Stickman Readers' Submissions August 6th, 2011

Categorizing Strategy

When I first came to LOS it was about 8 years ago. Not quite the history check of some of our veterans, but good enough for me.

I was then 26 and fresh out of a 6-year relationship, on my way to the UK for work but my mate who owned a bar in Patong, Phuket invited me to come stay with him for a while first.

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When I first got there I was in the same amazement as anyone on their first trip to LOS. Bright lights, bars and the amount of cute girls running up to me grabbing me to go into their bars.

I first did the bar scene for a while until I got bored with the random protocol and grew a thirst for something more. Then I moved onto the discos and realized that the girls were wilder and I was not paying for them and thought “wow”,
now I am actually picking up. Boy was I wrong.

The first one I picked up I was stuck with for about a week until she started telling me the family stories and the younger sister needing money for school which ended up in the police coming to take her away because she was a druggie maniac
that couldn’t handle me kicking her out of my room. I then changed hotels to be sure.

I stuck with the disco scene for a while more until I met a guy who owned a spa and started hanging out there in afternoons and meeting girls before they went to work. I hooked up with a few from there as well but that ended up in a bite
on my back by one, being chased by her English boyfriend from another and another one losing the plot.

Once I got to this stage I was having enough and started chatting to girls working in shops and finally realized there is categorization needed.

Level #1 – A girl working in a bar.

You sit at the bar, find your prey, buy a drink or 2, pay the bar fine and then go home to do your deed. This is ok but usually results in unfulfilling sexual encounters and makes you feel like you did not get your money’s worth. However,
you have no strings attached and can go on to monger whomever you want the next night.

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Level #2 – A girl you pick up in a club.

This is more of the interesting one. You think you are picking her up, she is usually drunk or wasted on something else, you do end up spending more on drinks and most probably her friends drinks, but when you get home the experience is usually
a lot better.

Getting rid of the girl is usually harder though as you may pay her and because she knows where you are she will most definitely come over again to clinch on her tea money or she will say she likes you and wants a relationship which is like
walking a plank with razors.

Level #3 – girls working in shops in Patong.

These are the “Smooth Operators”, portraying an image of a good girl which makes it easier for them to lour in their prey. They say they will only be with you if they can get to know you but then they become a freak under the
sheets and lock you in. These are usually the semi pros that manage a few boyfriends at a time whom come from different parts of the world and are only allowed to see the girl when she is not with her sick mom or attending to the cousin who is
taking care of the dad because he has a heart condition and can not take care of the buffalo’s broken leg. A lot of men have sunken down these waters.

Level #4 – A girl who needs something on the side due to her unsatisfying partner.

This breed are the elite pick up if you can find them. They crave for something their man can not give them but won’t leave him as the money tap is flowing like the Chaopraya after a big storm. They are freaky, pay for you for what
ever you do on the night, they perform arts that make them worthy of the title ”keeper”. But these ones if you can get them do not last long so enjoy them if you can.

I have found Phuket to be an easier playing ground and more fun for the younger men as you tend to have some leeway and if you can play the game right you can come out with some great experiences and stories.

I plowed my way through all of these levels. I have forked out some money but never in the sums of some of these stories that I read on Stick. Mostly because I don’t have the money so it was either learn to play or get none.

Just remember guys, have fun, don’t ever get too serious as you can take the girl out of the scene but rarely take the scene out of the girl. Pay her the money for her deed, not because you love her and want to take care of the village,
but because the money cuts the strings and you are letting her know you are just doing this for your own enjoyment. Play the game as many of them do. If you get suckered in after reading all the stories on this site then my hat goes off to the
ladies that still manage to do this. What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand

Happy hunting.

Stickman's thoughts:

If a guy is visiting the country and wants sex and sex only, the ladies in the bars should be just what he is looking for. If a guy is looking for a girlfriend or a long-term relationship then he should not look in the bars at all. When there is confusion about what a guy wants, or when he tries to have a relationship with a hooker, or have a hooker experience with a regular girl, then all sorts of problems can occur. As such I'd keep the categories more simple – hookers and non-hookers.

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