Stickman Readers' Submissions July 9th, 2011

Eyes Opened Wide

As some of you may know, I have been forced to defend the dignity and desirability of western women in this forum on a number of occasions. This has been a frustrating endeavor, as I have tried to show that western women's feminism and their less
than petite bodies, are not reasons to run screaming to Asia or to offer the next Thai woman you meet your complete fidelity. And yet, there is constant flow of articles bad-mouthing the aforesaid western wonders that keep appearing on this forum.
Well, my frustration is at an end; my eyes have been opened, the light has brightened, and I am now a new convert to the world where men are second class citizens, forced to believe giant white asses are lovely, and that I must forego my comfortable
western ways and escape to sanity in the East.

You see, I had a number of recent experiences that showed me how the western world really is and the evil power that lies behind it. My conversion started some months ago when my lovely wife announced during our traditional Monday dinner of meatloaf and
mashed potatoes, that our marriage was over and she was leaving me to marry her Nigerian gynecologist. I was, of course, shocked as we had had 10 years of what I thought was blissful marriage. Nevertheless, she insisted I leave our expensive suburban
home immediately as having me in the same room with her, prevented her from finishing the meatloaf meal I had prepared for her. As I always obeyed my wife, I left the house in the Toyota (she had the BMW) and drove to my brother-in-law's
apartment to sleep on his couch. The next day, as I was getting ready for work, I was served papers to appear at a divorce hearing in two weeks. As my wife had cleaned out our shared bank account, I hired a cheap (but good, I was told) attorney
to represent me.

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At the hearing, she accused me of physical abuse and of actually raping her. On the witness stand, her gynecologist (a handsome stud, I must admit) provided evidence that physical abuse had occurred a month earlier. My attorney made a wonderful summation
based on equal rights for men in the face of circumstantial evidence. Her Honor didn't buy it and gave my wife the house as well as 75% of my retirement account. Also, I had to pay her $1,000 a month alimony for the next ten years. As I watched
her and her gynecologist ride away from the courthouse in his new Mercedes convertible, I told myself that everything would be alright. Little did I know that things would actually get worse in the coming months.

As I am not an unhandsome middle-aged man, I decided that the best thing for me was to move on and find a new mate. It had been some time since I was in the dating scene, but I was sure I would do fine. My friends told me about a couple of bars that were
frequented by people my age, so the next Friday night, off I went to find my new soul mate. In the bar, I saw many middle-aged women, mostly a little pudgy around the derrière, sitting at the bar sipping white wine. Although not as beautiful
as my ex-wife, I told myself beggars can't be choosers and presented myself with confidence to the potential next Mrs. Farang Dave. We started off chatting, mostly me really, and we seemed to be breaking the ice. When all of a sudden, a group
of young, Puerto Rican men entered the bar and immediately established themselves with the women I was talking to. I tried to keep up with the conversation but it clear they wanted me to leave. The last woman actually kicked my leg before giving
me one last scornful look. I left discouraged but determined to keep at it. Unfortunately, after some weeks of trying with the same result, I gave up and my weekend pursuits and started watching TV alone by myself.

At least I had my job, which I had always found rewarding at some level. But my company was bought by a new, progressive company located in San Francisco and my management team started to change. The seasoned and well respected men who were my in my executive
chain before, were soon replaced by young, aggressive (and mostly rotund) women executives who brought all sorts of changes. I was soon reporting to the youngest, and largest, of these new executives. I decided that change wasn't always a
bad thing and I made it point to try to carry out my new boss' decisions. At first, I thought this strategy was working, as she would always smile in my presence and we soon developed a good working relationship. One Friday, under the gun
to finish an important project, she suggested we work late and finish it so we could enjoy our weekend. I readily agreed as I didn't want to miss the big WWF match on Saturday night. She said to bring my work into her office at 7 PM. When
I entered, after everyone else had left, she approached me, slung her right arm around my neck and pulled my face into the crevice between her hug tits. With her left she started reaching between my legs and before I knew it, we were on the couch
with her ripping my clothes off. Afterwards, I felt dirty and ashamed, so I rushed home and took a long shower.

The next day at work, she called me into her office and having composed myself, I told her I was going to the company's HR department to file a claim of harassment against her. She looked down, said she was sorry, and understood why I had to do that.
I left and went to my cubicle desk and tried to find the number for HR when my phone rang. It was some woman from HR saying that my boss had filed a formal complaint against me for rape and that they were referring the case to the police. She
then announced I was formally fired and that a security man would be up soon to walk me out the door. Fifteen minutes later I literally found myself on the street: no job, no house, a little money in the bank, and with a warrant for my arrest
forthcoming. I was also, literally screwed.

I decided my only chance at survival was to take what little money I had and escape California. I drove all day to my brother's house in Phoenix where he put me up in the spare bedroom. I few days later I found out that Hillary Clinton had been elected
president. Now, even Arizona was not safe for me. I had to leave the country entirely to a place where the long arm of radical feminism couldn't find me.

My brother arranged for me to meet his friend in Rocky Point, Mexico, about a 4 hour drive away. His friend was retired CIA and he had a plan for my escape. I would travel by various buses all the way to Acapulco where I would meet another man who would
put me on a tramp steamer bound for Hong Kong and then Bangkok. I was astounded and started to thank him profusely. "No worries", he said, "you're the fourth male refuge from America I have helped this month. I expect many
more now that the queen bitch had been elected."

The next day, I started my long bus trip. Thailand, as I remember reading about in various forums, was a man's paradise. A lush, green country, filled with beautiful native girls and their huge smiles, waiting to serve guys like me. Yes, real girls
who always loved and respected their men. Not the femo-nazis who have taken over the western countries and emasculated the men. Yes, in Thailand I would be happy with my native wife who would never lie to me and would never think to grab my money.
As I remembered, some said bar girls from a place called Issan made the best wives. Well, that's where I would start. My paradise at last. Now I felt sorry for all the other men, still stuck western countries, toiling away their lives just
to serve the greedy needs of their wives. That will never happen to me again in Thailand.

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Farewell my readers and wish me well in Thailand!

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