Stickman Readers' Submissions January 12th, 2011

In Today’s World, Indulging in Thai Prostitutes is Nothing to be Ashamed of

This is my first submission to this website. I thought I'd respond to a number of previous submissions which implied men who sleep with Asian prostitutes are somehow "losers" or have something wrong with them. While, at face value, this
appears to be the case, I think there are other factors at play here. The times we are living in play a major part in the growing popularity of the Thai nightlife industry.

First, a bit about myself, to give some perspective on my comments. The truth is, I'm a pretty popular guy. Most of my life, I've been friends with people in the "in" crowd. I've lived in Australia, England, America
and Singapore. I've met a tonne of people in my 39 years. I've dated quite a few attractive girls, including a beautiful TV reporter. I was married to a cute French girl for ten years. I've been close friends with many guys who
would on any objective measure, be considered alpha. I've also known a lot of good-looking women.

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Sure, the crowds I've hung out with aren't movie stars. But generally they're quite high up on the social pecking order.

The point of this is not to boast. It's to let you know that I have some idea what I'm talking about here.

So what's this got to do with the growing popularity of Asian prostitutes?

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Well, the first thing to realise is that the sex industry isn't the exclusive domain of losers. In my experience, the popular guys are among its most enthusiastic consumers. Look around a go-go bar during the high season. Sure, you'll
see a lot of what could be defined as typical sex-tourists. But you'll likely also notice quite a few tall, fit, young guys who seem like they wouldn't have too much trouble getting a girlfriend. What the hell are those guys doing there?

In the West, men and women are becoming increasingly disconnected. I know quite a few men who get plenty of interest from the ladies, but have chosen to be single. I also know a lot of guys who think their girlfriends are pains in the behind.
On the flip-side, lots of my parents' friends are spinsters who I can remember being attractive-enough girls a few decades back. Everywhere I look, I see single people who are far from ugly losers.

You can speculate all you like about the reasons for this, but I think a major one is that modern Western women's culture makes them unattractive partners. Watch TV to see the characters modern women admire. Sure, they look good enough,
but would you really want to date one of the girls on Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, or any of the other shows? Listen to what the pop stars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pink and Rhiana sing about. Are these they type of attitudes you consider
attractive in a partner?

It's so common to hear Western women slagging off the men in their life, that it's almost become background noise. It was only when my Japanese girlfriend pointed it out to me, I noticed that when a local girl is talking about a
man, it's almost always negative.

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A recent immigrant told me that almost every Aussie girl he met had a huge arse and a bad attitude.

Here's an example from a few weeks back that I experienced when I was with two Australian women. I was over at my brother's house along with him, his girlfriend, his flatmate, and his flatmate's new girlfriend. We were all
chatting and getting along fine. My brother started to cook lunch. For no reason at all, his girlfriend threw a temper tantrum and demanded he drive her home. He later told me she'd been a bit moody recently, as if that excused her behaviour.

Later that evening, we were going out to a bar to play pool. The flatmate said his girlfriend wanted to know if they could join us. "Sure", we said.

Immediately we arrived in the bar, the girlfriend calls up some "friends" to come and join us. It turns out the friends were another group of guys, one of whom blatantly started cracking onto her. She encouraged him, thus creating
an extremely tense situation. The other guys started giving us evil looks, and the flatmate became agitated. The girlfriend took turns sitting on the flatmate's lap, and her "friend's" lap. Meanwhile, my brother and I are trying
to enjoy playing pool.

Eventually, we decided to leave and she came with us. She then said the guy she's been flirting with needed a lift home which would take us an hour out of our way. We refused and she burst into angry tears and called us "bastards".
When we got back to my brother's house, she threw his car door open so hard that it slammed into mine and damaged both our cars. After a cursory apology, she stormed into the house.

So a simple night of pool, which should have been fun, turns into a disaster because some spoiled brat decides she wants some attention. Thanks a lot, babe. This anecdote is definitely not unusual. I could tell you a hundred similar stories
of bad behaviour.

For some reason, being a demanding, game-playing, emotional princess with an aggressive attitude is what's considered cool for Western women these days. Add to that, their balooning size, and it's no wonder many men are turning
up their noses. Of course, not all the girls here are like that, but enough of them are that the good ones are becoming thin on the ground. The competition for the rare quality women is so intense that an entire seduction industry has sprung up
around it.

Many of the guys I know have pretty much given up on relationships. They'll occasionally have sex with a girl, but it won't go much further than that.

When such men arrive in Thailand, the penny starts to drop that the whole world isn't like this. They realise that there are women in the world willing to give a guy a break. Even if that girl demands payment, there's a good possibility
he'll at least enjoy the experience.

Look in a place with lots of tourists, such as Patong, and most guys will find the Thai prostitutes more attractive than the Western girls.

Western women want to make men ashamed of their growing interest in the Asian, Latin and East European alternatives. But they really should take a good hard look at themselves. If an attractive guy would rather spend time with a prostitute
than with you, doesn't that tell you something, honey?

If I was single again and interested in dating Australian women, I know it would be a complete pain. I'd have to jump through all sorts of hoops, and put up with all kinds of bad behaviour. Faced with such a prospect, the idea of paying
a sweet, fun girl to take care of my needs looks downright attractive.



I was recently back in New Zealand and I was shocked at the state of things between the sexes. First of all, it should be pointed out that New Zealand has suffered a brain drain – and of those who have left seeking fame and fortune, the majority are men. This means that in NZ, and specifically the largest city, Auckland, which just happens to be my hometown, there's a man drought. You'd think that this would help to "even things out", but that's not the case at all. I am generalising here, but I thought the general attitude of New Zealand-born women was appalling. I could not believe how rude some were, and how much of a sense of entitlement they had. It was appalling. And when you see the size of many, well, no-one finds whales attractive.

Of my closest two mates, one is married to a Thai nurse, the other to a lovely English lady. Amongst other close friends, two are seeing Thais (met in NZ in both cases and she has never seen the inside of a bar), one is married to a South African, one married to an American and only one of my close friends is married to a Kiwi bird!

In that corner of Farangland there is real a backlash against the local women!

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