Stickman Readers' Submissions May 26th, 2011

A Bargirl’s Perspective Of Farangs

We all have our thoughts about bargirls, but rarely do we see how (and why) bargirls feel about us, the farangs. I have a rare opportunity, so I thought you might find this interesting, if nothing else, as I suspect you have no idea of the
trauma inducing situations these girls endure and may even find it hard to believe the humiliating things these girls suffer.

I have lived with a girl for two years now who is a working dancer at one of the major bars in Soi Cowboy. As we are a couple, she only barfines short-time and sleeps with me every night. Upon returning home, she wakes me each night and we
eat together and discuss the events of the evening. As such, I have a running tally of her working life. Recently she took a break for a couple of months and returned to dancing three weeks ago. And now, I think she may be on the verge of a nervous
breakdown as she has been barfined almost every night and what she experiences contributes greatly to her mental state. Listed below are some of her barfine experiences of the last three weeks.

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* One farang held her down, restraining her with his physical strength, and against her will, fxxxed her in the ass.

* One farang prematurely ejaculated into her mouth while she was smoking him…(ugh).

* One farang had three video cameras positioned in his hotel room – two in the bed area and one in the shower.

* One farang did not want to pay her and then started yelling she had stolen from him when he put money on the table top – 500 baht.

* One farang could not cum and got angry, fxxxing increasingly harder and harder. She was sore for two days, requiring medicine.

* One farang was an old hunchback with an ugly full beard and no girls would talk with him. My girlfriend felt sorry for him, got a drink and then agreed to barfine – so much for kissing Prince Charming.

* One farang was a heroin addict and he kept yelling at her. In the end, she thought he might kill her for sport.

* One farang kept shoving his finger up her ass to the point of injury, but struggling, she would not allow him to butt fxxx her.

* One farang made her put a ping pong ball up her pussy and try to shoot it out (like they do at Patpong) — she failed as she had no wind to push it out..

* One farang had cocaine (and razor blades), and snorted lines of cocaine off her chest while she lay there naked on her back.

* She had a cut on her lip from biting it while eating (I was with her), and one farang made her smoke him anyways even though she complained she could get HIV / sick etc with an open wound. So much for compassion.

Again, this all happened in the last three weeks to her, but it is not untypical of farang behavior. Knowing these are some of the things bargirls have to endure from us farangs it's easy to see why they might not think so highly of us too, and act
the way they do. To be sure, there were some nice men who barfined her also. I can think of three who had sex one time, easy, no argument about wearing a condom and let her go peacefully, paying her well. But they are a rare find – a bargirl's
world is not what we may think it is.

Bargirls never know who they are going with beforehand (everyone talks nice in the bar), but the odds are against them when it comes to having no problem. I recall her telling me of one man who promised her dinner only and turned out to be
a brutal sadist. So the next time you hear of a bargirl causing problems or acting out with a shitty attitude, or running once the barfine has been paid, consider there are two sides to every story. They know they are playing Russian Roulette.
I thought you might find this interesting as we rarely get a glimpse into the world of the bargirl.

Stickman's thoughts:

Yep, there are some absolute brutes out there and frankly, when you are out in some of the bar areas and look around at some of the punters, I am not surprised that this sort of thing happens.

I have received A LOT of grief in recent years for saying how the industry can be very harmful to the people involved – and this article clearly demonstrates some of the nasty stuff. When one is truly objective about the industry, it's not hard to see some really nasty shit going on…

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