Stickman Readers' Submissions April 22nd, 2011

Response to Why Do You Come to Thailand

I have seen some outlandish submissions in the past, but bar none "Why Do You Come to Thailand?" has got to be the worst and most ignorant of all submissions. Either the author is some scorned woman or a weak man trying to score points with some lady. I wrote a submission in the past
and will try not to reiterate all the points I made, but one statement made was:

"As women in the west start to lose their control factor they will accost us with derogatory comments or put everyone in the same little box, so as to make us feel bad and then we go running back with our heads between our legs."

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To try and associate the fact that Thai women are shorter, skinnier, have better skin, look younger and do not act like outright stubborn jackasses like western women to a paedophile is complete lunacy. This just shows the ignorance of the author and is best described with the quote above.

The author even makes a comment about no body hair. Does this mean I should be happy with serious overweight hairy western women, that I should not look to a society that does not have these qualities? Who seriously thinks about Thai women's body hair? And then tries to associate it and lump it in with the example the author gave about why men like these beautiful Asian women? There is no objectivity or balance in the article, just ignorant statements.

I can not dismiss the fact that there are paedophiles that come to SE Asia, but of all the sex travellers it might be .00001% if even that high. There is more paedophilia happening in the US at any one time than all of SE Asia. The fact that they do have prostitution available in SE Asia may be a factor, but I have not done serious research nor studies on why this is the case.

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Us westerners will use the term "childlike" behaviour because, in the case of Thai, they enjoy life, friends and just about all activities they seem to do. The term is not meant to be used as in they are the same as children, just the behaviour is not very serious as compared to many westerners.

SE Asian women eat healthier and stay out of the sun. If the next generation of Farang women were to do the same then we might not see so many obese, horrible skinned women we see these days. Farang women love to bathe in the sun. They do it from childhood and now pay a price for it. Farang women love unhealthy fast food and now pay a price for it. In fact some long term expats in Thailand have complained that with the introduction of western fast food restaurants many more Thai women are bigger than years previous.

Unlike the author I will not lump all western women into this category as there are many beautiful, healthy looking women, but averaged together they can not compete with SE Asian women regarding skin and looks. In the same category that men like skinnier and more beautiful women so do Farang women look for a fit, muscular guy.

Women and ignorant feminist loving men forget the simple fact that older women go through menopause and pretty much do not care about having sex. Men keep their hormones the rest of their life and can have sex and make children until they die. These sexual urges never leave us, but yet because it happens to women, we are just suppose to accept it. Is it fair? Not really, but that is just the way mother nature has made us. Why do so many older men come to Pattaya? Because they are perverts or paedophiles? Hell no. The common reason, simply put, is to have sex because their wives or girlfriends are just not interested anymore or at the age of 50+ there is just no dating a woman we might enjoy. Are there sometimes some obscure circumstances that bring someone to Pattaya? Sure, but in general it is just a sex thing. Women will try to label us as something entirely different, but it is just as simple as having sex and nothing more.

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In the same breath that western woman may scorn those going to SE Asia for sex, they will deny their own husbands or boyfriends sex or hold it over their head as power. I have experienced it as well as heard my whole life from other men. Western woman take such a simple issue as having sex and make it so complicated that men will flock somewhere else to get what they want. It is now appropriate for the "cougar" women to have young boys, but older men still should not have young women because of the stupid stigma and labels we get from western women.

I agree that a 60+ y/o having sex with an 18 y/o is not appropriate, but culturally speaking it is allowed in SE Asia unlike the west. There is less scorn and looks here than there is in the west. Is Hugh Hefner a paedophile because he has always had beautiful women in his life? He fits the profile the author described in the submission except that his women are not as short as Thai women. Is Donald Trump also a paedophile? Obviously if you are mega rich in the west it is acceptable to have a wife 30+ years younger than you. However, in the true sense of western hypocrisy go ahead and lump non mega rich older men with still wanting to have sex to that of a paedophile.

Take care gang,



Two days ago I had lunch with one of my best friends from home and his English wife. She is as nice as any Thai woman I have met in all of my time here and on top of that she speaks perfect English, we can chat about anything, she does not play any games, she is very slime, tall….and I could go on and on. The only woman you would meet who would be a match for her would be a Western-educated Thai woman who, frankly, would be more Western than Thai.

Yes, Thai women kick Western women's backsides in the looks department and probably in the sweetness and demure departments too. But let's bring some balance to the equation – relationships with Thai women are not without significant challenges which are often so great that the couple cannot overcome them and the relationship goes bad OR they have a crap relationship where she treats him like shit and / or he sleeps around.

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