Stickman Readers' Submissions March 14th, 2011

Seeing the Forrest for the Trees

Sometimes a misfortune can be a blessing for those of us trying live out our sunset years in Thailand with more joy than being relegated to simple old man status back where we paid a lifetime of taxes and lived the ups and down of societies where men and women seem to be reversing roles and one may as well be seen as a resident of Jurassic Park if over forty, unless wealthy.

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About two months ago I found myself having to get out of bed 5 – 8 times a night to go the restroom. So, I got in a bus to get checked outplay 40.10) at Bumrungrad in BKK. I had called the local marble and chrome palace here in Pattaya who did a lousy job replacing my knee in 2006 and asked what procedures they use for giant prostates and they mentioned the primitive TURP method which seems barbaric to me. However, they proudly informed me of their penile enhancement surgeries. Now, in Bumrungrad, which is by far the nicest hospital I have ever been admitted to, they do a modern procedure called green light laser and two of my friends have had it done and celebrate their fortune as it great stuff. So, I did it and went a 5 week period with no sex.

Try that fellows if you want to see the lunacy around you. No wonder parts of India outlaw Viagra.

The surgery was pretty much painless with a minimal amount of suffering, just one is quite weak for month and there is no sex.

Which brings me to what I see around me.

A. Men taking enhancers everyday and bragging about their sexual feats with women they pay to have sex with them, and strutting around as if they are studs in their 50s, 60, and even 70s.

B. Men actually believe the countless fresh lies to gather chunks of dough because this slick little tart one meets in sex for sale areas really is different. And the guys laying down money while depleting their reserves forcing them to go back home and labor as old men. Over and over again, to the point where I can't blame these girls looking for Christmas from the desperados everywhere here. As they really do score big and often.

C. Boys, I have seen guys spending most of their time here (because it is cleaner, less depressing, and safer but sending money to three or four Philippine girls they feel sorry for. The girls there are poorer and have Christian understandings, so they take your money in much nicer ways, but it is the same story. Sex workers are sex workers. If you hear about a problem, you are being worked, even though it's true. You want to bail out some bum's girlfriend because you are old?

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D. Yeah, we can be lazy old men trying to turn chicken crap into chicken salads when we go to that madhouse of a gogo / bar to select a mate. More than lazy. Stupid. Kamagra, Cialis or any myriad of bizarre Chinese chemicals one gets in the Philippines doesn't add to your rational thought processes and the girls should be buying it!

E. Or how about the full-time, committed mongers who hate their ex-wives so much they bring their young sons up here to enlighten them? They swear real love never exists and they are best off doing 3 hits and off to the next. Maybe the child should be able to make his own mistakes, if they are? I mean just because it didn't work for many of us, why expose a young man to an environment (Nana, Cowboy, Bangla Road, soi 6, 7, 8 or Walking Street)? Maybe it could work for a young man even if it didn't for us seems a reasonable notion.

I've gotten a lot of reading done lately, better control of my finances and some old regulars come by from time to time for reasonable fees. Men, all you have to do is shower twice a day, be reasonably fit, and sober and many of these career girls will actually come see you as friends who have sex with you for prices you can live it. Some Pattaya bars are raising their bar fines to two thousand now. I won't pay that long-time and several of the girls I see dance in those places. They are not bad people, just opportunists when they see a fool. The truth be told most of the world behaves the same exact way.

If you are over 50, maybe it is best to just experience some variety, get in good physical shape, learn some Thai so you can have some laughs with these fun loving people, and enjoy the city of variety just keep yourself in balance and your feet on the ground.

Coming up on my tenth year here and am not interested in going home bitter and angry because a 90 pound movie star broke my heart. Enjoy it guys. Thanks Stick for all the years of caution and information.


It's hard to comment as this seems to be something of a mind-dump with many different thoughts thrown together. What started as a trip to the hospital then became a journey all over the place!

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