Stickman Readers' Submissions March 18th, 2011

A Chinese Lady’s View About Thai Ladies

I'm Chinese. I visited Thailand several times in the past for holiday. This time, I've been here in Pattaya for 2 months already, with my husband who is working in Rayong. I will fly back to China this weekend.

Ok, I guess you have received many feedback from male readers. So, a female's feedback might be interesting to you.

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Well, I like Thailand very much. The culture, the kind people, the good natural environment, and nice food!

But, I think, Thai people don't have a high standard of morality.

A UK colleague told us, during his 15 years in Thailand, he tried many times and it always worked. Any women would like to sleep with a westerner as long as he pays, no matter it is bar girl, 7-11 shop assistant, normal office clerk, student,
or female taxi driver.

My husband's brother in law had an ex-wife from Thailand. And she does prostitution a bit now and then when she needs money. They are divorced now. In Europe, people do have a bad impression of Thai women. They think they are all prostitutes.

In the beginning, I also didn't believe this. But later, something happened between my husband and I, and it really gave me a chance to know Thai society better.

Once, my husband was bewitched by a Thai woman online. She is a vet doctor and they chatted hotly on Skype. After I found this out, a war started between I and her. She said something like this: At least, for those Thai girls, prostitution
is their job. They charge money for this. Not like your Chinese women, sleep with others for free!

I was shocked by her opinion about sex. Speechless by her logic. In China, prostitution is a sneaky and looked-down-upon job, because these women are lazy and only want easy money.

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The other case: my husband once let a Thai office lady (met online) stay in our guest room because she came to Pattaya. And, that night, she asked my husband:How much? My husband was very surprised and he refused her hint. And she
got very angry and lost her face.

I also talked with some Thai colleagues here. To my surprise, they don't think prostitution is a sinful thing. Isn't that stinky?!

A country can not boom its economy by prostitution industry; and a family can not become rich by letting their children work as hookers or ladyboys…. But unfortunately, this is exactly the case in Thailand. They don't feel this is
a shame. If Thailand's cheap virtue and prostitution still go on like this, I dare say, in another 100 years, Thailand will not be a strong nation.

In East Asian countries, like China, Japan, Korea, if a family is very poor, they (and the whole village) will do everything to send the kid to good school so he will have good education and a good future; If a woman does prostitution, her
family will be very angry and cut the relationship with her. We prefer little but clean money than dirty easy money. And East Asian people have high sense of honor and dignity.

I think this is deeply rooted in culture. Thai people are easy going. To them, everything is acceptable. They even allowed Japanese to invade them without doing any fight back. (You can check the Thai history in world war two). And for money,
Thai women is happy to do anything (also their husbands and parents allow them). They don't feel shame, or guilt etc. You will never know, that under the gentle and kind surface, maybe hides an ugly money oriented soul.

Sometimes, I also think, maybe the real high class Thais are good, because they are rich and have pride; and the really poor Thais are good too, because they are humble and traditional. Could be, the only bad people are those in between:
they come to city, know some English, see some westerners, so they want to get easy money.

And to me, many Thai women are shabby and low educated. They speak some English, but can't really talk about profound topics. I'm glad to come back to China now. I miss the orchestra performance in Shanghai Grand Theatre, and many
other cultural activities. And, tropical countries never have well known scientists or artists or great thinkers.

I'm not a racist. Above is only my personal opinions (right at this moment.) Maybe I am wrong. Maybe in future my thoughts will change. I still need time to figure out.

And, I sincerely wish you find your Ms. right with good virtue!


Very interesting to hear honest and frank thoughts from a woman in another Asian country. Thanks a lot for being bold enough to write in.

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