Stickman Readers' Submissions March 28th, 2011

Female Sex Tourism / Cougars

I have recently seen some reports in the UK and French media about female expressions of sexuality via toy boys and travel.

As usual I am perplexed that the men get all the bad rap for going to warm sunny climes to indulge in fantasies / hobbies.

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Even if by this action this activity which supports thousands of poor families, bar owners, and other service industries, many of the poorer people would be reduced to begging or otherwise : men are roundly castigated for it!

Now as is usual in this skewed world there is a fast growing industry for female pleasure, but without remorse or claims of exploitation!

This usually takes 2 forms:

– toy boys for rent of for the BFE (boyfriend experience) over a longer period.

– tourism to certain lands where the men are dark, muscular and well endowed in the nether regions.

I was pretty horrified when I saw the program of the French walrus-sized (yes, they do also exist outside of north America) females professing their enlarged libido and attraction for younger men, even worse they were going to some kind of
soft swingers' party where they would meet up with mostly young North African men who were clearly there to gain a service fee. Clearly, my lad who was also watching, was practically puking into a bucket.

The so called cougar rage is going through North America and now starting to wash up on the shores of Europe. Even you see such pictures of baldy sitting in a boat seeing his ex-wife getting fondled by he toy boy aspirant actor husband=>

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I could admit that there were in the past several French women in their 40s who would probably been worth going over (deneuve, etc) but in their 60s would be just not worth the effort.

To top it off I read an article in the UK newspaper The Independent (which has the advantage of actually not being under the thumb of HM's propaganda dept) about the jump in female long distance sex tourism. What was remarkable was that
to a man (oops; woman) they said it was not sex for payment but they supplied presents and that it was a loving tender relationship without commercial interest! Of course, even this liberal paper didn't see fit to interview the providers…

Now I guess I m pretty thick but I can't really fathom the difference of a payment made for a male or female genitalia being used for fun, or am I missing some heaven sent point, that if I was equipped with a g spot I would be redeemable
for such action?

Or is it that the "fairer" (or perhaps un-fairer) sex is not capable of being culpable?

Indeed when one reads the media and sees the strange actions our sisters are doing, it's clear to see that things really are going off the deep end.

Another thing that would put me off going out with a woman over 35, or a divorcee, would be that western women remember absolutely everything and that makes them become proportionately more bitter as they age as they can't seem to forget
or let go of their less favourable experiences. And that they will regurgitate them till they are dead! It would seem that Asian women are able to better bury the past and not bring it in to the present all the time. <I don't know about Western women but my experience is that Asian women have pretty good memories and aren't shy to remind you of things if an argument ensuesStick>

Just for your information (or to give to your lady co workers), the places on the hit list for holiday pogo stick hire are :

Jamaica (UK) let's re-sexploit the sugar cane workers!
Sri Lanka / Maldives (Germans)
West Africa (French)
some islands in Indonesia (Japanese and Koreans), the Jamaicans wouldn't fit methinks!

So the next time you go to Nana or Cowboy etc, put your mind at ease. You are not alone…

Have fun and may the force be in your nether regions!

The Frenchman


I remember seeing a documentary some years back about old English ducks heading off to West Africa. And as best I can remember it was not a pretty sight!

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