Stickman Readers' Submissions May 16th, 2011

The Perfect Storm of Distraction

I'm not sure that Stickman gave you the correct advice about continuing your studies and doing the right things, that are expected of your particular culture in Oz. You said it clearly, you are corrupted, hate the loud mouthed women and the obnoxious
children, and aggressive men. That's not going to change after tasting the sweet fruits of Thailand, it will in all likelihood get worse, and your resentment of your homeland only gets more unbearable. I watched an eye-opening documentary
today called, College Conspiracy, and it clearly demonstrated that colleges are one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the American people. I would suggest you give it a view before you commit to 8 years of student loans.

Lets just say you do become a doctor, you're making millions by the time you retire, so what, you still have to work your ass off 12 hours a day and have no life of your own, and live in a country you loathe. You might even find yourself
a nice trophy wife and the illusion of love. There is a reason that Oz has a high suicide rate, there aren't many hot women, and if they are hot, they know it, and the only reason they would be with, as you called yourself, average…is because
they are opportunists and lust money and status, not love. Whatever that is.

He Clinic Bangkok

At least with Thai women, you know where you stand. It's more honest then white girls. White girls in western countries are running the place. The feminist movement has overcompensated, big time. Most girls hear princess stories and
want to marry an astronaut, but they themselves only have to look good enough to get a man, work in a grocery store or go to college for some worthless degree, and what they mostly bring to the table is sex.

I'm pushing 50 and living in Vancouver, which is supposedly one of the most liveable cities in the world, with Canada having the strongest economy right now. Oz is close behind. However, I'm bored shitless. It's the Truman

For six months a year I work the winters driving limos full of tourists up to Whistler to go skiing, just so I can save enough to go spend it in Thailand the other 6 months of the year. Many people would say I'm living the dream, but
they don't realize the 6 months here are hell. If it wasn't for some business investments here, I would have moved to Thailand permanently 5 years ago. Since 2006 I've spent 18 months in Bangkok. My 2 best friends moved there in
2000 and one married a great Thai girl he met in a restaurant and my other friend is in a long term relationship, they are both in love.

CBD bangkok

My friend Anthony has spent the last 1.5 years overseeing a building project in the Maldives and hated it, even though he was making big bucks and is now a Thai millionaire. Being away from Thailand was killing him, and the money mattered
little. It is much better to live in Thailand and make a decent living, saving a bit, investing in gold and silver, or whatever…than it is to be a millionaire of dollars in a place you can't stand.

One of Anth's friends is a silver spooner from Oz and has lived there for the last 15 years or more and speaks perfect Thai, is married, has two other girlfriends in nice condos and still bangs about 10 virgins a week. He has millions
of dollars in a trust fund and it will never run out for him. Is he happy? Probably not as much as when he first went there, of course even paradise can get old and some people long for problems to give their lives meaning and inspiration…but
there is never any thought to going back to Oz and living the life there, millions of dollars or not. He would still have to walk around in a country that is full of overvalued and underwhelming, ungrateful lazy white girls and bellicose men.

You have a rare opportunity to live a great quality of life in Thailand. If I was 18 years old, this would be my plan.

Take online courses in teaching English and get all the credentials I need in a year or two to work at a private school and make 60-100,000 baht a month. My quality of life would be better than 95% of the population. While constantly studying
the Thai language I would take some singing and guitar lessons. By the time I was 30 and still young for Thai standards I would probably speak and read Thai perfectly and be something I could never be in Canada…special. I'd be the life
of any Thai party, have my choice of desirable Thai girls and at worse I wouldn't be overworked and bored being a suicidal dentist in Vancouver hooked on pain killers to dull the pain of a mediocre lie of a life here in Canada.

wonderland clinic

I know, shocking isn't it? How dare I tell you to not go to school and be a doctor or some useless lawyer. But this is just our society conditioning us to be good providers and robots for the rest. Certainly your parents will be disappointed in what
they consider to be underachievement and every white women you dare to tell will not like the idea that you are cheating and actually enjoying your life in Thailand. I say, don't worry about what they think at all, and look around and see
if you want to really spend the rest of your days worrying about getting sued for malpractice and how Mrs. Jones goiter is doing since the last time you gazed at her double head. You will become whatever you focus on in this life.

As a limo driver for many years, I've driven some of the most famous people in the world, billionaires, rock stars, and celebrities of every field you can think, including sporting stars, champions of industry, heads of state, royalty
as well as the common man with some money to waste on a fancy looking taxi. I even drove Dr. Oz once. And you know what I've found? The celebrity longs for the freedom of the common man and the common guy on the streets wants to be a famous
and respected celebrity. Just by having a white face and not being a complete jerk you have the status of a basketball player or footballer the moment you step off the plane at BKK. White girls would insist you are a loser and that you have to
go to Thailand to find a girlfriend. The reality is they are no different being a blond with big tits, and opportunities come to them based solely on this fact. Many people would say that Thai girls are just a distraction and that you should be
pursuing more lofty noble aspirations. I say, that as far as distractions go, Thai girls are one of the best. Having sex with beautiful girls is just about the most noble life I could imagine. After all it was the main job requirement of being
a king for centuries.

I've talked to many of these celebrities while I had their ear for a couple of hours, and down to almost the last man, they would love the freedom to go to Thailand and just live free, doing what they want. Instead of hiding out in hotel
rooms and having to rent out whole restaurants so that somebody doesn't take a picture of them picking their nose or spilling the overpriced wine. I could tell you many stories of famous people that like nothing better to do when away in
a strange town then to get a high priced whore or party unencumbered with morals and what the fat girl down the hall will think.

I'm far more jaded, cynical and ruined than you. At this point I've been with hundreds of Thai girls, I'll never have what society deems a normal relationship again. What should I do, seek help from a shrink? Never. They are
far worse off then me…all day long, focusing on the troubles of unfix able people living a life of quiet desperation in a country they've be told is the best, perfect and a joy to live. Don't you believe it for a second. It's
not enough that they succeed, others must fail.

Living in Canada is the same as being a rich fat house cat. Just staring out side their windows like a princess in a tower, as life goes by. I'm sure many of them would give up their regular meals and their very life for one day of freedom
in the real world.

Stickman's thoughts:

I strongly disagree with most of what you say. Sorry to say it, but I feel I should point out that there was much embellishment here, and some just plain lies, to support your argument.

You talk of a teaching job earning 100K baht a month in Bangkok like it is the holy grail. Well, I had that job and I left that life because it was soul destroying, hence I turned my back on it.

While you go on about this life of unlimited sex being so great, you have at other times in correspondence said rather the opposite. So what is it to be?

I respect that everyone is entitled to voice their opinion, but I think your advice is errant and your submission horribly dishonest.

nana plaza