Stickman Readers' Submissions February 12th, 2011

My Story (A Young Man Returns to LOS) Part 1

(If there's anyone out there with stories about loving bargirls, or anyone who's been in a relationship with bargirls, email me, I'd like to hear from you. I don't see so many stories online these days and I like to talk about
them. It's one of the subjects that interests me and that I can relate to.)

"We sat there together at the airport. She would cry off and on. I kept trying to stand up and walk away, but I couldn't move. She kept telling me to stay just a little bit longer, "two more minutes", "two more minutes", I tried to think of something to say, something to say that would make our time together mean something, something to make her stop crying but I had nothing to say, this went on for a half hour, both of us delaying the inevitable, then I stood up. I looked into those deep dark eyes, like two black holes, they swallowed me up. She started to cry."

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Part 1 "The Gogo Dancer"

December 26, 2010, 11:00 PM, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

When I stepped off the plane and took that first breath of warm Bangkok air I knew I was home, even though I had only been there once before. My home, this beautiful colorful chaotic place where anything was possible. I had waited a whole year
to return. I felt this amazing sense of wonder and freedom, there I was with nothing but a backpack and a wad of cash, no plan.

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I went to the taxi line and got a taxi to Pattaya. I thought about Lek, the girl who I had fallen in love with on my first trip. It wouldn't be long before she was in my arms. I had fantasized about our reunion many times, the scene playing
over and over in my head. She would run up to me, hug me and give me a long passionate kiss. I would carry her into my hotel room throw her on the bed and have wild passionate sex.

Even though I loved Lek and missed her, I was still a young man in LOS, and had not lost my butterfly instincts. Lek thought I was arriving the next day and I was going to shag a gogo dancer before I gave up my freedom. By the time I checked
in to my hotel, took a shower and changed it was 2 AM. I headed for Walking Street.

I went to airport a gogo bar to find Mai, the girl I met on my first trip, a girl I couldn't forget but she was no longer working there and no-one knew where she was. Throughout my trip I found myself returning there again and again, the
place was special to me – it was my first gogo bar and the place where I had my first gogo dancer. I never took another lady from this place. I would always sit there and drink and watch the girls, scanning their faces looking for her, even though
I knew she was long gone.

I think it was the next gogo bar I walked into. I sat down, ordered a drink and looked around. I locked on to what was in my opinion, the hottest one there, she was a little older than the other girls, but she had charm, she didn't think
she was as hot as the other girls and her humility attracted me.

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I bought her a drink. I'm 27 she was 34 she had this maternal appeal to me. She had a very soft gentle voice and was very articulate but spoke very little English. She claimed to be new to bars, her name was Los. There was something romantic
and magical about the next moment. I sat there with her to shy to ask if she wanted to go with me. After a couple of minutes she asked me, "You want go long time". She somehow knew exactly what I wanted.

She didn't have an attitude and wasn't watchin' the clock like most gogo dancers, and she didn't try any bullshit on me like "I love you" or "I hate my job". We hit it off, I practiced speaking Thai with
her, and played Thai music for her. She liked that I had an interest in Thai language and culture.

We sat there together on the bed, in the dark and I could feel the tension between us. In that moment all the sadness, the loneliness, the anger, and the anxiety of my life turned into passion. I turned to her, started kissing her and we made
love. After that I held her in the dark, held her tight, clinging desperately to something that wasn't real, that night I loved her and she loved me. I wasn't alone.

We woke up at nine in the morning and I had to run some errands. I had to buy a cell phone and activate it so I could call Lek. She didn't wanna leave but I made her go, cause I had just met her and I wasn't gonna leave her there and
have my stuff stolen. I called Lek and she said she was home, in Isaan. I was immediately confused. I thought she'd be working at a bar in Patts. She said she would come and meet me in a couple days. At first I was disappointed, I quickly got
over it when I realized there was plenty of girls to keep me busy while I waited.

With Los there was no illusions. She was a gogo dancer and I knew she probably had a lot of admirers so she was more of a friend than lover. She just gave me this comfort when I was with her like this protective presence, like a mother. Maybe
I latched on to her because I came to LOS alone without any mates and because she was the first girl I barfined when I got off the plane.

That night I met Pan at a bar on Walking Street, she was a real fun girl, and liked to drink. She had Chinese blood, I could see it in her face, and her skin wasn't as dark as the other girls – that's why I picked her. I used to drink
and play pool with her. She would always agree to go long time with me, then leave at midnight. She would always have some excuse ready. One time her friend called her to tell her it was her birthday and wanted Pan to come. She was a busy girl who
made a lot of money between 8 PM when she got outta bed, till 5 AM. As a result she would always call me at 5 to 7 in the morning when she was drunk, but I usually had a Thai babe already sleeping in my bed.

A couple days later I hooked up with Los again, the next day she stayed till 3 PM and I took her to the shooting range at Tiffany's. She was alarmed at first and after some convincing she agreed to shoot some guns. She picked the .22 pistol,
and I was like "no take the 9mm it's not that big". She was pretty good with it, she put me to shame, she got a head shot from 15 meters away and a couple of chest shots while I couldn't hit anything. I made a note not to piss
this girl off. Then we went to the floating market in Jomtien and I watched her pray to Buddha. I love Thai culture and religion and am fascinated by it. I had never been to Jomtien beach so we went and I was disappointed. It's a little bit cleaner
than Pattaya beach but just as small and crowded. I keep seeing nice photos on the internet of beaches there, but when I get there I see something completely different. If they took away all the stupid chairs and umbrellas it would be nice, but then
all the upper-class Thais wouldn't be able to hide from the sun.

I found myself starting to really like Los but I locked it down. I knew that we could never be together. I made sure to see her for only one night at a time and space it out every couple days. I was starting to get the hang of this whole butterfly
thing. Every time I liked a chick I would just find another one and not call her for a couple days.

The next day I decided to try a girl from the Devil's Den, so I went there and had a drink, and all the girls lined up in front of me. There were only about ten there and I didn't see the one I wanted. For months I had been looking
over the profiles and one girl caught my eye, the hottest one there. The manager told me she would be available at 7 PM so I ordered her for delivery and went back to my hotel to wait as I had a couple hours to kill.

I'm still waiting for Lek who was due any day now. The phone rings and it's a man who speaks English with a foreign accent, he introduces himself, he was from Belgium, he tells me that he and Lek are getting married. I am crushed! I
imagined our reunion a million times in my head and it wasn't like this. I missed her so much! For the past three months she had been telling me sweet nothings over the phone, and saying how she couldn't wait to see me. I was gonna ask her
to marry me and come back to the USA with me.

He told me that she would not be seeing me and that I should forget her. He told me that he had met her in March which was two months after I left and they had been together ever since. He said that she didn't speak enough English to tell
me about all this and to tell me not to come. That's when I realized that everything he said didn't add up, for the past three months she had been telling me that she loves me and misses me and wants me to come. He was in denial that she
was trying to cheat on him, and I realized that she was playing us both. He didn't want me to know but I gathered from what he did tell me that he didn't live in Thailand full time, and I guessed that the reason she was back at the village
and not in Patts was because he was sponsoring her. As we are still talking the Devil's Den girl knocks on the door, so I hang up. My mood is completely ruined and I am sad and depressed, but I suck it up and answer the door.

She is twice as hot in person as in the pictures. I expected a lame personality from a girl so hardcore but she was very nice and charming and it didn't feel like business at all. She said, "Don't be shy, tell me what you like".

In that moment the beast inside me had awoken. I felt so much passion and arousal, I was gonna get to do all the dirty things that the other girls wouldn't let me do. She brought me to the brink of death and back over and over again. I have
never seen a girl so eager. She actually gave a good girlfriend experience as well, in between sessions we would sit and talk and joke. After this I had no power, and we only had twenty minutes left. I had been her prisoner for almost two hours. I
felt used and abused and was contemplating telling her to leave, when she said "We have twenty minutes we have time, I want you to cum again."

She pushed me onto the bed and I laid on my back and she went to work on me. It was all a blur and for a while I forgot all about Lek.

After she left I called Lek and expressed my outrage. I told her that I talked to her fiancée and knew what was going on. She didn't speak enough English for us to really talk. She just kept assuring me that she loved me and wanted
to be with me. I really missed her so I told her to come to Patts. She said she needed 5,000 baht to come. I knew she was full of shit. I sent her 1000 baht and at this point I didn't really believe that she was gonna show, but I sent her the
money anyway just in case she did come. Days went by and she never showed and never answered her phone so I wrote her off. That experience hardened me and I started to keep my guard up with the girls.

I'm about four days into my trip and it's the day before New Years Eve 7 AM, I was walking to 7 Eleven when a girl called out to me. The bars were all closed but some still had girls in them looking for punters. Her name was Nui and
she was a little chubby and had big tits – that's why I liked her. I was wearing glasses and she said, "You Harry Potta, movie star". I laughed. I took her number and told her I would call her later, cause I needed to sleep. She wouldn't
take no for an answer and argued until I finally left.

Nui was probably mid 30s or early 40s, but she told me she was 25. She wasn't that hot but I could tell she was eager. So far I had been shagging only young hot babes who were lame in bed and I needed some porn star sex. I met up with her
that night at her bar and took her for long time. I told her that I fucked a Devils Den girl before, and she told me that she used to work there. I felt like the luckiest man alive, just by chance I found an ex DD girl who was willing to do anything
they would for a quarter of the price.

I saw her for five days off and on, and my attraction to her started to fade. She became very jealous, even though I told her upfront that I was a butterfly. She was always trying to run her game, trying to make me feel guilty for butterflying
and trying to make me think that she loved me. I saw right through the facade of an old whore who had no doubt played many men and every word that came out of her mouth was a lie. I decided I needed a break from her but would see her again for sex.

She was getting really obsessed with me and even asked me to marry her and take her back to the States. So I decided to sit her down and have a talk. I asked myself what would be the easiest way to stop a bargirl from loving me, and decided that
I would tell her the truth about me – that I have no money, that should work right? So I told her that I wasn't rich and I was poorer than most farangs that you see in LOS, and that I only have money on my holiday and after my holiday I go home
broke and then it takes me a year to save up money for my next holiday. I told her that I didn't own a house and that I rented a small rundown apartment, all of which is true. It didn't work! She just couldn't comprehend that I, a farang,
was poor! She probably thought I was just making this up and telling her so that she would leave me alone!

I always have this problem with bargirls. I pay them only for their time, whatever the going rate for long time is, we stay at cheap hotels and eat out of food stalls, never going to nice restaurants. I never take taxis and it's either baht
buses or walking. I never by them gifts. I never take them out to discos cause I don't wanna buy them drinks. I carry a cheap Charlie prepaid phone, the cheapest one I could find at the Nokia store for 900 baht. I think that this will make them
realize that I'm not rich, that way they don't try to run their game on me and I don't get heart-broken. It's a defense mechanism, but it never works. They probably just think I have millions of baht in the bank and I'm just
really cheap and I'm holding out on them and all they gotta do is just keep working me and eventually they'll hit the jackpot.


As certain as the sky is blue and the grass is green, this is all going to go pear-shaped!

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