Stickman Readers' Submissions January 18th, 2011

The Trend in Western Men / Women Relationships

Following on from a rather brilliant article by a NZ fellow I would give you a European perspective and the causal link to western / Asian relationships.

My Points are as follows :

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The average white guy these days doesn't stand a chance.

Never mind being over 30 (you may as well be dead and buried).

If you are in your late teens or early 20's (a crowd I know well since I have 2 kids in that group of both genders).

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– all the girls are all totally infatuated with black guys of ca 20 years age – and when I mean all, it means all! Several of my daughters friends have been pumped, pregged and dumped (funnily enough it came to pass that it happened to a
very "chaste" girl from a very Christian family who practically insisted for her to keep the bastard). Luckily for her, the remaining 2 brain cells decided to abort it.

– what is most amazing is the more the bros treat the girls like trailer trash, the more the more the girls lap it up!

I do believe that it is much to do with de-sensitization made by the recurrent media videos of black superstars trashing white girls.

– as for the white boys, of similar age, they are practically out of the game, picking up the bottom of the barrel scrapings in many cases, or having to indirectly "pay" a fee for the relationship e.g. forced shopping, meals etc
for rather better looking ones and hoping that the investment will "come" to fruition.

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Let's scroll forward a few years to the men of ca 30 yrs old.

There are basically 3 kinds:

1. Married and in bondage (unfortunately not the type you may imagine) to the day will be train / work / train / TV / bed ad infinitum. If you love the family thing you may lap it up, until she calls time!

The women of the house will bitch and gripe, and the daughters will be trained into that role by the model mother.

2. Single and without hope => pass the time playing computer games, drinking, going to sports matches, occasional visits to the shag shop.

3. Gay, of which ca 12% of the northern European men are (e.g. most male fashion shop assistants, and many in the service industries).

Strangely enough, many of these men are amongst the better looking and certainly better attired.

Of all the people I know (and as a roving salesman it's a great many) 95% of the people I know fit that mould.

Let's look at some statistics from the USA.

A recent census of marriages shower that black man / white women marriages accounted for 20% of the total and growing.

The inverse was practically nil.

When taken into account that blacks only about for 18% of the population that is a truly staggering skew to the stats!

When you consider that most black men; if they can get the pink bits for free in a transient relationship, are as marriage averse as would be right-minded white guys, you can imagine that the total amount of black on white relationships would
be : about 30%+ of the total.

Also when you imagine that the available black population of marriageable age would represent only 70% of the total (the rest being held at their govt's pleasure for various misdemeanors), you would see that there are left only about
40 – 50% of the remaining black men for relationships with their black female peers.

As it is well documented this leads due to lack of available single black men. The black women of lower social status to go with multiple partners and have fatherless children with several partners (documented up to 7 or 8) and this leads
to the next generation of errant youth in the cycle.

These social phenomena do and will lead to several trends as the less compliant white men try to escape from the hamster treadmill.

– Looking abroad for stable relationships / marriage.

However due to the compliant Judeo-Christian training those men have in north America and northern Europe, they mostly come with the wrong mental toolkit to handle the dynamic of a Asian relationship by basically being too weak kneed hence
the continuing horror stories of men on the site relating their tearful episodes to the forum. You need to leave your compassion back home where it belongs.

– Coming to Asia or South America for a shag-fest (as witnessed by many a posting here and on other sites)

As Stick has commented several times, this is often mind bending and sometimes leading to the Pattaya swan dive

– Becoming a recluse / hermit.

– Lashing out at the system (in the USA as typified by a shooting spree with grand finale of self killing for good measure).
There are many cases of this happening and with the main targets as women in university, health clubs, work etc.

One does wonder what will become of the newly born millions of half white / half black kids who neither fit in with the true black community nor the white community.

Of course the women will be shunned by the blacks looking for a treat of white meat and very few white men will be going after them – and so the spiral will increase exponentially.

My forecasts on the resultant behavioral phenomena we will see:

– More and more white men of younger and younger ages going to Asia / South America to sow their oats (seems to borne out by anecdotal evidence on the site and Stick's reports).

– The older white men in Asia getting thinner pickings due to the arrival of better looking younger men.

– A displacement of some of the available local lasses to the more affluent Indian / Japanese / Korean / Chinese men (however due to the self perceived status of these gents, I do not see much in the way of permanent relationships happening
and so the lasses may get discouraged over time and revert to the white candy-man.

– Due to the huge increase in the wealth of Thailand (stock market up 300%) currency up a lot, the bottom end of the market of tourists will drop out due to price pressure and the local lasses will get spoiled as a result.

– There will be many more lonely middle-aged / older men rotting out the rest of their lives in the USA and UK and Scandics, who will never take the risk of dating western women again.

– There will be many more lonely older women. I suspect that a significant number will find solace in soft or hard female – female relationships.

– The flow of nookie oriented tourism will divert to lower cost markets like Cambodia, Burma, Indo, and perhaps some north-Africa destinations.

It will be interesting to see the results of the next 3 to 4 years and how the oppressed male responds to it.

Have fun while you can!

The Frenchman


I think there is much truth in what you say and some of it is happening already. I think part of the reason for an increase in asking rates by girls in Thailand, both the bargirls and regular women looking to marry a foreigner, is that they know they are in demand. On the other side of the coin, it is worth veering off the beaten path, whether you're looking for something casual or something permanent.

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