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I thought it would be fun to share some rejection stories. We are all relatively good looking, fit, not too old (aren’t we?), have some spare cash and generally treat the ladies well. Yet sometimes…sometimes…

Have you ever been rejected by a working girl? That is, you approach a girl in a bar, offer to buy her a drink…and she says “NO”?

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Well, I have. Here are some tales. Feel free to add your own.


I met Da in a disco where she was freelancing. We hit it off and she came back to my hotel and we had a good time. She offered her phone number and asked me to call her the next time I was in town.

Six months later I called her and we arranged to meet at a bar for a few drinks. She planned the evening. First we would go back to the disco where we met and dance a bit. Then we would go to a noodle shop she knew and eat a late supper. Then to my hotel and since I had an early meeting, a quick breakfast in the room the next morning. Done.

We went to the bar and had a great time. Dancing, she was very affectionate and generally just made me feel good. I was buying drinks for her and her friends. She wandered around the disco chatting everyone up as she had been away in her village for a while and needed to catch up on gossip.

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After a few hours she came to me and whispered “How much you pay me?” I thought this odd as I always pay well and she hadn’t complained the last time.

“The same as last time” I responded with a smile.

“No. I need…” and she mentioned a figure substantially higher.

“Sorry” I replied, “I gave you a good amount the last time and I am happy to pay the same.”

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“But my sister needs a new kitchen” was the reply.

I just smiled. Sometimes the best way to say No is not to say anything at all.

“This is my price” she continued to insist, repeating the exorbitant figure from before.

It was getting late and there weren’t that many punters in the bar.

“If you think you can get more, you are welcome to try.” The smile on my face disappeared as she said “OK”…and left.

I waited for her to come back. I waited with a stupid grin on my face until I realized I was done for the night and went back to my hotel, alone.

Now I ask you, what happened? I have asked myself this question, and asked many friends, until I finally got the answer that felt right.

While she was wandering the bar, explained my friend, she must have run into an old customer of hers, who offered her the higher amount. She couldn’t drop me if I would match his price, but the moment I refused, she was off to be with him.

What do you think?


I don’t often go to Soi 33 as I find the girls there a bit stuck up for my tastes and I find the 1,500 baht bar fines absurd. But a friend invited me for an early drink. We entered the bar around 8pm and I immediately found Yo, who I left with around 10.

As we entered my hotel room she asked if I wanted a massage. Never one to turn down a free massage, and also finding it very conducive to what follows, I quickly showered and lay down on the bed. The massage was delightful and I found myself drifting off to sleep.

I awoke to find Yo starting to get off the bed but she came back when she saw I was awake. As I started to get affectionate, she explained that her doctor(!) had forbidden her to have sex for 5 days, and she was happy to leave right then and there, with no need for me to pay her anything.

Being the gentlemen I am, I refused her kind offer and insisted that she spend the night, and that I wouldn’t touch her.

The next morning, lying next to her warm body, one thing led to another.

Several weeks later, I called her and invited her to dinner. I asked her: what was that story about the doctor?

She explained that when I first met her she was about to have her dinner. She ended up drinking with me and then going to my room…and she was famished. She offered the massage in hopes I would fall asleep and she could quietly leave, and admitted she spent the entire massage thinking about what she would eat for dinner. When I woke up after the massage, thwarting her plan, she then invented the story about the doctor and no sex, hoping I would kick her out so she could finally get something to eat. My insistence that she stay and I would not touch her killed that idea, and she spent a long and hungry night listening to me snore.

Learnings from Yo: 1) Yes, food is more important to a Thai girl than money or sex. 2) Face is even more important than food. She would not admit to being hungry (or ask me to call room service) as we had just met and she didn’t know me well.

Which leads to a quick digression…How many times do you have to be with a Thai girl before she can fart in front of you?

I was with one girl many times and I never caught her doing it. I finally said to her “You must do it. Everyone does. How come I don’t hear anything?” She whispered back “I wait until you go to sleep, and then I do it quietly so you can’t hear.” It took this girl 4 years before she could fart in front of me.


Yui jumped into the hotel elevator just as the doors were closing. It was late, well after 2 AM, and I was drunk and tired. When the inevitable question came I said “Look, I’m not going to agree to anything having just met you 5 seconds ago. Come to my room if you like and let’s get to know each other. No promises. OK?”

Yui agreed and a few minutes later we were in my room, me on the bed and her in a chair next to me. I asked her about herself and we chatted for the next 4 hours. I got her entire life story, which wasn’t pretty. We laughed, we cried (OK, she cried, I handed her tissues). She ate everything in the mini bar and we called for room service.

At 6 AM I said I had to get ready to go for a meeting; that I wasn’t going to “do anything” but I would pay her for her time, and I gave her my standard long time fee. At seeing the money, with no action required from her, she burst into tears again and insisted that she take care of me, which I continued to refuse as I eased her out the door.

A year passes. I am with a business colleague. I call her and ask her to dinner, and ask her to bring a friend for my friend. She agrees and we agree where to meet. 30 minutes later I get a text explaining that her friend doesn’t know what she does for a living and would I please not mention how we met? Done.

Drinks, then dinner at a fancy restaurant. Toward the end of the evening my colleague whispers to me that he is not getting anywhere with his date and he is going back to his room alone. I, of course, am desperate to receive satisfaction for the money I had given a year before. But I can’t say that in front of her non-working friend. So I invite Yui to go out for a coffee, and she says…

“No thank you. I will go home with my friend.” And they get into a taxi…and leave.

My colleague and I get into another taxi and start going back to our hotel. “What happened?” I asked him. “Surely she is still working, and surely she owes me for the last time, and surely she knows I don’t want a freebie and will gladly pay her for tonight? And we just bought her an expensive meal!”

“Just wait” he said. Sure enough, 10 minutes later I get a text “What is your room number?”

My colleague explained, she couldn’t go with me in front of her friend, or she would lose face. She had to leave with her friend, then meet me secretly.

I saw her regularly from then on for about a year…until she rejected me for another reason. But that’s another story.

I could go on but enough about me. Let’s hear all your stories about how and why you were rejected. For me it was competition, hunger, and face.

But please, no farting stories.


Very nice. I think a lot of guys have bad experiences with women because they just don't read body language of the woman they're with. If she is not into you, the experience may not be great – and if she is giving you negative signals, it may be wise to move on to the next one. That said, I bet we've all bad a girl who seemed boring just explode in the bedroom!

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