Stickman Readers' Submissions September 9th, 2011

Mai Thai Superstar

I was inspired to write this piece by the recent submission: What If I Hadn’t Discovered Thailand? I have also read the countless sorry tales of men who fall in love with bargirls/prostitutes. To be honest this is kind of a similar story cause I fell for a hooker from Thailand. The only difference being it was in Farangland where I met her and had never even been to Thailand. Now that I think of it, I also had a Thai girlfriend while I lived in Europe but that’s a different story. Anyways, I do realise how sad and lonely one has to be to actually develop "feelings" or some kind of emotional attachment to a working girl.

In my case it was caused by me being in a sad and very lonely state. It’s not that I’m that unattractive, I’m average looking and regular height and slim, athletic build. I am however quite shy and don't really enjoy the whole
nightclub/dating scene. Anyways, a couple of years ago I was able to get an offshore job through a friend of a friend. These kind of jobs are like gold dust and very desirable because of the financial benefits. I was really looking forward to
it as I believed I would be able to live like a rock star here in Farangland. (Hadn’t been to Thailand at this stage). Anyways, so I started working and earning the big bucks and on my return to Farangland I would be all ready to party.
However, the rest of the world had been moving along as per usual and I was the only one who didn't have to go to work and so my nights out was just me and whoever I could find to be my wingman. Most of my friends had work in the morning
and weren't willing to hit the bars on a school night. So anyway, my time off was pretty predictable with me hitting the bars and also visiting the local brothels.

He Clinic Bangkok

One of the problems with this type of work is how disconnected from everyday society you become. If I was at home I could easily slide back to familiar family routines but in a foreign country I was at a bit of a loose end. This has an effect
on you emotionally. You can see the older guys who have been doing this work for years. Their family just views them as a source of money, and their lives just revolve around what is actually very difficult, mind numbingly boring work. You’re
stuck on this pseudo island in the middle of the sea risking your life for a big dollar pay off. Basically prostituting yourself. I know that there’s a global recession and everybody's struggling and lots of people would kill to make
this type of money. I appreciate that, all I’m saying is that it’s a crappy lifestyle and not for me personally. I had images of me living like Mick Jagger on my time off really having a good time and enjoying my life but to be honest
I was just miserable and lonely. It would be different if I had a family to come home to maybe, but anyway back to the story….

So I met Nok in a well known brothel in Sydney. When calling to a brothel it's always touch and go regarding what you'll experience. At that time I found it a very exciting thing to do. I called in straight away after landing in
Sydney and it was a quiet Sunday morning and I didn't expect much. There were only two girls there, one older lady, and Nok. I went hard as soon as I saw her. Absolutely unreal body. Her face was pretty good as well. It wasn't that she
was a classy looking Thai with hi-so looks. She just oozed sex from her every pore. So I booked her for the hour and I have to say the sex was unreal. People say that sex with hookers isn't as good as a loving relationship but this was probably
the best I’ve ever had. Not only was she good at what she did but I was so attracted to her cause she was exactly my type.

So over the course of a year I saw her every time I was off. At first it was just good sex and then I started to develop feelings, taking photos, jacking off every night thinking of her. On her end she played it extremely well. In fact I
wouldn't be surprised if she owns a couple of houses somewhere! Our first visit I tipped her 50 dollars and she said, Oh great, I can go home early. Making me feel like I was some kind of saviour. Another time I called she got real shy. Started
blushing and was feeling awkward and said to me, there’s no love here, only sex. She said it like she was embarrassed that I had called to see her again. It was then that I started to entertain the idea that she might actually like me.
Now I know that this isn't a great place to meet a potential life partner but keep in mind I had absolutely nothing else in my life at the time to cling on to. My family and real friends were on another continent. So I started to get her
to call to my place as a "private" job and would give her the same rate as in the brothel. At first she stayed longer but then after a while I just paid as normal. It got to a stage where I was giving her $800 US to stay at my place
for a morning (that’s 2 – 3 hours). I shudder to think of that money now but if you're earning 150K plus and have no mortgage or bills I didn't give it a second thought. I was doing things that you would see in porn movies and
I loved it. She was also "working" my emotional heartstrings. I would mention how most guys in my job can't hold down a relationship cause of the time away and she said she wouldn't mind waiting for the right man. (That’s
me! I just KNOW it).

CBD bangkok

Now, I have to say that this never really went anywhere. I never paid her a weekly stipend or bought her any presents of any description. I may have been emotionally needy at that time but I can say I was never that stupid as to actually
pay a woman to be my partner. That’s plain ridiculous in my book.

So I was planning to visit Pattaya with some friends from work for R + R. I was so excited about visiting Thailand. I had Nok visit the night before I left and then went to Pattaya for a week. I have to be honest and say I didn't have
one decent sexual encounter while I was there. Talk about the cliché "money grabbing whores". I was going to the bars every night with a bunch of lads who, to be honest, I wouldn't hang out with normally. No offence to any
Stickman readers, but they were everything that is wrong with Aussies. Alright when sober, but when they were drunk they were arrogant, rude, loud obnoxious retards. There are some lovely people in Australia, but they're usually migrants
from the UK like myself. And Kiwis. <My finger is hovering over the green star button!Stick> And walking past the bars to the roars of "herrroooo werrrcoooome" made my skin crawl. Not to mention the
Indian suit sellers. Someone give me a shotgun.

So I came back from that week and I couldn't get Nok out of my head. I saw here again on my future visits but I knew that I had to do something to try and improve my state of mind as I was continuously depressed for months at a time.
So I started seeing a mental health professional and eventually left that line of work and now live on less than half my previous earnings. I went online to meet someone and now live with my partner who comes from Vietnam but has lived in Oz for
years. Before I met her I had visited Thailand for a 5 week stint with some UK buddies and it was way more relaxed and I had a great time. I really got it out of my system. Kind of. I loved the attention you get from females over there. I'm
no Brad Pitt, but I’m reasonably attractive and would never dream of getting that kind of attention at home.

Another thing that happened me as an aside. When I started living in Sydney full time, I would go out quite regularly and fell in with a bunch of Thai girls. They were all married to older men who worked offshore / in the mines and without
fail they ALL had boyfriends (younger guys who were local – as opposed to Thai boyfriends). As well as boyfriends they would pick up and shag any guys they met up on their nights out. There really is no need to pay for it over here. These Thai
girls are some of the biggest sluts I’ve ever met. But very good fun to hand out with.

wonderland clinic

Anyways, to conclude; my current partner doesn't drink or smoke etc and I can trust her 100% which is very important. I'm also getting my fix for yellow fever regularly. The funny thing is, the sub that I quoted at the start of
this piece asks the question: how has Thailand affected you? To be honest I regularly think about Thailand. I would never show my partner the Stickman site as I would get in trouble for regularly looking at a site that is centred around western
men visiting Thailand as sex tourists. I know there’s more to your site, Stick, but that’s how she would see it. So I only look at it on my phone, and am writing this sub as she is in work. Knowing that I can go to Thailand and gorge
on sex is like finding an itch that constantly needs to be scratched. I know in my head that no good could possibly come of me leaving my partner and going over and being a sex tourist but it is definitely calling out to me. Once you pop it’s
difficult to stop! I find myself fantasising of scoring a coveted job in Thailand with a multinational and having several mia nois on the go.

But I have to be honest and let common sense prevail. Some of the things I read about Thailand would really get to me if I lived there. The medical treatment, and the way Sawadee2000 was treated by his employers. Thailand is a third world
country and in all honesty I can't ever see myself moving over there now. If I had visited in my 20's then I would be a goner cause I would definitely have gone over there for a year or so to sample its delights.

Anyways, that’s the end of my tale. I really enjoy reading the Stickman submissions in the readers section and also the weekly blog. I think Stick is the same age as me and I can get a sense he's thinking of the future, as I am,
which age kinda forces you to do. If I had spent the last 10 years in Thailand it would seem like a massive culture shock to head back to Farangland. I mean, there’s just something so addictive about the ambience of Bangkok at night. All
the food sellers and crooks and hookers hanging around. The fact that it's relatively safe to walk around. There’s just something in the air, anything can and will happen. Compared to Bangkok, many cities at home are just not as fun.
And to me at least, I’m not as comfortable walking around say, Sydney or London late at night. I could be wrong, but there doesn't seem to be as big a chance of getting stabbed or beaten to a pulp while out in BKK. So long as you behave,
which I do.

So I will continue to live and work in Farangland and my vicarious Thailand experience will be through the Stickman site, for as long as it continues. Good luck all 🙂


Stickman's thoughts:

Nice, honest piece. Good on you for being honest with yourself and seeking happiness, which is what I think we're all ultimately looking for.

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