Stickman Readers' Submissions February 14th, 2011

Trend on Tourism to Thailand

Following my last well received view on the trend on men women relationships and the subsequent validation on the trend by OFB (of whose quotes I found appealed to my dry sense of humor, particularly the ones from ancient Greece, of writing on water),
I would like to offer another prognosis that will perhaps be a little less sensitive to the holier- than-thou amongst the readership.

As I travel a great deal, it gives me ample time to reflect on past and current situations and how they may pan out.

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In this case it reflects on the current domino theory of the falling of most of the north African puppet governments installed by a major western power over the last 40 years.

Consequent to this happening, most of the tourism to these destinations has been sharply curtailed or cut off completely and is unlikely to resume anytime soon, except for the disembarkation of some thousands of so called stabilization troops
to help the installation of the next puppet on a string.

This would involve several million package holidays this spring and summer to Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and perhaps Morocco to a lesser extent.

The question has to be raised as to where all these holidaymakers will try to go to next?

As most of the holidaymakers are bent on getting as much UV skin cancer rays as possible in the shortest time, I hardly think that they are all switching to visit Iceland or the Nordics!

What does that leave for the European holiday maker?

Deepest Africa?

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Not really, there isn't the infrastructure and many would consider it too dangerous for a family vacation.

What is left?

Still seemingly dangerous.


Nothing to do there (except pick up PRC WG, and that's not really family holiday stuff).

Leaves good old LOS
So I would predict, all other things being equal, that there will be a significant influx of extra vacationers from west Europe this year (for the moneyed people). For those with less dosh, Spain / Italy will become
overcrowded (they had lost a lot to the north Africa countries in past years.

Of course, these being family vacations, there will be little effect on the WG community (unless you count in: dad sneaking off for a quick massage).

So look forward to more Germans and French and Scandinavians on your beaches!

Next; a follow up on racism.

It would seem that I have, via an earlier prognosis, been branded a torch bearing, pointy hat wearing, cross burner, all for suggesting via some well defined statistics that there is a quite marked change in the comportment of younger people
as to who they decide to live with, and that that will have some future repercussions. In fact the trend I described has even an official name: "the marriage squeeze" and is well documented by studies by the USA census of 2008 and subsequent
studies, documented by Wikipedia and the world service of the BBC. There are even postings on YouTube by black ladies complaining about it ….

I find this labelling quite disturbing, particularly on such an open-minded site such as this …

First of all, those who point the finger come from the country that invented the KKK and massacred millions of aboriginal people, and where republicans will still vote to ban the black man from getting state healthcare! It would seem north
Americans invented the application of the label of the word—ist to all who do not conform strictly to their point of view – racist, ageist, sexist, chauvinist, etc

Second of all they have not a clue of who I am and who or whom I like or dislike.

It is typical of the holier than thou attitude of many north Americans that think they, being born in north America, are automatically born with the right ideas in their heads and that all must conform to their odd sense of thinking, and
those who don't are at best wrong headed, and at worst :evil!

Guess what ?
I was brought up like you too… in NYC!
But lucky for me I could move out, see the world several times over and try to broaden my information base. I pity those still camped out in Hicksville and listening avidly to
Fox News or some other tripe.

Before you, in your infinite wisdom decide to pass judgement on someone you have never met, remember it also make you a -ist person!!

By the way I just forgot I'll have to fire my 2 Surinamese Muslim office workers to conform to my -ist label !!!
must do tomorrow !!

have fun
the Frenchman


I made the point in my column that there could be fall out from what is happening in Egypt although with Mubarak gone maybe it will not be so bad now?.

I don't disagree with what you say about the political stuff, and I have let that bit slip through, but let's try and keep political stuff out of submissions. Anyone who wants to talk about that stuff can do so in private email.

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