Stickman Readers' Submissions June 24th, 2011

Western Women – My Opinion

First off I will quote the old adage, “opinions are like assholes…everyone has one”.

The gentlemen that sent a submission brought up some very valid points and some that I have been contemplating for some time. Not all western women are bad, fat, unattractive bitches. I look at my Mother, western female friends, and neighbors
with apparent good relationships with their spouse and I must say that they are not all bad. I do believe that western woman brought up in households with strong family ties based on their ethnic ancestry, i.e., my Mother is 100% Italian and was
a devoted spouse to my Father for over 50 years until his recent passing. However, there is another side as the OP noted that give western woman a bad reputation and for very good reason.

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Living in the US I am literally shocked how many well educated, fit young men are married to overweight, bitchy, bad attitude, controlling tubs of lard. I look back at my days growing up as a teenager and simply can’t remember woman
acting and letting themselves go in this manner. I do believe it is a phenomenon that grew from the feminist movement but took some years to reach this level. It is very amusing to see young men talking about 140-150 pound woman as “hot”
and to make it even worse I can see they are T-Total bitches. This is not true for all woman but the rates are alarming. I would put women under 18-30 w/o children and overweight at least 45%. Following marriage and babies the numbers jump to
well over 55%. On the flip side, and as we all know, a majority of Asian woman do not use the excuse of having a baby as a free ticket to obesity.

There is a time in their life that American men take a look at their life and wife and make the ultimate decision – DIVORCE. I strongly contend that the divorce rate in the US would be higher if the man had the financial means (and
in some cases the balls) to support two households. My situation was the fact my ex would not take responsibility for the problems in our relationship and let herself go after marriage (NOT after children). She would always tell me it was my problem
until some months after I left her she conceded that she was wrong but at that point it was too late. Beyond that, she attempted to be a controlling bitch but met her match (which drove her crazy). I actually tried to tough it out for the children’s
sake but looking at my rising income I knew I had to get out ASAP. I had been traveling to Asia for business and took a stronger look at all the beautiful woman in Spore, Thailand, Japan, etc. For the record I married a very well educated and
independent Thai lady 1 year after my divorce.

I can also use my sister as an example. She was (no exaggeration) absolutely beautiful mind, soul, and body until she hit the age of 26; she lasted longer than most. Today she is single, fat, has a bad attitude, and makes attempts to control
even me (which is a joke – I have a very strong personality). After many failed relationships she had artificial insemination and now raises a child on her own. She has the financial means to do it (through a family business which I put
80+ hours/week into while she works less than 1/3 that amount even before the baby). She looked at her current age, her chances of finding a guy that would bow down to her, and gave up. She was actually buying her boyfriends, showering them with
gifts, trips, clothes that she preferred, and then she would tell them what lowlifes they were – well, she got that right but what did she expect. She is now a bitter, man hating, tub of lard with a bad attitude. She has a bouncing baby
girl and I hate to see how she will turn out.

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I feel for my two sons both of whom are at the age of dating but I am proud to see that they seem to have gained a preference for young ladies of minority descent. They are both very aware of their surroundings, what happens when you divorce,
and after you marry an American woman and it seems they are steering clear. They have also visited Asia with me for several weeks and have seen the light without my prodding or intentional influence. However, if ever the day comes I will have
to provide “Fatherly advice”.

However, for all the fat, bitchy woman it is the man’s fault when he puts up with the BS. I do preach to my sons that they should NOT get married before the age of 34 if at all. If they are fortunate enough to identify a very nice,
attractive western lady who believes in taking care of her man and herself (a good indication is a good look at the young ladies Mother), as well as, maintaining a true mutual relationship of an equal split of duties, decision making, not spending
money on large expenditures without mutual discussions, and in the case of my sons, a prenup, then they may hit pay dirt. The same could be applied to a lady of any origin or nationality.

In closing, the cards are stacked against a western man finding a western lady that meets the above expectations. The American divorce courts are loaded in the woman’s favor (particularly in the USA) should a separation occur when
that relationship has produced children. The odds are very high she will NOT maintain her youthful figure following a birth or even with age (and no children). I would approach it as I do most any large purchase, make a list of what is acceptable
or not and stay the course. There are too many wonderful woman in this world to settle for less. What’s a man to do?

Stickman's thoughts:

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I have said it before and I will say it again. Looking around at the Western populace in Thailand, I can see why Western women gave many of this lot a hard time….

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