Stickman Readers' Submissions April 23rd, 2011

Thai Thoughts and Anecdotes Part 286


Stick, in future commemoration of Thai Thoughts and Anecdotes — Part 300 which is scheduled to appear this year 2011, has notified me that he will be flying me all expenses paid from Boston to Bangkok. The intent is to honor and reward me
for services rendered to over the last ten years. Upon arrival I will be feted and gifted. I can't wait.

mens clinic bangkok

For reasons of economy, aerial conveyance will be by a used WWII Sikorsky helicopter flown by Russian twins Ivan and Ivan. Cabin hospitality staff will be retired Thai mamasans who can heave around 55 gallon drums of aviation fuel. Food will
be fish paste, chilies, and chicken breasts cooked on a hibachi while underway. Instead of drop down oxygen masks there will be drop down vodka bottles and at every stop I will be required to help hand pump fuel from fuel drums into the fuel tanks.
Once again, this is all for purposes of economy. I can't wait.

Routing from Boston to Bangkok will be Boston–Yarmouth, Nova Scotia–Gander, Newfoundland–Clyde River, Baffin Island–Godhaven, Greenland–eastern Greenland–Iceland–Norway–Sweden–Finland–eleven stops in Russia–China (too many stops
to count)–Bhutan–Burma–Chiang Rai, Thailand–and finally Chiang Mai, Thailand. Outside of the Chiang Mai Inn I will transfer to a seven ton twenty foot long tuk-tuk with twin Rolls Royce fan jet engines for the final sprint to Bangkok. The
trip is expected to take 15-18 weeks. I can't wait.

The Stickmeister is doing all of this for me? What a great guy. So if you are going to be in Bangkok in 2011 come on by Stick's gated compound and introduce yourself. He'll no doubt be holding closed door meetings with the movie
production, pharmaceutical, and Thai IPO part of his Stickmanbangkok. com empire and you'll recognize me as the lone, aged, stooped figure washing and waxing his cars. I can't wait to meet you.

But that is not really what I want to talk about today. What I want to talk about today is:


It would be nice, in my opinion, if we could all be respected for those character traits and/or behavior traits that deserve respect. Since in set theory 'all' includes me, I place myself in the group of people who would like to
be respected for those character or behavioral traits that deserve respect. Long odds.

Respecting people for character or behavioral traits that deserve respect can only happen with close observation and critical thinking. Name-calling is easier and apparently more fun. The fact that name-calling is a reflection on the name-caller
seems not to matter. Mostly it works. People do not usually seek or value truth if instant gratification is available.

wonderland clinic

Recently, someone who I would have expected better behavior from used the word monger in referring to me. The dictionary definition of the word does not apply here, but we all know what he meant. Monger is a word applied to men who spend
time with lots of women and enjoy doing so. My friend who used this word did not invent the word–he was simply using a tool given to him by society.

How did name-calling using the word monger get started? Well, even though men call other men mongers to make themselves feel good about themselves; my instincts are that women encouraged this denigrating behavior and that men will do or say
anything to get positive response from women. In the United States, for example; and I see no different behavior in any other country in the world: the mostly subliminal but sometimes transparent belief held by many (most?) women is that men are
on Earth to serve their needs. Basically, we are here to pay for their babies. We have no other value and we serve no other purpose. Men who are not in this equation and are smiling at other women are trivial, without interest, suspect, and of
no value. Do enough of this name-calling and the word criminal pops up. Life is hard and to go from not liking me because I am not contributing to some woman's lifetime wants and needs to labeling me a criminal is perhaps harder than it should
be and harder than I deserve. If the last battle is not over food, or water, or oil, or territory; if the last battle is between the sexes, I do not want to see any men on the women's side of the wall. Come on guys: let's stick together.

So anyway, it follows that men not married to women or attached to women in some financial-legal way are functional criminals. The man who likes to hold women in his arms but does not sign a lifetime contract (marriage) to pay for them and
THEIR babies is suspect. The suspect who has held many women in his arms is ipso facto a criminal–a monger. I reject this. I like smiling at attractive women and I like it when they smile back at me. If this is now a crime for one half of the
world's population then something has gone wrong in social evolution.

Tonight I'll be on the boardwalk in Pattaya looking for a happy attractive woman who will smile back at me. If I stumble across a Thai angel holding up a palm tree and we spend adult time together; I am not going to sign a lifetime contract
(marriage) with her, I am not going to give her money for the rest of my life, and I am not required to pay for or respect or acknowledge financially or emotionally a child she unwisely brings to term–and I do not have to. Women extorting me
has no future. Notions like these are absolutely stunning to many women who view men as beings required to contribute to their happiness. The very idea that men have rights is an idea so exotic that many women have trouble processing the idea.
Don't believe me? Try to talk this way to them in a measured, calm, rational, logical, friendly way and watch their faces. You might as well be an orangutan spouting gibberish.

One of my inalienable rights as a human is the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Name-calling is not in that social equation. Please stop calling me a monger.


It will be a proud day for Dana, but a sad day for the readership, when #300 has been posted.

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