Stickman Readers' Submissions February 18th, 2011

My Story (A Young Man Returns to LOS) Part 6

Fon said she wanted to go to her friend's place on Walking Street to change and when she left she took the hotel key with her. She didn't want me to butterfly on her. It was one of those hotels where you need to keep the key in a slot
for the power to work so I didn't notice until the power cut out. I got really pissed off and decided to go get drunk at gogo bars to piss her off. I came back an hour later, and we fought. She threatened to leave and I said ok. She stormed out.
She wanted me to follow her but I just laid down and got ready to sleep. She came back two minutes later and we went to sleep.

The next night she went to go hang out with her friends and said she'd come back at midnight. I headed for Walking Street to go to Los's bar, but ran into Pan instead. By the time we got back to the hotel it was 11 PM. Fon was due back
in an hour but a lot of times she showed up early to try and bust me, so she was really due any minute. The only staff was the security guard who was always sleeping and he didn't speak much English. I slipped him forty baht and said, "Lady
come", and then made a sign with my hand of slitting my throat. He understood and said he wouldn't let her in. Not much reassurance since he always slept on duty. Pan saw the whole thing.

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Pan saw me close and lock the door and turn off the lights. She got scared to and said, "I no want boxing." She said, "You butterfly, butterfly no good, if you have lady, why you call me?"

I was drunk and this set me off. I was so sick of this butterfly bullshit.

I turned to her and said, "Why the fuck is farang butterfly but Thai lady not? Thai lady have different farang every night!"

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I kept asking her and her only answer was, "Thai lady do it for money."

"What about Thai man? Thai man no give lady money!"

She emphatically denied that bargirls have Thai boyfriends, and just kept repeating that they do it for money. I gave up.

I really don't understand these girls. They act all surprised every time I tell them I have another girl on the side. How do they not understand? I'm a young man in a town full of girls who are readily available and throwing themselves
at me so why would I only see one girl the whole time? Maybe if I met one of these girls back home and she wasn't a prostitute, then of course I would be faithful to them. They get mad at me when they fuck a different farang every night then
go home and fuck their Thai boyfriend. The fact that they do it for money is no excuse since they bang their Thai boyfriends and husbands for free – and even after being sponsored by farangs and having enough money not to have to whore themselves
they continue to do so! These chicks are real nutters!

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After I calmed down she said she wanted to see a picture of Fon so I showed her one. I looked at the clock and it was 11:45, time to get down to business. I took a shower and started makin out with Pan. I was drunk so every time I tried to put
it inside her I would just burst out laughing at how ridiculous the situation was. I'm in a hotel with the door locked cheating on a girl (who's not even my girlfriend, she's actually a hooker) with another hooker and I'm afraid
that this 45 kg Thai girl is gonna come through the door and stab me or something. I couldn't stop laughing. Pan was not amused. I couldn't perform so I just paid her and told her to go. Fon arrived shortly after and we went to sleep together.

I still didn't trust her. I told myself that she had absolutely no feelings for me at all and this was just fun. One day turned into two days and I kept telling myself tomorrow I'm gonna drop her but I couldn't. After a couple
days, being in Patt's full of pussy I wanted someone else, but at the same time I didn't want her to go back to Bangkok, so I decided she would stay with me for the rest of my holiday and I would see chicks on the side. Fon would always
look up at me when we were alone. She looked into my eyes and just stared with this pleading innocent look like I was her prince charming. It made me sick. My instincts kept tellin me to run, but I didn't. We were laying in bed and I told her
I was sad that I had to go home soon. She asked why I couldn't just stay, she still didn't get it that I wasn't rich and that I would be leaving cause I ran outta money.

I hadn't found any monkeys on Koh Larn and I didn't wanna see any at a zoo so I went looking for Monkey Island. I had heard about it on the internet but couldn't find any tour companies or a location online. I only knew it was
south of Jomtien. Fon asked a bunch of taxi drivers and we found one who knew where it was. He drove us south for about 20 minutes and then we drove through a military base and into a national park. We ended up at a beach where we rented a speedboat.
It was a small island and when we pulled up I could see the monkeys waiting for us on the shore. As soon as we stepped ashore they rushed at us. One of them stole my bottle of water, opened it and dumped it out. They grabbed the bananas out of my
hands and some would climb all over me looking for more. We had a lot of fun. Fon loved it.

That night she went with her friends and I went gogo bar hopping. Every time I would tell her that I wanted to go out alone she would give me this look of anger and contempt but she would never say anything. I flipped through my little notebook
I carried, wrote down the numbers of dancers I had seen before that I liked and their bars, and on one page I saw a little note, that phased me, "I like you too much Jack, -Fon". I took my phone out of my pocket to call her and go get her.

Get a grip, focus on the task at hand, go find a hot gogo dancer and fuck her, you don't need that bitch

I went on for another hour. I looked for Los but she wasn't at her bar. Once again I'm in a town full of girls and I'm fixated on one. I can't stop thinking about Fon. I talked to a couple gogo dancers but just wasn't
feeling it. They were all full of attitude and I could tell they would be lame in bed. I talked to one, she was beautiful, but she wanted 2000 for short time and the barfine was 1000 baht, so I just left.

I had been in Los for three weeks, spending most of my time in Pattaya. I was becoming very jaded. I saw a beggar with no legs and deformed hands so I gave him some change. I noticed that the Thai girls walked right by him like he was invisible.
A lot of these girls make thousands of baht a night and they can't even give this guy some change. It made me think that these Thai girls are ruthless. They probably think I'm weak and stupid for giving money to deformed beggars. Walking
Street had lost its appeal. Parasitic lying bargirls professing their undying love to customers then stepping outside the bar and hopping on a motorbike with their scumbag taxi driver boyfriends who hit them around the head and take their hard earned
money and blow it on yaba and whiskey. A big cluster of parasites feeding off each other, and I'm in the middle of it! I'd be invisible to the girls, to all the Thais, if I didn't have cash in my pocket. This is all I thought
every time I sat down and tried to talk to a girl. The magic and romance, the sense of wonder I had on my first time to Thailand was gone.

I texted Fon, "I like you too much, Fon."

She texted back "where are you?"

We met back at my hotel.

The next day I was really hung-over from the Thai whiskey, and the food poisoning I got before I came back. I stayed in bed all day and she took care of me. She fed me and went to the pharmacy and got me medicine, and gave me massages. She always
took good care of me. She would make a good wife but would never satisfy my lust, being in Patt's full of pussy didn't help either.

The next night we went out and played pool at a bar on Walking Street. I don't know what happened, I really liked her but I had spent so much time with her that I was getting sick of her and she was boring me. I wanted to go bar hopping.
I wanted the thrill of the hunt and a new girl. This always happens with the girls. I'm attracted to their mysteriousness but once I get to know them they are no longer exotic and become ordinary.

I thought about how I would make my escape and decided I would give her the same lame excuse that the bargirls always gave me. "Phom mai sabai." It worked out perfectly. I told her I needed to sleep. She didn't wanna go
back to the hotel so she said she would meet me later.

Walking Street was off limits. Fon's bar and room were located there. There were a couple gogo bars near my hotel on soi LK Metro so I figured I would pull a Thai babe from one of them and be done before Fon came back. I went to a couple
bars and watched them dance. I ended up at a coyote bar, literally right next to my hotel. All the walls of the building are glass and you can see in from the outside. I was hoping Fon wouldn't see me in the bar when I was pullin a Thai babe.

I had already cased the place before and knew which girl I wanted. She was a little chubby with big tits. I had already been here the night before tipping the dancers with 100 baht notes, and buying them drinks, so as soon as I walked in and
sat down I had three girls grinding on me. I bought the chubby one a drink. After a little small talk, I told her I wanted her short time, she wanted 2000 baht for one hour. I said 1500 for two hours. She said no so I got up to leave and she agreed
to my price. She went to go change.

Everything was goin smooth, then the phone rang. It was Fon.


"Fuck you where are you? I'm at hotel now, you go bar?"

"Yes I go bar only drink, no take lady" I said.

"You lie! You say you sick"

"Ok wait I come hotel" I said.

By now the coyote had gotten ready and walked over to me. I had to explain to her what happened and why I couldn't go with her. I went back to the hotel and Fon wasn't there. Clever girl had outsmarted me. She only guessed that I wasn't
at my hotel while she was still with her friends on Walking Street and she had bluffed me into telling the truth. I waited for her. She came, we got in a fight then we slept in the bed together.


You really have to harden up and learn to be assertive. You're paying these girls to be your companions. They are service providers. Treat them fair, but when you no longer want them around you need to be clear about that. With that said, you sound like you want it both ways, wanting both a smorgasbord of sex with multiple partners as well as a girlfriend experience at the same time. It's quite difficult to have both…

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