Stickman Readers' Submissions March 11th, 2011

88 Women?

Ok, I'm 57 years old. I took two trips to Thailand this last year. Each trip was 20 days long. I decided to live it up, after all, I was in Bangkok, and Pattaya which I understand has the highest amount per ca-pita of hookers in the world. I was with two women a day. One each morning, and one each evening. I really wasn't trying to set any records or anything, I just knew what I went for and was not going to let a day go by without enjoying some female companionship. Did I mention I had a hell of a good time?

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I have to admit I was ready for a rest by the time I got back on that plane back to the U.S. Heck, after all that sex, I'm surprised I didn't need a walker!

So, 80 women in Thailand and I've been with about eight since I've been back. That makes 88. I'm really not trying to brag. Pretty much anyone with the cash and a normal sex drive can easily pull that off in Thailand. It's like someone offering you some candy as a kid, and when no one is looking, you decide to take the whole bowl! Of course, if you eat the whole bowl, it can make you sick. Ha!

As soon as I get back, I pretty much forget about it. I used to tell a few guy friends what I was up to over there, but they either acted like I was nuts or they were extremely jealous, so I really don't have the opportunity to tell anyone. Every now and then, I'll find myself out in a bar or restaurant, and get a little buzzed after a few drinks. I hit the men's restroom and while I'm in there peeing, I think…if these other guys here even had a clue what it's like over in Thailand they'd be blown away (or at least blown). I mean, standing at the urinal in one Soi Cowboy bar (Tilac) you look through a window at all the women bumping and grinding on the brass poles. Much different than staring into a wall like back home.

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I click off the Thailand memories and lead just a normal life here. I mean, I used to spend way too much time thinking about it. It's like you've gone to the moon and just want to tell someone about your experience. I mean, when you really stop and think about it. In one calendar year 88 women? Come on. That's fricking amazing. Just think if I did 3 or more trips a year like some guys do. Perhaps I should make a living out of it and become a test pilot for a condom company? I could write off everything on my taxes as a business expense. Perhaps I could get extra hazard pay if I fall in love with a bargirl?

To someone who's been over there and knows what the sex scene is like, me being with all those women is really no big deal. To someone who's never been there it's almost beyond comprehension. Thank God, through reading this site and from my own previous experiences, I don't get serious with any one girl. I'm not going there to fall in love. The girls are very sweet though. I treat them very nice with respect. I mean. It's their chosen profession and I'm a customer using their services. When you start doing those kind of numbers though, in a 20-day period, it can get to seem a little monotonous.

I have to laugh at some of these submissions I read. It's like two locomotives on the same track speeding towards each other. One train is labeled "bargirl" and the other train is labeled "farang" and one hell of a train wreck is about to happen. Before I even get to the end of the story, I pretty much know where things are heading.

There have been some real negative things said about Thailand on this site in submissions. Many things are quite true. It's so easy to be negative though. It's like a relationship after a few years. It's easy, after time, to pick apart the other person and find little faults in them that drive you nuts. But when you think back about when you first met them, think of those things you just (and still do) love about them. Thailand is the same way. If you put away the negatives, there are so many wonderful things to be said about Thailand and its people. I wish a few people would write a whole submission with nothing but the positives about their Thai experience. I feel very, very lucky to have traveled there, with or without the sexual experiences. What wonderful good, loving people. They're all just trying to get by with what they've got and enjoy life like the rest of us. We in the west are so spoiled. We spend so much time thinking about what we think we want and not enough time enjoying and appreciating what we have.

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Would I give up these sex trips to Thailand for the right woman here? Yeah. In a second if I thought she was the right one. I guess that just goes to show how meaningless all those encounters in Thailand really are in the scheme of things. Then there's the times when you're really honest with yourself and ask questions like: Would I really want my friends and family back home to know what I was doing over there? What kind of a person would they judge me to be? Should I care? I rationalize it by telling myself there is nothing wrong with it. I'm just a 58-year old guy trying to live life to the very fullest before I get old and die. What's that saying? Better to burn out than to fade away?

Ultimately, we all have to live with ourselves. Have we been good people? Have we treated and done many wonderful things for many people along the way? Am I a good person? Some people ask themselves these questions, and others could really care less. Is our purpose here on earth to find happiness for ourselves or provide it for others? Perhaps a combination of the two?

Stick, thanks for letting me vent on this site. I've sure saved a lot of money talking with a therapist. I figure I'm saving $125 an hour and owe you big time! ha! Stick, I'll put your check in the mail or at least drop off a fine bottle of wine for you and the Mrs. on the next trip.

To all of you out there reading this. I wish you all the best. Live, love, and enjoy life!


The third to last paragraph is food for thought. The feeling you get from being a really good person, being generous, and helping others, does – in my experience – surpass the feeling you get from treating yourself. In Thailand it's easy to eat all of the candy – to use your nice analogy – whereas I think you can get an even bigger buzz by sharing that candy around.

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