Stickman Readers' Submissions April 19th, 2011

Pit of SE Asia, A Response

You posted a story in Stickman reader's submissions about Pattaya from an obvious feminist viewpoint. You zealously trash people that you don't know anything about other than their appearance. According to you if one has tattoos,
is overweight, and God forbid old, one should just slither away from your self righteous sight. How arrogant and culturally deprived.

Pattaya is a perfect place for those that live there. These people have a right to be who they are, and if you don't like them well, just stay away! Who the hell do you think you are to sit in judgment of an entire city? That said, I
must admit that I am not particularly fond of the place, but I do respect the rights of the people that choose to be there. Why not write about a city that you do like rather than wasting your prose on a city that you detest?

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It is your self righteous feminist crap that has damaged America, and driven Western men to Asian women. Furthermore, you need to spew your hateful philosophy to an audience that is more likely to appreciate your warped views. I have no complaint
with those that hold feminist views but I dislike pushy women like you that insist on imposing your venom on normal people.

I am surprised at Stickman's comments. You were over the top critical about Pattaya and it escapes me why Stick didn't call it. If Pattaya doesn't suit you just take a hike out on your long Ukrainian legs and leave the folks
there to pursue the life they select. I am quite certain that they likely don't have a very good opinion of you.

I did receive a personal benefit from your post as I really appreciate my Thai wife, that waits on me cooking, cleaning and fetching things for me, as well as a host of other things to add to my happiness. (I'll bet that gets a rise
from the hair on your neck) My wife gets unwavering emotional support and all sorts of help from me. She knows that I will help her with anything any time. Don't even think that this lady will be converted to feminist thinking as she has
heard of it and thinks it is beyond crazy. She has never been in the pay for play industry, but is rather traditional like about 95% of Thai women. I had a wife like you and divorced her after 8 miserable years. That was 13 years ago an to this
day she is still a negative, bitter shrew. She remarried about 1 year after our divorce and treats her husband like a well trained dog.

You may think that this post is from one of the dregs of Walking Street but that is far from true. I don't participate in PFP, although I did some time ago. I have a bachelors and masters degree from a top ten American university, and
a doctorate from a large state university, I have no tattoos and I am reasonably fit for my age. At age 62 I seem to fall within your definition of undesirables for being simply old. My wardrobe is not filled with designer labels as I just don't
have an interest even though I could afford to fill my closets with them.. Likely this will diminish my standing in your “world” of proper people. I do however make sure that I am neatly dressed with clean pressed clothing.

I have taken the liberty of summarizing your hateful spew so the real nature of what you wrote will stand out.

Tourist: Ego enhancing pleasure

Unwelcome plague of biting fleas

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Tourism workers: They are Parasites

Male tourist, expat: Here for cheap sex

Ignored in own country


Little money

Lack of a good job


Boorish Baboons

Poorly dressed



Lower class and bloated

Cheats on wife

English sewer scum of the Thames

Expat scummy dregs

Female Thais in Pattaya:

Completely trashed read posters text

I am sure that I likely missed a few others but this list will give the reader a good idea of your poisoned ideas. Your remarks are so prejudicial, socially, and so culturally deprived it baffles the imagination. Males seem to get allot of
extra attention from you which seems to fit male hating feminists. In fact, your own bias is limiting your own “world” more than you think. I personally know people that are fat or unattractive or poor, yet they offer friendship
and strength of character that you obviously lack. Your pathological, social ignorance will make sure you will never experience people like this that can add so much to your life.

On a few, rare occasions I enjoy Pattaya but perhaps not for the same reasons as many do. It is a very interesting place to people watch. Unlike you I am not judgmental about the people and the city. They have every right to be what they
are and furthermore I have no right to set my own standards for them. I do not think they reflect any thing about me, my character or values. If others choose to assume that I am like the worst of Pattaya then that is their issue, not mine. They
can visit with me for a few minutes and decide based on knowing a bit about me. The fat, drunk Englishman that wants to be my mate can be easily and politely discouraged and I can just move along. I see many of the same things you see in Pattaya,
I am just not judgmental and hateful like you.

Pattaya damaging the image of Thailand is more than a stretch. There is simply so much more to this country than you describe. It is very short sighted and narrow minded to make this call. Anyone that has spent any time in this country will
simply not buy your view. The vast majority of Thailand is rich with culture, amazing art, and great people. It is truly an exotic experience in terms of places to visit and sites to see. Our own country has its armpits like downtown Detroit,
Watts in LA, the ghetto of Miami to name just a few. Does this cause remarkable damage to America?



You've made the BIG mistake of trying to refute some of the facts Patti made well. A lot of what she said was undeniably true!

I think a much better approach would simply be to say why you enjoy Pattaya, as opposed to sugar coat what she said as not being true when clearly much of it was spot on! Talk about the positive stuff like the great paths and roads for running, some of the excellent Western food and seafood available at a pittance, the cosmopolitan nature of the place and let's not forget the variety of nightlife and excitement. There is now a lot of good shopping to be had in Pattaya these days too. Pattaya might be a pit in some ways, but no way is it the one-dimensional pit it once was. These are all facts Patti could not refute!

I respect the guy who says that there are a lot of strange things going on in Pattaya but he still loves the place for what it is. I don't have a lot of time for the person who tries to deny the oddities and massive social problems that are there right out in the open for all to see.

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