Stickman Readers' Submissions May 9th, 2011

The Darkest Part of Soi Cowboy

The changes are serious these days.

Sticky has, during the last two or more years, been victim to cyberbullying. The weekly column; “Cyber Bullying and Karma”,
is one of the most engaging columns in the site’s history. Sure, a shocking and time consuming experience, it must have been, to be forced to take part in such a campaign led by a crazy guy. It is a pity the crazy guy could not choose another
more worthy victim.

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I am talking about the Arab!

Do we know someone who can take the challenge? Is there anyone out there in Cyber? I am calling for assistance. Stickmanites. Dana followers. Dean Barretters. Chiang Mai Kelly sluts.

The days to follow will sure be interesting. The nightlife scene in Bangkok is becoming rapidly unappealing. Not only to a few of us, but obviously also to a lot of others. Some leave Thailand for that reason, some move upcountry, some join
the Pattaya Flyers Club and some still stay in Bangkok pretty frustrated: Early closures, Police muggings, underage scams, hostile take overs, rising price levels, unfaithful bargirls, sick buffaloes and now the Arab…

This week we are all sorry to announce the change of ownership of one of the oldest establishments, with the youngest girls ever, in Soi Cowboy. The rumors can now be confirmed: The Arab is taking over Raw Hide. Kuhn Mint, says: He is now
my partner!

I was out there the other night and had the pure pleasure of observing the Arab visiting his new playground, accompanied by his armed bodyguards. Glock personnel. It seems he has few friends and a lot of enemies. Well prepared for crossfire.

I am happy to say, there was another Arab, in greater need of bodyguards, and in heavier crossfire, which was dealt with earlier this week. The US Navy Seals did a magnificent job. Burn in hell!

The still surviving Arab is steadily moving towards his goal: A total take over in Soi Cowboy. Kuhn Mint was the last victim to his bids. Couldn’t say no. Too good to be true. She leaves her kindergarten to the fat, old and ugly master
of disgust. He is her deserved partner. Same shit, different wrapping. My guess is we will soon see her too, surrounded by bodyguards. Fewer friends and more enemies. <Nah, I don't think that will happenStick>

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Imagine visiting an establishment run by a person who has a record that requires armed personnel for survival. Caught in the crossfire. No way. That Vegas Strip is no longer the same joy to visit as before. Things have changed to the very

Money now talks louder than ever. What the Arab cannot prepare for, is the total tearing down of the whole area. The Clinton Plaza way. It is highly recommended. But please let the Arab finish his job first so the real estate developers can
finish their project, extending the Interchange Building to cover the entire footprint of the soi.

Long Gun, Cactus and Penny Black are sure on his list of upcoming purchases. <I can confirm that the owner of one of these properties is in talks with The Arab nowStick> If I could read Kuhn Mint’s
face correctly, sitting shoulder to shoulder to the Arab, enjoying his company right after midnight, that will happen! What a pity for all those of us who have enjoyed the bars in that area, bars that did not by no means fit into the strip. They
had some strange soul hidden in them. Cool waterholes.

By the way, before the take over, the old management of Long Gun was moved to work in Raw Hide, done in such a way that the new management in Long Gun now consists of the former management of Raw Hide. Kuhn Mint has left her faithful and
always caring and popular managers and mamasans of Long Gun in the dump, residing with the Arab. What a terrible destiny!

The change of management will probably be a welcome swap for the poor kids in Raw Hide who have had to make their lips and pussies available, not only to the mongers amongst us, but also to members of the always hungry staff of management
over there. But it could be a less welcoming experience for the Long Gun girls, who now might have to comply with the same hungry needs of their new patrons.

I have had a few birds complaining.

However, there is no time for grief. During the last year we have seen changes in other parts of the city that may give us new playgrounds. Nana is hopefully becoming more attractive through the next few months. There will be survival without
the Arab’s Soi Cowboy, sooner or later to become Soi Arab.

Good to see, though, that there were no folks left in Raw Hide, other than the Arab, Kuhn Mint and the bodyguards, at the time I became the last customer to check the bin and head for home.


Stickman's thoughts:

Soi Cowboy has been the Bangkok expats' favourite playground for a fair few years. I think I can say, with a degree of confidence, that that is about to change.

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