Stickman Readers' Submissions April 25th, 2011

Dear Patti

The feminazi who sweeps all in Pattaya into her vicious generalization is a good reminder of why I stay in South-East Asia, splitting my time between Pattaya and the PIs. I recall as a young man stationed in Germany during the late 60s and
admiring European men as they lived a less neurotic sexual existence. I was impressed. They had a strong core and a male identity I seldom saw in the States, and each gender knew its role. Then returning to America in time for the bra burning
which my country in its faddish desires for over equalities nurtured feminism to the glorious state it is in today. The venom oozing from her submission is oddly digested by younger men trying to be politically correct.

We can all agree that in the past women have suffered and in many ways, but so have men and in my country of origin they seem to be more unhappy than anywhere on earth as women and men struggle with identifying their roles in society. Virtually
all my countrymen who survive a few years in Thailand or the Philippines find themselves unwilling to go home to the loneliness and punishment that seems to have effectively neutered the male in America. Obviously, this time in history is difficult
for the genders as the world awkwardly adjusts to changing roles.

He Clinic Bangkok

She has decided that all men in Pattaya are dregs from their former home countries, drunks, and all the Thai women in Pattaya are worn out old hags. Really? Wow, that is a tough one to swallow. I guess if you limited your view to a few select
locations on Beach Road, maybe one could agree.

I guess she visited Pattaya doing some rare time I cannot recall. As I don't smoke or drink for over 25 years and know many like me I resent being labeled a drunk who will marry a Thai hooker. During the earlier years I would let girls
live with me and they all benefited as they grew up exponentially more deprived than western women can even imagine. It seems sending them to schools and teaching them English can sure add to their ability to survive in a society that does not
take care of its poor.

Westerners all arrive in Thailand lonely from life in their home countries and at first seem to believe the sex workers. At this stage of my life, being 65, I prefer to live alone, the odd coupling of much younger women from a different culture and education
seems ludicrous to me now after these years, but some men are happy with the ladies here as wives.

CBD bangkok

Daily, in Pattaya one can stroll through Central and see one beautiful creature after another, many of which would suffice as the most beautiful women in town in many American cites I have lived in and I think she (Patti) only sees the bad trying to vent
her frustrations. To criticize people for being old is something only the thoughtless young are happy to do. If we are lucky, we age and surely it is wise to age as well as possible. For many of us older men, it is not good to live back in the
homeland, controlled by women or isolated. Since Patti claims to not be a man, what difference does it make what she thinks of men? This angry women will sure help put a spark in submissions and it is a good thing to hear she doesn't approve
of Pattaya. It is a place one cannot know for many years as we all have a cultural shock about it at first.

My first visit in 2002, I thought I saw some of the most repulsive people I had ever seen, and sometimes on Beach Road that thought gets rekindled. I feel I grew stronger and better in Pattaya as one is forced to adapt and grow to all the confrontations
one can get living there. It raises a Westerner's awareness and keeps us on our toes. Those who drink a lot and marry the first parasite they meet either survive it or they don't. That being said, one can live how they like here and
that is really what bothers the feminist. She wants a perfect world where men behave as her tenets and beliefs from the club she belongs to where some women enjoy the over equality trend they have been trying to ride since they burnt their bras
in 1971.

My advice to Patti would be to not go to Pattaya and I hope her anger isn't too hard on her health. The world is how it is. We adapt and grow, but we don't really change it. We can only change ourselves. And I am not interested
in changing into the old foreigner she describes or being one she wouldn't criticize. Women have tremendous power when they are young and their sex appeal diminishes rapidly with aging. Men age as well. If an old man is happy having relations
with sex workers, isn't it ok? Maybe not with Patti, nor in America it seems. Visa problems testify to the strength American women have trying to prevent men from bringing women home that treat them well. I suggest she stays home (maybe buy
a punching bag) as she doesn't add anything positive to people's lives and what is needed more at this site are articles informing men how to survive and live here in safety and awareness of the country and culture which gives us so
many laughs and so much fun. Just learning some Thai teaches one how many laughs and good times the Thais like.

The feminist says we older men are dregs of our society. I consider her to be completely off track as most men back home want to be away from women like her and wish they had been successful enough to be able to escape their harsh mouths and enjoy a simpler
existence than that of defending themselves from the Pattis and working stressed out jobs to keep her happy. Is that possible?. The financial punishments and skewered twisting of morality in favor of women who have 20 times the wealth and three
times the physical weight of the women we visit. And it is a small percentage of men back home, free and solvent enough to flee her world of blame and judgments. I admire the younger guys who gave up good paying jobs to come to South-East Asia
and work for a fraction of what they earned at home, just to be away from the uphill battle of relationships in a culture where women call the shots. And if you don't like it, go be a dreg.

wonderland clinic

Stickman's thoughts:

I am surprised there have not been more responses to the original submission.

nana plaza