize you can speak their language as well as you speak your own.

Isn’t it fun to speak a second language? You can sit in a bar or disco pretending you don’t understand, while others talk around you revealing more because they’re not considering your comprehension. Pou-ying Whispering is this way.
You won’t need to make every woman aware you can do this, you can sit back and evaluate the crowd and see which woman suits you, which woman needs you, and as you whisper in their ear they’ll want to meet your needs.

Not all horses are meant to be ridden. Some you’ll just whisper enough so they can be easily managed or led, some will be pulling a wagon, others packing supplies. All types of horses are useful. Some will be trail horses, some for roping, others
for cutting. Yet, the most beautiful, most powerful, and the fastest horses are the rarest and to be ridden for the pure pleasure of the moment. And before you climb in their saddle for this magical ride, you want them to want to be ridden, as
much as you want to ride them. It’s how it should be now and forever.

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the pretty women you desire always seem to be with guys you think don’t measure up to yourself You rationalize it somehow, he must be loaded, hung like a horse, or something is wrong with her. But now you
know the truth. “He” is with that beautiful woman not because all women from your home country are screwed up or have misplaced priorities, but because “he” is a Pou-ying Whisperer. He has
sensed her needs and chooses to provide. And she appreciates being understood.

Pou-ying Whispering isn’t for everyone. It takes hard work. You must be observant and intelligent. Confidence is key. You must learn non-verbs and other forms of communication. You have to actually like and respect women. All women, even the ones
you’d rather didn’t show you their appreciation. You can’t use women, and you can’t take them for granted.

Pou-ying Whispering techniques could fill entire volumes. You won’t learn to be a Whisperer overnight. Woman are individuals and can’t be pigeonholed into a set of rules or gamed effectively any more than you can. However, if you make Pou-ying
Whispering a lifestyle, you’ll grow more and more accomplished every day. Only a few truly become Masters.

Really, women are just like you. They have needs and desires and yearn for someone to understand what they are. And when you find such a woman you’ll do anything for her, you’ll do anything to experience her again. She is like you, and you
are like her. Nothing could be more simple. Pou-ying Whispering. Learn how.

Until Next Time..

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