Stickman Readers' Submissions May 9th, 2011

Not All Thai Ladies Are The Biggest Liars

Or a better title would be , “Look in the mirror”.

After reading the story written on how Thai ladies are the biggest liars and reading so many stories of people who claim that they married a Thai lady and she ended up lying about everything, well, after reading the biggest liar story, I
would have told the lady to run as fast as she could. She may have had issues but it is time to look in the mirror!

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The mirror shows a person with his own issues. He seemed to have kept a lot of notes on the love of his life. He had lists of her name, all the dates, friends and their dates, email information, cost and oh so many details that he was more
then willing to give to everyone. He had her ID card scanned and then translated. He found she had bipolar disorder by reading her medical report in the immigration line. Something wrong about that, the envelope is sealed and given to the immigration

He mentions how she was unhappy in USA and then jumps to her not working for ten months while in Thailand waiting for her visa. He does mention later she was concerned as he was “too serious”. You think maybe she was right.
The story mentions how he wanted to buy her a home and could not get a $60,000 loan because of credit ratio. So much of this story has little to do with her being the biggest liar. Why is his loan an issue, why is that he paid .14 for phone calls,
why is what he paid for paper work, Wikipedia search and so much more.

The story only goes on, they have an argument over minor issues, he wants her to keep the gloves he bought her in her pocket when she did not have them on. He corrected her on what she should eat, and that she did not cook the bacon enough.
Can you readers look in the mirror and see what may have been the issue.

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After another minor issue he refuses to take her to the airport and she calls 911, he then explains that this started over a minor discussion of her not putting the sink stopper in correctly. He said she told the police that he was angry
all the time. She wanted out and they took her to a shelter, and he could then not understand why the shelter would not give him access to his wife. That he had a right to know where she was at. He again goes into detail that she looked up the
word divorce on a specific sight.

The story is so full of red flags about the person in the mirror. But the title was that the lady was the biggest liar. They have an issue with her not remembering her student ID card. Then the story gets lost as we are back in Thailand getting
married and paying sin sot again. Where and how did all these other ladies get his email address to send him information about his wife's history. If he knew she worked a bar before he married her it was not mentioned. He then gives
us the names, dates and times of these emails and so much more information. Time to look in the mirror again.

The story is also full of I did this I did that and I NEED TO KNOWN. She cheated me for a green card. The story is confusing as they were together in the US 39 days, and you don't get a green card in 39 days. If she wanted a ticket to
go back to Thailand, and maybe she sold the wedding ring to get it, then how is it that she is using him for a green card. If she went back to Thailand and got a divorce she could not come back to the US.

So let me use this story to say to people who complain about the issues they had when they found that bad Thai wife. You may need to look at yourself for your own downfall. We do not hear the stories of the bad American husband. Which I can
assure there are just as many stories that go that direction.

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I have what many would refer to as a good Thai wife. Was I just lucky or was it things I did and who I was that attracted me to the right ladies? Many of the bad stories start out with meeting a lady at bar, or freelancer, meeting online
for sex. If you are digging in the trash for that diamond in the rough, remember it is you that is in the trash. (I want to mention here that I don't consider the ladies who work the bar trash, it is my way to express this story, in fact
I feel sorry for them and the life that places them in this situation)

What always surprises me is how a person can meet a lady in a bar, know that she sleeps with any man for money, yet he pays her money to spend several days with him then convinces himself that he is in love with her! Then when he marries
her he can not understand why she has not magically switched to an honest loving wife! Here is where he needs to look in the mirror. Why should she be honest and trust you? You were on vacation paying ladies you just met for sex, selecting ladies
like meat in a market! Sleeping with many ladies and telling them all how you love them. She has heard how they love her so many times. You were not honest either!

I have about 8 to 10 friends who have a Thai wife, and we meet together as a family support group as this has greatly help our wives adjust to the US. They crave this time with other Thai ladies, to talk and eat all day long. In the group
I know one wife was a former bar girl, while most of the rest were introductions from other friends. None of these people seem to have horror stories about their wife.

I have however noticed that several of the men have major issues. I can clearly see why they did not do well with ladies in the US. The Thai wife takes care of them and overlooks these behavioral issues. They seem to mother these socially
inept men and make them feel good about their lives and wife. These wives put up with a lot that American wives would not and they do it with a smile. Look in the mirror! Maybe we are the issue.

My wife, I met in Thailand after being introduced by a friend. We could not talk to each other as she spoke no English, She was a simple Issan girl cooking food to survive. We met and spent all our time together chaperoned. I took a chance
and she took a chance and we got married. What helped in our relationship is that I read most every Stickman page, I read up on culture and I made Thai friends in the US before I went to meet her. I then showed her respect and acted in a respectful
manner. This set the tone for our relationship.

After five years of marriage my wife and I communicate with ease. We have had no argument over money, in fact we have almost no arguments. I learned quickly a long time ago that getting mad about little things benefits no-one. Where there
adjustment issues, yes. In fact I used the communication issue to my benefit. When she got upset with something I said, I just told her that it was a language issue that she just misunderstood me. This reset the issue so I could make a better
choice in what I said.

In the story the lady wanted to go home and he refused. I told my wife and had funds in the bank for her to go home at any time if she wished. This took the pressure off of her I thought, as it can be fearful to be totally dependent on someone
else. I later found from my wife that when she first came to the US she had funds for a return plane ticket in case I did not work out. She was prepared to care for herself but she was happy I had offered.

A happy moment in our time together came just the other night. While watching TV with her cuddle on my lap, she started to tell me a story. I looked at her and listened as she tried to explain, but got stuck on a word. She paused and I filled
the word in that she wanted to say. She smiled at me and told me thank you. I asked for what, she told me for understanding her thoughts and helping her. Moments like this make it all worthwhile.

So for Stickman readers, Thai ladies are not the biggest liars. If we look in the mirror many time the people writing these stories are in fact the biggest liars as they are lying to themselves.

Stickman's thoughts:

Your closing comments are oh so true. Thailand does NOT attract the best of the West.

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