Stickman Readers' Submissions February 15th, 2011

My Story (A Young Man Returns to LOS) Part 3

Part 3 "The Path of Excess Leads to Wisdom"

I was gogo bar hopping on Walking Street, and I saw a cute hello girl holding a sign who told me to go inside. I told her I would only go inside with her and she said ok. I sat with her and bought her a drink and her name was Boo. I really liked
this girl who was really small and hot and had a good attitude. I chatted with her for awhile and I'm ready to barfine her when I asked her age and she told me she was 17! I was so disappointed as I really liked this chick. I told her I couldn't
go with her, but her and the mamasan kept pressuring me and so I said ok. The mamasan said we couldn't leave the hotel and would have to use a room upstairs so I said no way! Two reasons – I wanted her for long time and maybe it was a setup and
maybe they would call the police and they would kick down the door while I was shagging her so I said no. I got up to leave and then the mamasan said I could take her back to my hotel for an 800 baht barfine. I thought about what I was about to do
– this girl was only 17 and it just didn't feel right. She was too innocent and probably didn't understand the consequences of the life she led so I thought about barfining her and just hanging out with her and not shagging her but someone
could still set me up with the police and me paying the barfine is proof enough that I had shagged her for the boys in brown.

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We walked out together and she took my phone and programmed her number into it. I would see her many times in front of the gogo bar and she would call out to me but I never talked to her again. She would call me but I never answered. She must
have got my number when she put her number in my phone.

Things started to get hazy. I switched from drinking Jack Daniels to Thai whiskey to save money as I hate drinking beer, but I like the taste of whiskey so I would go for the Thai whiskey promotions. I started taking Xanex to help me sleep. I
have a problem in Patts – I can't sleep at night and when I lay in my bed in my hotel room, there is so much going on around me, so many people partying and fxxxing till six in the morning that it just stresses me out and fucks with my head,
and no matter what time I fall asleep or how little sleep I get, I wake up at seven in the morning and can't sleep. Nightlife doesn't really start until 7 pm, and there ain't nothin else to do in Patts, and bargirls wouldn't answer
there phones and were sleeping so I would go crazy all day. I started taking Xanex in the morning and drugging myself to sleep until 5 PM. It worked out good, but when I went out mongering, I would still have Xanex in my system and it would counteract
with the alcohol and put me in a semi-blackout, hazy state.

It was New Year's Eve around 7 PM. I was somewhere on the upper sois to the north. I saw a really hot girl dancing on a table so I sat down and bought her a drink. She was really wild and was grinding all over me. I told the bartender I
wanted her long time, and the bartender told me the barfine was 1500 baht – and even in my inebriated state I was shocked and appalled. This wasn't a gogo bar. I just paid my bill and walked away. I guess the girl was making the bar a lot of
money by pulling in customers cause she was dancing so they didn't wanna give her up so early. I went on walking and I saw two hot girls so I sat down and bought them drinks. They wanted me to barfine both of them but I was trying to decide which
one. One of them was talking trying to encourage me and said, "We go Walking Street and get drunk, we party, go shopping!"

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She tried to be sly and she slipped the subject of shopping into the conversation and I was turned off. I was looking for some fun girls who weren't watching the clock and weren't just lookin to milk me for cash.

I hate malls and if anything symbolizes my hatred for western culture it's the shopping mall. I was very disappointed when I first came to Thailand and discovered shopping malls everywhere. I don't think I would ever want anything to
do with the middle and upper class Thais. I grew up with two parents who never worked a day in their lives – my dad was out of the picture very early and my mother kept us around just so she could collect welfare checks, of which we never got any
money from. I know what it's like to go hungry for days at a time. No-one ever gave me nothing and everything I've ever had in my life down to the food I ate I've earned myself since I was 12. I can relate better to the Isaan girls
much better than farang women because of this. To the upper and middle class Thais I am considered the lowest of the low due to my poor background, so I fit right in with the bargirls who are also considered the lowest of the low.

These girls turned really shallow so I paid my bill and left. It's really hard to find young good-looking girls who are fun to hangout with for long-time and provide the girlfriend experience – most of them are so mercenary it just kills
my mood.

I ended up calling Nui and we went to Bali Hai pier for the fireworks. We had to walk through Walking Street and it was packed. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 11:55 so we ducked into the nearest gogo bar, which happened to be Airport
a gogo, got drunk for the countdown and the girls danced all over Nui. That was my first time bringing a girl to a gogo bar. I had cans of silly string and it was getting close to the countdown and one of the dancers said something to Nui in Thai
while pointing to the silly string. I heard the word farang, and I knew what she was saying. She told Nui that I couldn't squirt the girls with the silly string but Nui could. I found this strange and racist, and it made no sense.

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When we got to the end of Walking Street it was so bad we couldn't move with everyone yelling, and the atmosphere really close to panic. It was really close to the point were people were gonna get trampled. Somebody stole Nui's watch
off her wrist, and I felt a hand tugging at my camcorder that was strapped around my neck but I batted it away. There was no escape except for off to the side so we pushed our way through the crowd and escaped down an alley. We ended up at the concert
stage, a really lame rock band was playing and I was the only farang there in a crowd full of Thais lovin it. I thought the music sucked. All in all it was a pretty lame New Year's – it was too crowded, and everyone was too mercenary for me to
have a good time.

The next night I went looking for Pan at her bar. I had only seen her once or twice before. I walked up to this girl at her bar and asked her were Pan was. She kept nodding her head but she wasn't answering the question and that's when
I realized it was Pan in front of me and I didn't recognize her!

She got a little irritated, and said, "why you no remember me?"

I tried to play it off like I was only joking but she didn't buy it.

I sat down next to her, and she was still irritated about something. She nodded her head in the direction of the bar across from hers and said, "You take lady, you butterfly!"

I didn't wanna look because I knew exactly who she was talking about. I pretended that I didn't and she nodded her head again and insisted that I look, so I did and saw a busty Thai girl with big tits playing pool.

A couple days before I went to Pan's bar but she wasn't there so I went to the bar across from hers cause I saw the busty chick with big tits. I played a game of pool with her, and then we talked. I told her it was my first time in
Thailand and that it was my first time at a bar, but she didn't believe me. I got this vibe from her that she was a seasoned hooker who was really mercenary so I made sure to lie to her when answering every question, you know the same three questions
they always ask when they are trying to gauge you and trying to determine your worth, how old are you ?, is this your first time in Thailand ?, how long you stay ? I knew that she wouldn't believe me. It was just an indirect way of saying that
I knew she was a player and I didn't trust her and I wasn't gonna play games with her.

I ended up barfining her for long time and we went back to my hotel. She talked about her bar and how it was owned by an Italian man. She was playing with her phone which was set to Italian language. Then she told me that she had to go back to
her bar because her boss, the Italian man, was coming from the airport and she had to give him money, some elaborate bullshit story. She said she would come back after an hour. I could already foresee what was gonna happen – she was gonna leave and
disappear for a couple hours then comeback and spend the night with me and expect me to pay her for long-time. What the fxxx was I supposed to do while she was gone? I'm not gonna go barfine another girl for a couple hours which would defeat
the whole purpose of taking her for longtime. I'm attracted to the fun attitude and innocence of newbie bargirls and this girl was really getting on my nerves so I told her to stay for short time and then she was free to go. She tried to argue
and ask why I didn't want her long-time which made no sense. I told her she was the one who didn't honor our agreement and asked her why she didn't know ahead of time that she had to go meet her boss. We shagged and she was really good
in bed but her attitude was a real turnoff. I don't think I even came during the sex. I paid her and she left.

Pan was angry and not talking to me so I asked her, "You want go with me or not?"

She said no so I got up and left. I walked about 100 meters and my phone started ringing and it was her and she told me to come back. I ended up barfining her for long-time, and she made an excuse and left after five hours. I did what I did to
her every time she did this. I gave her 1000 baht instead of 1500 which was our agreed longtime price. That's when I first discovered the bargirl network – you can't do anything within 100 meters of a bar without the girl knowing it even
if she's not there that night.

At this point things are starting to get hectic with the Thai babes. My phone is blowing up every night. I've stopped seeing Nui, cause she got obsessed with me and turned into a bitch, but she keeps calling me 3 times a day. Pan calls me
every morning around 5 am when she's drunk and I tell her the same thing I tell her every time she calls that I already have a Thai babe sleepin next to me and that she should call earlier. Boo keeps calling me but I won't touch her cause
she's jailbait. I'm really gettin confused now that there are two Simon Bar complexes. I met this chick Layla at one of them and Fon at one of them, but I can't remember which is which and I'm worried that I pulled both of them
from the same one. I made a logistical error by pulling all the girls from the same section of Walking Street. Their bargirl networks are all linked together, and they keep busting me, except for Los sho doesn't try that bullshit on me. She's
my port in the storm in all this chaos. I keep going to her bar but she's never there. One night Fon was sleepin next to me and Pan called. I told Pan I had a lady but I would get rid of her and for her to come over but she refused. I went back
bed and Fon pushed me away. She was pissed she heard the whole thing while I thought she was sleeping.

I'm gettin so sick of this butterfly bullshit, these girls serially fxxx men everyday for money and they try to give me shit and make me feel guilty for fxxxing other girls. How the fxxx do they expect me to be faithful to them when they
fxxx different guys every night, never mind that I tell every one of them upfront that I'm a butterfly and the fact that the only reason they are with me at all is because I pay them. They don't really love me but they expect me to be faithful
to them. I'm gettin sick of Patts too. This place is a shithole. I'm starting to see Walking Street for what it really is – an orchestra of scumbags. An illusion! The reason that the girls are calling out to me and dragging me into bars
is not because I'm a sexy man, and the reason that the Thai doorman at the gogo bar jumps up, wais me and opens the curtain, has nothing to do with respect. The only reason and the only thing that makes me worth any attention at all
is the baht in my wallet. I don't wanna sit in bars with farangs listening to Lady Gaga. I want to see the real nitty gritty backstreets of Southeast Asia. I want culture and Buddhist temples not this westernized bullshit. I don't wanna
play golf or go to the mall cos I can do that shit back home.

I see Fon for the 3rd time and I'm really startin to like her. She has a shyness that draws you in and then when you're with her alone she's really wild and fun. I played American music and sang for her, like I used to do with
Lek. I'm startin to doubt her claim that she's only been in bars for 6 months. She does some nasty things in bed. There's always something off about her that I just can't pinpoint. She keeps hinting that she wants to be my girlfriend
and I tell her that after Lek I don't trust Thai girls and to give it up. At that point I decide to go to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and to get away from these psycho bitches. I tell Fon that I'm leaving and she says she's going to
Isaan for a couple days then to stay with her sister in Bangkok for a month, and that she wants me to meet up with her in Bangkok. At this point I feel myself falling for Fon so I decide its best that I don't see her again.


Boy oh boy, do you need to get out of Pattaya!

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