Stickman Readers' Submissions July 11th, 2011

The 79-Year Old Lothario

When I came to LOS in 07 I met an American sitting outside of his building right in the center of Mueang Tong Thani where most of the humanity, cars and everything else pass daily. This 26-building, 16-storey, 600 units per building complex is very large
and a VERY affordable place to live. I wrote a story for Stick on it years ago. Ed is a very genial and outgoing guy with a round belly and a severe limp from two hip replacement operations that have shortened one leg by inches. He is like the
Wal-Mart greeter when he is out on the street as he has lived there for 10+ years and knows so many people. He fathered 9 kids with two wives that he has outlived as they both died while married to him. Lost his last wife, who was Thai (met and
married in U.S.), after they had moved to Thailand to retire. Since her passing many years ago Ed has been alone and quite the man about town.

After months of knowing him tales began to come out about his sexploits with the women in the area. Tales that I initially found hard to believe but after months of hearing them and seeing “interesting” situations and conversations plus
hearing first hand from someone who has also witnessed the encounters, I now believe that Joe is for real and enjoying his status as the real Lothario of Meuang Tong Thani.

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He first told me of his attendance at the local university yoga classes that were populated by the local women. He found that the local Thai women were starved for attention as many of their husbands were gone all week or paid little attention to them
while they were home. The women were expected to be the diligent servants and prove sex on demand when called upon. Ed is very outgoing, positive and complementary and soon was offered invitations for “home visits” by some of the
women in the class. His commentary on what the women got from their marriage relationship was interesting and gave great insight as to their “starving” for attention let alone satisfaction.

Next there were numerous older women in the complex whom he found interesting and were quite willing and interested in “hanging out” with him. He told me of a few who were willing partners once but soon had a price to continue their relationship.
Those women were told to go their own way as there were just too many other “opportunities” that he kept coming across his bow.

On one social networking site a married Japanese women hit on him and after a few weeks of correspondence. She came to Bangkok and stayed at the Peninsula Hotel for a few weeks to “visit” him. In turn a few months later he visited her in
Japan. She mentioned that she had to walk three steps behind her husband when going anywhere in public and only saw him “intimately” for 15 minutes twice a year. It was wham, bang, thank you mam then nothing for another 6 months.
A starved woman was she. They are still communicating and are talking of a future travel “gig” soon.

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When we were discussing ways of receiving his Social Security check and why he did a paper check over electronic, he told me that he had the paper check sent to a women at her address. Every month she receives the check and calls him to arrange a “meeting”
at the local short time hotel where he receives the check and claim two hours of time with her. As he said to me “why would I want to receive an electronic check and give this up?” He intimated that he had other retirement checks
sent to others with similar arrangements.

To watch him in operation is interesting. He will not hesitate to stop a beautiful woman and try to strike up a conversation. I have been surprised when he has done it as were walking too & from the food court for our monthly dinner. Oh, yes and it
does help that he can speak enough Thai to converse with them in their language. That does help a lot.

On our last meeting several revelations came to light. He first told me of a lady he was seeing very frequently now that was (an over the hill—her words) 31 years old and sleeping most nights of the week with him. He had a picture of her and him
together on his cell phone and another friend there also confirmed that he knew her and the situation. That same women one day asked him if he would “break in” her sister as she was from Isaan and fresh off the rice paddies with
no knowledge of much other than work or the village. He said that for once he did not want any failures of his bodily functions so purchased some vitamin V to insure success. On a previous meeting I told him of the various “vitamins”
available to “help” the system. Previous to this at 79 he had never used anything to reinforce his “powers”. Simply amazing in my book at 79 to be that powerful. The women also reminded him that after “breaking
in” her sister that she wanted her normal service time also. He said it almost killed him with two women in one day.

In another situation he was approached by an 18-year old while she was a bit horny for a while until she found someone else later on.

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Another interesting situation he pointed out is that he has been able to cultivate one of the table cleaners at the food court and her willingness and ability to “suggest” or convince other females to go see Ed for a “session”.
He gives the table cleaner 100 baht (half her daily salary) and that is the ONLY money that exchanges hands in the whole affair. The women willingly come to him and they share their mutual pleasure.

As the “conquests” have mounted, he has gained quite a reputation among the ladies in the complex that are apparently so starved for attention that it he is regularly approached for his interest in servicing their individual needs. Now you
might say all this can’t really be true and someone at 79 can’t really be that much of a super stud when he is quite rotund, walks with a severe limp and bald but you haven’t seen this guy in action. Both I and a friend have
witnessed most of the lead ups to the situations I have mentioned above. My friend was absolutely flabbergasted when he heard the lady approach Ed at the food court and openly asked him to “break in” her sister. When she left he
had to ask Ed if that is what he really heard.

So you old farts, if you’re in reasonable health, don’t look like your death warmed over, can be very positive and charming (speak Thai) to the women you meet, you too can live the studly life of a 21 year old again. After all if Joe ever
gets bored all he has to do is pass the table cleaner 100 baht and the evening is taken care of. Wouldn’t have ever believed any of this has I not seen it myself.

Stickman's thoughts:

If I read this story in the West and had never been to Thailand I would be scratching my head and wondering whether someone was trying to pull my leg. But having lived in Thailand for a while, I don't doubt it for a moment!

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