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Stickman Readers' Submissions February 2nd, 2011

The Demise Of The Eden Club And The Nightlife Industry

Stick's brief comment at the end of this week's column touched on the seeming demise of the naughty nightlife scene in Bangkok and it really hit home for me.

I've been coming to LOS for over 10 years and have lived here full-time for the last 9 years. For the first 8 years I absolutely loved the Sukhumvit scene and among the highlights that you could always count on was the infamous Eden
Club, which offered an experience that was unmatched in terms of fulfilling fantasies and making dreams come true!

He Clinic Bangkok

I was never a frequent customer but have dropped in there at least a couple times a year for many years, and I can honestly say that until the last year or so I always left the place totally satisfied and in a state of euphoric bliss!

I wholeheartedly recommended Eden to every guy I knew as a once in a lifetime experience they should not miss but things have changed BIG TIME at Eden these days. If ever there was a sign that the Bangkok dream is dying, the total downslide
of Eden Club is it!

I stopped by Eden this weekend during a visit to Bangkok and disappointment doesn't even begin to describe my feelings about the current scene there. Never mind that the place now has all the warmth of a walk-in fridge (no engaging conversation
from Marc), but in a lineup of about 30 girls, there was not one real looker in the bunch and the majority looked like the kind of girl you'd find begging for Johns on the streets at 3 AM (aka skank).

In the entire lineup only one girl was even remotely attractive enough to get my interest and the horrible thought of who she might pick as her partner started to worry me immediately. Sure enough, as soon as I pointed to her she picked a
friend that I will be kind in describing as unattractive and a stark example of how bad a boob job can be (absolutely worst set of fake titties I've ever seen or felt).

Despite my better judgment and because I'd already taken my half dose of Viagra, I hung in there, figuring they must make up in talent for what they lack in looks. I was, after all, at the famous Eden Club. Without getting into the details,
these two girls proceeded to go through all the motions as though they were reading off a playlist of exactly what to do with each customer….the ultimate in wham-bam-thank-you-mam, now get the hell out of the room treatment!

Thinking back on my last Eden visit about a year ago, it dawned on me that the act was exactly same! Step 1 complete, move quickly to steps 2 – 6. The sex was cold and mechanical, the acting as bad as it gets and with their makeup
now rubbed off the girls looked even worse then before! Overall it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with women in LOS.

The long and short of it, Stick, is if Eden, which definitely was one of the premier hot spots of Bangkok for many years, now sucks so bad and has turned into a cold and downright skanky place, what hope is there for the rest of Sukhumvit's
naughty nightlife?!

The current experience at Eden is an eye-opening slap in the face to those who thought the dream would last forever. It is very obvious that while Eden was once one guy's genuine effort to make every man's fantasies come true, just
like the rest of the business, it has sadly become nothing more than scam fueled solely by greed.

Comparing the Eden of the past with the present is like comparing McDonalds to gourmet cuisine prepared by the loving hands of a skilled Thai chef. Treasure those memories because the fantasy days are over.

I know that you have always spoken well of Eden and recommended it as a one-of-a-kind experience that all sex-pats should try at least once, but I'd think twice before keeping up with that line of bullshit, Stick. The place sucks big-time
now and Marc would be absolutely ashamed to know what they did with his baby.

I know that your readers don't want to hear this kind of negative comments but I tell you, Stick, you are right on the money about the decline in the nightlife industry in LOS.

Thailand is still a wonderful place if you stay away from all the tourist spots and stick to the rural countryside, but I sure can understand why so many guys are now looking for "the dream" elsewhere. It’s sad but it was

Good luck navigating through the new LOS scene…


It is a shame to hear of the demise of the Eden Club although I am probably in a minority and have never been upstairs. I would say though that you should have talked to the manager downstairs at the end and given him a chance to rectify things. I am not sure if he has the same policy Marc used to have where if you weren't happy, you didn't pay.


Where you mentioned the girls going through a routine, I knew exactly what you mean. To me it's like they're on auto-pilot. Even just sitting in the bars these days, I find it difficult to have a good time because of the obvious disinterest of many, and the way they switch to auto-pilot.

Like I have been saying for a while, for those new to Thailand experiencing the industry for the first time, as well as hardcore sex addicts, they might still enjoy it. But it's nothing like it used to be. It really isn't.