Stickman Readers' Submissions May 6th, 2011

Yes, Thai Women Are The Biggest Liars

I married my Thai Wife, <details editedStick> on December 27, 2009, in a traditional Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand. This was the culmination of a work in progress for 3 years from when
I first met Her on February 19, 2006, and fell in Love with Her when I visited Her in Bangkok, Thailand. After this happened in My Life, I was looking forward to a long and happy Marriage. My Wife's maiden name was <details editedStick>. Her Thai Family name is <details editedStick>. Her Thai Family Address is:

details editedStick>

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I first met Her by chatting on MSN Live Web Cam Chat on the Internet back in February, 2006 through Her Sister Bpon Boyfriend named John. Her Thai nickname is "Sally" <name changed by Stick> and Her favorite American
nickname is "Cathy" <name changed by Stick>. Sally acted very nice to Me when I first met Her and I felt sad about leaving Her behind in Bangkok, Thailand without Me. I lost contact with Sally in the beginning of 2009;
but a Thai friend I met online named, <details editedStick>, whose Thai nickname is: <details editedStick>.

details editedStick>

details editedStick> helped Me find Sally again by helping Me translate Sally's Thai ID Card that Sally let me scan when We stayed together at the Grand Hotel in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. <details editedStick> located Cathy's Parents and Her Parents gave Cathy my Cellular Mobile and Home Telephone Number. Cathy contacted Me on my Mobile Telephone Number in August, 2009 again.

I returned to Thailand to see Cathy again in December, 2009. I wanted Cathy to come to America with Me to see if She would like to live with Me in America so that She could live a better life and possibly get married later. Cathy brought
Me to meet Her Parents in Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand; but Cathy's parents would not allow Her to come to America to live with Me unless She was first married to Me in a Traditional Thai Buddhist Wedding. I decided to agree to Sally's
Parents demand in order to help my Sally live a better life. We got official Thai Wedding Documents on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand. Cathy's I couldn't invite any of my Family, Friends, or Acquaintances to this Wedding
event in Bangkok, Thailand; because I wasn't really sure that it was going to happen and the logistics and expense of any of my Family coming all the way around the World in such short notice to witness this event was just too difficult.
It was Sally's Aunt Dtun, Her Thai formal name of <details editedStick>, who set up the whole Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Dowry Payment to the Parents.

details editedStick>

I had obtained legal assistance from a Thai Law Firm for 65,000 Thai Baht to help Sally get a Marriage Visa that will take 5 – 7 Months to get approved; but it took much longer that that – 10 Months. A Representative Woman named <details editedStick> helped us. <details editedStick> is located at the following address:

details editedStick>

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Sally had Her Immigrant Visa Interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand on September 13, 2010 at 7:30 AM. Sally's Immigrant Visa was granted on October 28, 2011. I went to Thailand to pick up Sally and we both arrived in America
at Los Angeles International Airport on November 26, 2011. While We were waiting to get processed through US Customs & Immigration, I was reading Sally's US Embassy Medical Examination Report and learned for the first time that She was
diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Syndrome. Sally had never shown any of these symptoms to Me before. My Thai Wife, Sally, had been very Unhappy since She arrived in America on November 26, 2010. I asked Her to get a Job while She waited in Thailand
for Her Visa to get approved; buy my Thai Wife, Sally, didn't work for 10 Months while She was waiting in Thailand for Her Visa to get approved. I sent Her about $200/Month while She waited 10 Months for the Visa to get approved. Her NVC
Case Number: <details editedStick>from the National Visa Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire:

United States Department of State

National Visa Center

31 Rochester Avenue

Suite 200

Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801-2915

After about 6 Months after the Marriage occurred and She was still waiting for Her Visa to get approved in Bangkok, Thailand, She seemed to have second thoughts about the Marriage. She was unhappy with Me because was "too serious"
and that I "think too much", when I was just being conscientious. She even accused Me of lying about trying to get Her a Visa. My Thai Wife, Sally, only saw Me in person in Thailand when I was on a Vacation from my Jobs for a total of
about 10 Weeks. I bought Her Family a Hewlett Packard Computer and Logitech Web Cam after the marriage in December, 2009, so that We could see each other everyday using MSN Live Web Cam. The Web Cam would also allow Cathy to see Her Thai Family
in Bangkok, Thailand anytime that they wanted to once Cathy came to America. I set up an Earthlink True Voice VOIP Digital Telephone so that Cathy could call her Family by telephone in Thailand at only $0.14/Minute.

I wanted to give my Thai Wife, Sally, a House to live in before She arrived in America on November 26, 2010. I applied to the Visions Federal Credit Union for a $60,000 Home Mortgage Loan for 1st Time Buyers for a house before Cathy arrived
in America; but I was declined on November 17, 2010 because my Debt to Asset Ratio was too high.

After Cathy arrived in Binghamton, New York, on November 28, 2010, her behavior seemed to change for the worse. I thought at first that it was. due to S.A.D. (Seasonal Affect Disorder). Seasonal affective disorder – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia?
In retrospect, I think this may have triggered Her Biploar Disorder Symptoms. She became upset at Me when I suggested She put the Winter Gloves that I purchased for Her in her Winter Jacket Pockets instead of carrying them in Her hands when She
wasn't using them. She eventually lost the first pair of Winter Gloves, so I bought Her another pair of winter gloves.

Sally became upset when She first arrived in America when I told Her that eating Bacon & Eggs everyday for Breakfast wasn't healthy and suggested a more varied diet for Her health. Sally also wasn't cooking the bacon long enough
in the microwave oven because it was almost raw when She ate it. I was concerned about Bola from contracting Trichinosis from eating bacon that wasn't cooked long enough. Sally became upset when I wouldn't give Her $7,000 for Her and
Her Sister, Bpon, in Thailand to invest in an online Diamond Sales Business. I told Sally that She could start Her own Online Computer Sales Business; but I couldn't afford to lend Her any money now and suggested that She get a Job to help
do it. Sally had also been sleeping very long hours and would even stay up all night watching HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz Movies that was playing on the Satellite Direct TV on the couch in the living room. When Sally did sleep in the same
Bed as Me, She would wrap the bed sheets around Her so that I couldn't even touch Her. She wouldn't even let Me kiss Her. I also paid Sally's Thai Parents a Wedding Dowry of 70,000 Thai Baht, Gold Necklaces, and also paid for a
Traditional Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony out of respect for her Family and Thai Tradition. I even paid <details editedStick> Law Firm 65,000 Thai Baht for their Legal Assistance in getting Her Visa approved.
:My Thai Wife Sally also told Me that She thought We had a "Fake Marriage" after the Visa didn't get approved within the predicted 6 month time frame. Once my Thai Wife, Sally, came here to live with Me, She left Me after being
with Me for only about 39 Days. I don't even know where my Thai Wife, Sally, is now? My Thai Wife Sally threatened to dial the 911 Police Emergency Telephone Number on January 4, 2011 after I wouldn't take the Day Off from Work and immediately
drive Her to a New York City Airport and buy Her a Return Airplane Ticket back to Thailand after a minor incident where She wouldn't come into the Kitchen to show Her that the Kitchen Sink was overflowing with water on the floor because the
Basket Stop Strainer wasn't inserted properly in the open position in the sink drain. Sally was more interested in chatting with Her online friend from Thailand on MSN Live Chat who told Her to dial 911 for the Police because I wouldn't
immediately buy Her an Airplane Ticket to return back to Her Home in Thailand.. I told Sally that I couldn't take the Day Off because as a Computer Field Repair Technician Sub-Contractor Worker, I don't receive any Benefits like Paid
Time Off, Vacation Pay, or Sick Pay. I asked Sally to wait until I returned from Work at the end of the day so that We could discuss it after everybody cooled off. My Thai Wife, Sally, gave Me the Telephone while I was still taking a Shower to
get ready to go to work and told Me that the Binghamton Police wanted to talk to Me. After I finished taking a shower, I took the telephone from my Thai Wife Sally and I told the Binghamton Police Emergency Telephone Operator that She was Unhappy.
After I finished taking a Shower, I noticed that Sally had packed Her clothes that She had in the 2 Suitcases and Travel Bag that I had bought for Her when I was in Thailand in December, 2009. The Binghamton Police came to my Apartment in about
15 Minutes after Sally called them by dialing 911. The Binghamton Police were very angry at Me at first until they asked Me why my Thai Wife, Sally, said I was angry all of the time? I told the Binghamton Police that I first became frustrated
and disillusioned at my Thai Wife, Sally, when She told Me that She sold Her Wedding Ring and that I was just asserting myself so that I wouldn't be taken advantage of. I told the Binghamton Police Department that I thought this was wrong
because a Wedding Ring is a Sacred Symbol of a Wedding Vow and shouldn't be sold unless I was consulted about it first. The last thing that my Thai Wife, Sally, said to Me before the Bnghamtton Police arrived was that She wanted a Divorce
by looking up how to say it on the http://www.thai-language.comdict/ website. The Binghamton Police told Me that they were taking Sally to the SOS Women's Shelter in nearby Endicott, New York.

When Sally arrived in America, I tried to get Her a Job as a Waitress at the:

details editedStick>

but the Owner, named <details editedStick>, said that Her English wasn't good enough yet. After my Thai Wife Sally left Me, <details editedStick> told Me that my Wife
told Him in Thai when we both visited Him that Sally wanted Me to go back to Thailand with Her and work there; but He told Her that I wasn't ready yet because I had to learn how to speak Thai and get a Work Visa first. To try to help Sally
learn how to speak English better, I enrolled Her in English as a 2nd Language Classes at BOCES in the evenings and the American Civic Association in the mornings. I got Sally a BOCES School ID Card so that I could buy Her a Broome County Student
Bus Pass. We had a minor disagreement on Sunday, January 2, 2011, when I went to the Weiss Supermarket to buy her a Student Bus Pass when She forgot to bring Her BOCES School ID to prove that She qualified for a Student Bus Pass.

My wish was to just have Sally to come to America and live with Me first to see if She liked it here; but Her Parents insisted that She marry me first. To do this, I was told by Sally's Aunt Dtun that I had to pay Her Parents a Wedding
Dowry and Gold and pay for Our Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony. Out of respect for Sally's Family and Thai Tradition, I agreed to do this. I bought Sally's Family a Hewlett Packard Desktop Computer and a Logitech WebCam so that they could
Video Chat with Cathy any time. I bought My Wife's Thai Family a Refrigerator back in February, 2006. In retrospect, it is my opinion that the Thai <details editedStick> Family used their Daughter as a source
of Income for them. I paid <details editedStick> Law Firm in Bangkok, Thailand to help Sally get Her Immigrant Visa for a Spouse approved. The Visa Approval Process was supposed to take only 6 Months; but because
of Government Bureaucratic and Political Unrest in Bangkok, Thailand Delays, it took 10 Months. Because of the long wait for Her Visa to get approved, Sally even accused Me of lying about really trying to get her a Visa. When I chatted with my
Thai Wife on the Web Cam using MSN Live Chat She would sometimes appear drunk telling Me, "Me no good, me bad woman, me stupid!, me no love you".

On September 23, 2010, I received a disturbing email from a Thai Woman named <details editedStick> whose email address was <details editedStick> who said:

"I am a friend of <details editedStick>, I have known your wife she working me at devil den and has many guys and now she got many guys she going out and fucky them her number is <details editedStick> me know friend see her with thai guy and they fucky all time and say try to take your money u and she not good and I not like she doping you and doing bad to you. they scam you and she not wanting going america , she
going many guys and not wanting going to america, u not rich she not wanting. be carfefully about her. picture her she scam and doing bad many guys. <details editedStick> not want say this before because she
get email bad from her and afraid that she getting hurt. she knowing mafia."

I also received another disturbing email from a Thai Woman named <details editedStick> whose email address was <details editedStick> October 10, 2010 entitled, "Re:You
Been Scam" that said:

"Me working her longtime and me going see her bangkok and she telling me marriage you and not wanting go. no me picture noyt there me getting fired from place and she telling me everything about marriage and that guy name John douing
bad to her and sister bhom but these girls not good. I going out with them and Sally she get thai guy drinking and me told no good and she going with him to hotel the number i gave you me boss Jack he tell everything about her and problem she
doing in club , you calling him and he telll you."

The email was from a Thai Woman named Pim whose email address was <details editedStick> that my Thai Wife worked as a Bargirl at the Devil's Den Bar in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. I originally dismissed
this email as a prank from some jealous person who didn't want Cathy to be free of their influence and be happy with Me.

My Thai Wife Sally finally had her Visa Interview at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Bangkok, Thailand on September 13, 2010 at 7:30 AM. Sally's Immigrant Visa was approved by the United States Department of State on November 15, 2010.
I purchased Sally's Airplane Ticket during Thanksgiving Week, 2010 from Thailand to America. I had a delay flying to Thailand because my US Passport expired in less than 90 days and Thailand had a less than 90 day expiration exclusion. I
had to go to Manhattan in New York City to get an Emergency Passport. On the Return Trip from Thailand to America, Sally and I arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport on November 26, 2010. While we were waiting to go through US Customs,
I asked Sally if I could look at Her Visa Documentation. I noticed for the very first time that the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand diagnosed Her with "Bi-Polar Disorder Syndrome". I didn't know how to live with a spouse who had
been diagnosed with this psychological disorder. After Sally arrived in America, I bought Her Winter Clothes at the Burlington Coat Factory in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Once She arrived in Binghamton, New York I took Sally out to eat in local Thai
Food Restaurants. I purchased Sally Thai Cooking Recipes from the nearby local Wegman's Grocery Store and cooked them for Her. I bought Sally a Thai Character Keyboard so that She could chat with Her Family and Friends in Thailand. I took
Sally to Times Square in New York City for New Year's Eve, December 31, 2011 so that She could experience it. On New Year's Ever, She wouldn't ever sleep in the same bed at the Watergate Motel at Croton-On-Hudson, New York. We never
had Sexual Intercourse since She came to America. I never wanted to force my Thai Wife to do anything that She didn't want to do; but I don't think that She was acting like a Wife to Me. All that I wanted to do was to try to give my
Thai Wife, Sally, a Better Life. Now I feel very frustrated and disillusioned that my Thai Wife didn't appreciate all of the hard work and sacrifice that I did for Her and Her inability to adapt and acclimate to America. The Binghamton Police
took my Thai Wife to the SOS Women's Shelter in Endicott, New York and I haven't heard from Her since. I haven't been given any way of contacting my Thai Wife Sally and I don't know for sure where She is.

Despite the differences that We have had in the recent past, I am still very concerned and worried about the status of my Wife, <details editedStick>, also known as "Cathy". As Her lawfully legally
married Husband, and someone who still cares about Her safety and welfare, I think that I feel that I have a legal, moral and ethical right to know what has happened to Her? I participated in my very first and only marriage in my life with the
Ideal of "for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do us part" and to live a long and happy married life with Her. I had always been straightforward and honest with my Thai Wife Sally and
Her <details edited – Stick> Family; but I don't think that they have been honest with Me. I think that I have been cheated for money by my Thai Wife Sally and Her <details edited – Stick> Family in Bangkok, Thailand for money.
I think that my Thai Wife, Sally, married Me just to get Her Green Card Visa and then after She came over here left Me after only living with Me for 39 days. I have sent an email to my Thai Wife's Aunt Dtun, 2 Sisters – Bpon and Bpen, and
the Womens' SOS Shelter in Endicott, New York asking where She is; but they haven't responded to my inquiry. I even sent some clothes that Sally left behind to the SOS Women's Shelter; but haven't received an acknowledgment
that they have been delivered to Sally. Sally's Aunt Dtun's email response was to invite me to join a Thai Computer Social Network. My Thai Wife Sally has made no attempt to contact Me. I have not changed my address or my telephone number.
I don't know how to contact my Thai Wife Sally. Please let Me know if this Marriage can be annulled, because my Wife Sally doesn't seem to Love Me anymore so that I can move on and get on with My Life. In Retrospect, I think that I am
sadly the Victim of a Fake Marriage. I encourage you to send Sally (Cathy) back for no American taxpayer would want to support any future behavior of this type. I do not wish for Cathy or her friends to enter our country and do the same thing
to someone else.

On Friday, February 25, 2011, I received a letter from the Broome County Family Court of the State of New York County of Broome that I have to appear on March 22, 2011 at 10:15 AM for the purpose of an Initial Appearance because my Thai Wife
is suing Me for Support on the Grounds of Domestic Violence and Control Issues. My Thai Wife, Sally, is suing Me for $150/Week Support. I don't understand why I am being asked to appear at a "Support Hearing" based upon false allegations
of "Domestic Violence and Control Issues".

I had to pay a Family Court Lawyer $750 to have these false allegations of Domestic Violence dismissed. I read in the Court Papers that my Thai Wife actually accused Me of threatening Her with a knife. Yes, I agree that all Thai Women are
the biggest liars in the world too!

Stickman's thoughts:

What were you thinking marrying a hardcore hooker?! Devil's Den is Pattaya's equivalent of the Eden Club so you were just asking for trouble.

It is absolutely NOT ok to use people's names, hence the many edits I have made.

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