Stickman Readers' Submissions June 2nd, 2011

The Story of my Thai And my Sticky Situation Now – Part 1

I have been reading up on the submissions and it has been a great help to my life in Bangkok.

I now have a Thai girlfriend for about 1~2 months. She is 22. We met at a disco in Bangkok, looked at each other, talked, drink, got drunk and we slept together that night. On the first night, she admitted she had a Farang boyfriend whose photo I saw.
Not an old bald chap, in fact quite young and looks good. They met at a disco too but he had gone back for studies and have not met each other for 9 months (she claimed).

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In case some you start to wonder, she is not a bar girl. She is a university student, from a middle class family, drives a car and lives in a condo in the heart of BKK. Oh, by the way, I am not a Farang, or rather, not a Caucasian. I am from an Asian
country and late twenties.

For the next 3 weeks, we exchanged text messages and met quite often. We went shopping, dining and always ended up doing the good stuff in my hotel. We never called each other boyfriend or girlfriend but it was all sweet and nice. However, this girl would
just disappear sometimes, not answering any calls or SMS, and she will give excuses like meeting with her family members and stuff like that and avoid seeing me, especially at the weekend. In fact, I had never slept with her any weekend as she
always finds some excuse to avoid me, or simply ignore me.

I was not really attached to her at that time so I don’t really care. I knew she is seeing someone else.

I came to know that she has a Thai boyfriend about 2 weeks ago. Not that I confronted her about this since I already knew it.

She claims that she will break up with him (and anyone else) and love me whole heartedly. Why did she change so much suddenly? She went back to her hometown a few days before she confided with me. Her mom saw my photo, and she told her something about
me and her mom liked me. I spoke to her mum on the phone as well (just said Hello). Her aunties in Bangkok like me (we met), and all her friends like me more than her boyfriend (according to her). I guess this is kind of stuff affects the thinking
of a Thai girl due to their face factor? So we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Another few days after that, she told me she is pregnant. She went to the hospital first. I was there to fetch her and help her to drive her car back. The doctor gave her the pregnancy test kit (showing positive result) and she showed me a letter from
the doctor in Thai showing the symptoms and recommendation which I don’t understand. In the small paper bag from the hospital, there were some dairy products for mother-to-be to drink given by the hospital. It was just 2 packets so I don’t
think it was bought by her since you can’t just buy 2 packets of that dairy product off the shelf. So I suppose that she is really pregnant. She claims that the baby is now 4~5 weeks old according to the doctor which coincides with the
first time I had unprotected sex with her. However, I did not get to meet the doctor. I will soon be able to tell that. I want to know whether I am the father of the baby but I just told her I will take care of her and be responsible.

However, a few days after that, I caught her lying to me again. She said she was in her condo but again she didn’t pick up my phone calls. I begin to lose my patience. She is now officially my girlfriend, pregnant with my baby, but I’m quite
sure she is seeing her Thai boyfriend again.

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So I went to her condo, asked the security to call her room but nobody pick up. When she called me back 3 hours later, she told me that she was driving but I was at her condo's car park standing beside her car.

She did not admit anything (typical Thai) even though I had all the proof. I told her it’s OK if she met up with her Thai boyfriend for the last time before he goes overseas for work commitment (she claimed that previously) but she must tell me
the truth. She still refuses to say anything and is unable to explain anything about her car. So I lost my patience and started saying something harsh and she threatened to kill herself and the baby. Eventually, the whole thing became my fault
(bargirl style!)

Oh, I also tried to call her boyfriend (ha! I got his number from her mobile) to check whether he is still in Thailand. Yes, he is still in Thailand. Damn. She lied again.

For the next few days, she ignored me. I sent messages to her to say sorry because I feel responsible for the life inside her stomach. She said she wants to keep the baby and her family supports her and will take care of the baby for her.

You may feel puzzled why should I even care since she lied and she had a few boyfriends and probably had sex with them too. The reason is that I think I am in love with her now. My brain tells me not to, but I can’t control my heart.

I need some advice from you guys.

You may notice this is Part 1 of the submission. I will submit again for Part 2 once I settle this situation, be it good or bad. Good luck to me.

Stickman's thoughts:

You have got yourself into an awful situation. This woman is a cheat and a liar and she is NOT the sort of woman you want to be involved with in any way. She is most certainly NOT marriage material nor worthy of having your baby. You need to get away from her but of course there is the issue of whether or not she is carrying your baby. If she is that complicates things greatly, to the point where I just don't have any specific advice for you.

Frankly, I would like to say do a Forrest Gump and run. This woman is serious bad news! But if she is pregnant and carrying your baby, that makes things rather difficult…

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