Stickman Readers' Submissions August 23rd, 2011

My Story, Happy & Sad, Part 4

The 'anonymous' (gutless!) author of “The Story – Happy, Sad, and without Ego” is to be thanked for
his experienced input. He is so totally without ego that he describes himself as “49 years old but look 45 or even less, not fat at all, great physical shape” and thinks he looks like Richard Gere! He describes himself as a multi
millionaire with a million dollar car collection blah, blah blah, ad nauseam. What a twat! He says he owns a factory which manufactures 'high tech military products' which does nothing to endear him in my opinion. He probably makes land-mines
to blow the arms and legs off innocent kids who stumble across them!

I wonder if he could possibly be misguided in his belief that his own relationship with a 'very highly educated and beautiful Thai lady' several years his junior whom he married in spite of his huge attractiveness to many much younger
Thai ladies whom he could just as easily have wed (BS). Her devotion is NOT based in any way upon his self-adjudged wealth? Yeah yeah yeah …

He Clinic Bangkok

I am sure that his 'rule' that one should not do anything abroad that one would not (could not?) do at home is correct – with wealth, a large income, a multi million dollar bank account and car collection I am sure there are a great
many American 'ladies' who would find him equally attractive! Reality and foolish pride are indeed separated by a fine line, as he so rightly says, but he should not think the rules don't apply to him and that he can kick a man
when he's down, like I was when I wrote “My Story, Happy & Sad Part 3”.

I use the past tense “was” because I am delighted to report that my fiancée and I are now happily back together and intend to stay that way.

I was proved completely wrong in my assumption of infidelity as perceived in a Facebook entry. I spoke to the gentleman concerned whom I had accused of 'pimping' off my fiancée. I was misguided! I am not ashamed to admit that
I begged the lady to take me back. Thank the Good Lord my prayers were answered and she forgave me once more, but I have become extremely aware of my 'incorrect thinking' and 'incorrect action' both of which are opposed to
Buddhist beliefs and which I am working on and hoping (given time) to correct.

CBD bangkok

I said (and wrote for Stickman) many terrible things about my beloved fiancée and I am truly ashamed of myself.

I was not intending to tell the readers of Stickman of our getting back together, but the submission from Mister Wonderful (anonymous) compelled me to respond. He is such a self-aggrandising supercilious ar$ehole.

The truth is that I am back together again with my beloved, thanks in part to the help of my fiancée’s dear mother whom she consulted prior to granting me her forgiveness, and thanks to her own sweet, kind nature as a good and
proper lady.

If our relationship goes wrong in the future I know it will be due to my own wrong thinking and jealous nature, on which I have to keep a tight rein.

wonderland clinic

I am glad, in one way, for the article written by Anonymous when he tried to kick a dog that was down on the ground – if he had not done so I would possibly never have broadcast the wonderful news of my reunion with my wonderful fiancée,
the story which I wrote in order to attempt to show that it IS possible to meet really genuinely nice girls in Soi Cowboy! They are NOT all money-grabbing hookers, some of whom (although they are rare!) are able to retain their natural born gentility,
their sweet and their gentle nature. My Darling is the most generous lady I have ever met and she is extraordinarily wise in comparison with most young ladies of her age and I am proud that I will one day be at her side in the Temple, the Good
Lord Buddha willing.

I was extremely foolish. For those readers who missed my previous submissions I must relate that I met the wonderful Koi when she was a coyote dancer in Soi Cowboy's Kiss Bar. Like most readers I was totally unfamiliar with the concept
of the coyote – I thought every girl in the soi would accompany me to my hotel for a price, but NO! This coyote girl didn't go out. You could buy her a drink and chat to her in the bar, but her mamasan kept a close eye on her and made sure
she didn't go with customers. She did not show her breasts while dancing, and she was an excellent gogo dancer who put every ounce of energy into her routine. I was indeed extremely fortunate that she was attracted to me, among all her admirers
who visited her in Kiss. Perhaps Mr. Wonderful (anon.) was one of her rejected suitors! I like to think so.

Long story short, I was the lucky old fart who won her affection and took her out of the bar. I put her into school, I took her to hospital to sort out her Anaemia, I decided to support her throughout her return to full time education and
I hope she will go on to university and get her degree. She definitely has the brains for it.

I became disturbed one weekend when she hadn't emailed me and I trolled the internet for clues as to what she was up to, me being suspicious by nature. Not a good idea! I found a Facebook page and saw a relationship status there. Young
people, I have discovered, do not take social networking sites seriously – they are places where you can pretend to be somebody else just for a laugh. They also have a tendency to share information such as log-in and passwords, without thinking
twice about the consequences. <Are you sure about this? It seems to me they guard these with their life!Stick> So naturally some old fart such as I, when seeing the Facebook page, assumed it was gospel and over-reacted
badly in my haste to “save myself” from getting ripped off.

I accused Koi of infidelity and I confronted the other half of the supposed relationship and cursed him up hill and down dale.

I made a real fool of myself, far worse than Mr. Wonderful! I was very rude, using base language to them both, convinced that I was right. She argued that there was no truth in it and said I was stupid for believing something I saw on the
internet. The net, she said, means nothing to her!

I stubbornly refused to budge. I knew I was right. There it was in black and white after all! Well we argued a little by email and text, and I even penned my Stickman submission which was published on August 4th 'My Story Happy &
Sad Part 3 in which I 'ate crow' and admitted that I was wrong. All women are whores, etc. etc. blah blah blah! I ranted.

Well, I was shortly to be proved wrong!

I had looked back through my emails and text messages and put 2 and 2 together to prove that the answer was undoubtedly 5 and I emailed Koi for what I expected was the very last time, saying she had lied to me about where she had been going.
And I gave her the “proof”.

Old farts like me should really make sure that all their ducks are in a row, that they have checked and double-checked their facts, just in case of a short-term memory malfunction. However, I never bloody learn! I went off half-cocked as
always and shot myself in the foot.

Very calmly (at first) Koi corrected me and then she really got into her stride after I retorted that she was lying to me, and she almost lost her cool, telling me I was 'crazy' and 'impossible' and explaining where she
was and reminding me that she had not told me she would be elsewhere in no uncertain terms.

I was very embarrassed but at the same time greatly relieved that I was wrong and that she was a good girl after all. At last the penny had dropped! Wow! What if she couldn't forgive me this time? Bloody good thing she didn't read
Stickman or it was definitely curtains for me. What could I do to apologise. How could I possibly get her back after all the things I had said?

I tried telephoning but she wouldn't pick up. I couldn't blame her for that – I wouldn't want to talk to me under the circumstances if the situations were reversed.

I emailed, pleading for forgiveness. I even bought a BlackBerry smart phone so that I could message her on BBM. I sent pleading text messages by BB and my mobile phone. I chewed my fingernails. I couldn't eat or sleep. I was a lost man,
my life was in the balance.

She kept me waiting and fretting another whole day, but at least she was kind enough to text me that she was going to see Mother. I know her Mum is in favour of our union, so I hoped and prayed that there would be a happy outcome to their
'peace talks'.

In the morning Koi messaged me to say simply “I forgive you. But you not do again. I no like”.

That was good enough for me. I had escaped lightly and I promised her I won't be so stupid again. Deep down I really knew she was sincere. She's a genuinely nice girl. She is “the real thing.”

We were an item once more. Thank the Good Lord!

I'm so grateful to Stick that he edited out the photos and names from my last submission! There really would have been no going back if he had printed them!

She calmed down and gave me her explanation of how the situation had changed after I got angry at her when she seemed to me to have dropped out of school, which in truth she had not – she will return to school next year if all goes well,
so it is just a postponement, not a real dropping out.

The problem at the root of it all was that unfortunately her father had become ill and could not continue his job as a gardener, and the rent still had to be paid. My money was not enough to support the whole family so Koi decided to ease
the burden on me by working. She has passed a training course in life insurance and just began work today for a major company.

She said she had not felt able to ask me for more money because she knew I didn't have enough for us all, so she needed to go to work to help me! She's a truly wonderful girl. Even if she turns out to be a pipe-dream, she is the
pipe-dream I need in order to survive. My mental state cannot consider any other possibilities than that she will wait for me to come back to Thailand and marry her.

So Mr. Bloody Wonderful, regardless of how handsome and desirable you think you are, can you be sure that your “wife” is NOT interested in you primarily for your money and the financial security you may offer, assuming what
you say may be true (which I doubt!)? You kicked a hornet's nest when you took a shot at Vasily Zeitzev! You may have cause to eat your words when your time comes for the scales to fall from the eyes! Better than me? Holier than thou?

In your f%*king dreams pal. You'll get yours.

Stickman's thoughts:

Your opening and closing paragraphs reflect very badly on yourself and are unbecoming of someone your age, in my opinion. You have attacked another submission writer who wrote what I felt was a fair and balanced article. I am pretty sure he was NOT referring to you but to relationships in general. You seem to have taken his sensible advice as a personal attack which is rather sad. He may be as wealthy and healthy as he says – and good on him if he is! Jealous, are you?

I do hope things go well for the you and your (ex-?) Soi Cowboy girl, but like I said already, I wouldn't bet on it… My observations of such relationships – over a long period of time – is that they seldom work. And in your case, I get the feeling that there are rather a few issues complicating things. Your financial situation alone is a problem. A woman with a man 40+ years her senior is usually in it for the money, but your finances are weak…so what's in it for her? Add in your mental volatility and trusting nature and it's hard to be optimistic!

I don't want to rip you apart here, but the way you trust the mamasan to "make sure" the girl is not going with customers is foolhardy. Mamasans have many duties, and amongst them are making sure the girls get business!

So you really think your girl is different? I tell you what, to put this one to bed, I'll offer you a challenge. I will investigate your girl FOR FREE, and I will post the report here. I will pen the report in such a way that her identity will remain concealed. Just you and I will know who she is. What say you?

FYI, I get no pleasure in stating the obvious and simply offer my thoughts in the hope that they may help….

nana plaza