Stickman Readers' Submissions April 13th, 2011

Why Do You Come to Thailand?

I seem to recall that Stick had posted a picture in one of his weekly columns which showed a big Western guy hand in hand with a very small Thai lady. It was depicted as a romantic coupling. From memory the guy was at least in his late 50s and the lady
was of an indeterminate age. However in any case it looked like the lady could have been his daughter at least, if not younger. I assume it was a Thai lady since the picture was taken in Pattaya but for the purposes of this submission she could
have been any South-East Asian nationality. As a matter of fact the Western gentleman could have been any age in the context of this submission as will be obvious soon enough.

I'd like to point out the fact that these ladies of indeterminate age can be younger or older than what they seem like and for the purposes of this submission once again it doesn't matter whether they are of legal age or not which
will be obvious soon enough too.

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Now we know that there are quite a number of Western men who visit South-East Asia for the specific purpose of having sex with children i.e. underage working girls and these guys are paedophiles who are just about universally hated by everyone
other than their own ilk.

As they should be.

What struck me in the picture aforementioned was the marked difference in size of the two people as is common between Western men and Asian ladies.

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Now to the casual observer, particularly looking at it from the perspective of Western eyes, it could have indeed been an underage girl with a Western adult notwithstanding the fact that she may have been an adult herself. Sometimes it's
difficult to tell especially if the age is close to the legal age.

But even this is not quite what I'm all about in this submission.

Let me be the Devil's Advocate here and propose a possible explanation why so many Western guys like to come to Asia to have sex with the local women.

When compared to Western women the locals are childlike in appearance and in a lot of cases in behaviour too. Just to mention some of the character traits would be that of petulance and submissiveness sometimes in the one and the same person.
However there are many other habits they have which in the West would be classified as childish.

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Most of us know here what we mean by GE in Thailand (Girlfriend Experience). Many guys come here to have that because it's not available with Western prostitutes. We also know that this is mostly an illusion but the guys go with the
flow as it's something they enjoy and it makes them feel better than an outright business transaction.

So now let me come to the hypothesis this submission is about.

As I've already indicated of the childlike Thai ladies of the night life, it isn't far fetched to suggest that a lot of Western men like their dalliances with these ladies specifically because of that…is it? They don't want
to go down the pedophile route as it's illegal and morally corrupt but subconsciously they want to experience it with a woman who may be of legal age but to all intents and purposes feels like an underage girl. Not only is she tiny / small
but also without a lot of body hair and with baby soft skin. In fact a Thai woman could very well be into her 30s and still be childlike when compared to a Western woman.

First of all I'm not saying that this is a fact in most or many of the cases and it'd be impossible to actually provide statistics even if you were a shrink and I'm certainly not that but as a layman one could wonder what are
the motivations of some of the guys who come to Thailand for sex.

The physical attributes and personality traits of Thai women could easily be interpreted to support a theory like this.

One could perhaps say, hey if you want to have sex with a child but not inclined to risk it the second best thing maybe to go with an Asian woman. I'm not advocating it but it could be lurking in the back of the minds of some mongers.

Which brings up another point; how to avoid becoming an actual pedophile without knowing about it? I mean with false IDs and unscrupulous operators it's very easy to fall into the trap of committing an offence.

I did say I was being the Devil's Advocate here but I'm certainly not bidding his work.

For pedophilia is a crime which should be stamped out and its participants locked up for a long time. These guys get their comeuppance (pun intended) in jail and I'm all for it.


I have wondered whether the size of Asian women and the fact that some do, as you say, resemble children both in their size and behaviour, could be a reason for guys flocking here for them. But to be honest, I don't think that is part of it, at least not for the vast majority of guys. I think there are other factors, such as simply the fact that Asian women are slim, an all-night encounter is cheap and compared to Western women Thai women look ok.

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