Stickman Readers' Submissions May 5th, 2011

The Girl With The Handy

Some weeks ago I had just returned from the jungle in the deepest South near the border with Malaysia and was happy to be in Phuket again. Walking down Beach Road I was invited into a massage parlour by some girls with the usual “Hallo,
handsome man”. Among the girls was a rather tall beauty with a smile to die for.

So I stopped for a moment and told her “Khun yim suay mak mak” which means "You have a beautiful smile”. Politely she thanked me and I continued walking.

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But after a while I could not forget that smile and went back!

Our eyes locked for a long moment. While neither of us spoke and I had the feeling that this would turn out to be a very rare afternoon. Finally asking her if she would agree to give me a most special massage at my nearby hotel, she agreed.

When I denied her “up to you” proposition concerning her fee by saying that I would then gladly take her as a gift, she started explaining she would need much money for sending it to her sick mother in her hometown, Chiang Mai. Being a long-time
and quite attentive reader of Stickman, I for my part informed her that I would be a rather poor man with an elder brother in prison for stabbing a man, a younger brother with a mia noi (a second wife) who always demanded more
money, water buffalo number one sick because of having eaten to many sacred mushrooms, water-buffalo number two – but at that point she could not help starting laughing and told me “You know to much, but you make me sanuk (happy)”.
Well, finally we agreed to meet at my place on 2,000 baht for two hours. I am an old man and do not like to hurry precious moments in a fixed time.

I went to Jungceylon to buy stay-up black silk stockings as a present to her and a feast for my eyes and went back to my guest-friendly hotel, prepared my room and myself and had drinks ready, so she could see that I would appreciate her coming.

To my surprise she was only five minutes late at the reception, where I waited for her, and even apologised for the delay.

After a while we were slowly exploring one another and she looked incredibly sexy with the stockings, her high heels, long black hair and white skin. In my basic Thai I told her how happy I was with her company, how beautiful she looked and
that I would treat her as my very special guest.

We had just started playing in earnest with her on top of me – you are wrong, if you think you already know what will follow, no, she was not a kathoy – when her handy started ringing. She had left it at the table and I
was quite curious about what would come next, well knowing that no Thai girl could resist a phone call! So my beauty asked my pardon, left me, took the handy – and came back riding me again. For a minute or two I heard her flirting with
one of her boyfriends, a young farang guy spending a week in Pattaya, while we slowly continued our movements. Her soft voice told him how she missed him and at the same time she played with her free hand with my nipple and gave me a mischievous
smile, quite a perverse situation! Finally I pleaded her with gestures to stop! She did it and explained that this young guy was butterflying (going with other girls) a lot and would surely not pass his time in Pattaya alone, so I did not have
to think bad of myself.

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Afterwards we continued slowly until a very happy ending, and after having received a little extra tip she did not even ask for the usual 200 THB for a tuk-tuk back to her some 400 meter distant massage parlour, normally a long way for any
Thai girl. So we parted as good friends, and now I am far away, but who knows, perhaps I am able to return to Phuket – but this time I would ask her to have her handy ready right next to her on our bed.

Stickman's thoughts:

Local women saying they love one person on the phone while riding another is one of the more humorous stories you hear here and one I never fail to smirk at! The perverse part however is I wonder if it has ever happened to me. "I love you, Sticky, you only one for me", while she is with some other bloke!

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