Stickman Readers' Submissions June 29th, 2011

Respecting Women, Oh Really?

This is a reply to "Respecting Women, God’s Gift to Mankind
" by Harry Lime.

Usually, I am comfortable with just reading the submissions. This one time though I had to intervene. As anyone with a decent education understands, the ramifications of Harry's writings are obscure to say the least. Now most would suspect this reply to be another typical rebuttal defending the lifestyle of the sex tourist, but it is not. I could waste the following lines writing the same monger-defending stuff that you have read probably a hundred times already on this site, but there are more pressing matters at hand.

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If you have read Harry's submission you should be aware of his thesis by now. Harry more or less wants us to comply to Christian values, because in his opinion, only a devout life can be a fulfilling one. He also reminds us that whoring is disrespectful of women and that this kind of behavior is wrong and obviously a sin. From here onwards, and for good reason, I shall call him Templar Harry.

Whenever someone states an opinion or asks a question, it is important to realize their agenda and motives. It is important to realize who they are. If my mother asks me how I am doing, chances are she actually cares. If a person I just met asks the same question, there is a good chance he doesn't actually give a shit. The messenger is usually just as important as the message, if not more. When Templar Harry accuses me of being an abuser of women, because I go to Nana or Cowboy to have some fun, it is only prudent to try and understand where he stands exactly, and what his principles dictate about women. The important question here is: Where does Christianity stand on women?

And this is where things get interesting.

If I am not mistaken and by history's account, there are no greater tormentors of women on this earth, than Christians. The Dark Ages lasted for over a thousand years. During that time, literally millions of innocent women were burnt at the stakes for the most ridiculous of accusations, including witchcraft. The Holy Inquisition didn't of course limit its "talents" to women alone. Any man who didn't comply to the holy standards of stupidity, would share the same fate. God forbid if you were a scientist who actually believed that the earth was round and the space limitless. Galileo and Bruno(especially Bruno) found out the hard way.

The wisdom of Ancient Greece, and the Imperium of Rome were succeeded by the Dark Ages of the Catholic Church. During that time(1000++ years), humanity made no scientific progress at all. Any man who tried to voice scientific thought was either silenced or burnt at the stakes. For over a thousand years, western civilization was held captive of stupidity. If it wasn't for the Renaissance, we would still believe the earth was flat and die from famine and pestilence.

Keeping in mind all of the above, how high should I hold the opinion of a man who advocates Christianity as his main argument? How highly should I regard Christian values? Is debauchery the desire of evil men alone, or perhaps it is the natural inclination of both men and women in this world? Is there any institution that hates women more than the Christian authority of the middle ages? After all, they burned them for sport.

I believe there is a saying that is popular even among Christians. Lead by example they say. So dear Templar Harry, next time you try to lecture people what to do and not do, you would be wise to remember the doings of your own house. Next time you want to preach the wisdom of the Lord, try not to forget the deeds of His followers.

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Thank "god", people like Templar Harry, have long been marginalized from society. Thus, I can take an airplane (they didn't have those back then) and be in Thailand in a few hours. And when I am there, I know it in my heart, that I will be far more noble and generous to all the women I meet, than any pyromaniac Christian would ever be.

Side Note:

Both the Ancient Greeks and Romans, two of the greatest civilizations in the history of man, and the two greatest overall in my opinion, enjoyed a very promiscuous culture. The conclusions are yours 🙂

Stickman's thoughts:

A reminder that submissions need to be Thailand-centric…and this really isn't.

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