Stickman Readers' Submissions January 3rd, 2011

Here’s a Special News Bulletin

I am not a 100+ monger. Truth be told, I'm not even halfway there, and may never be. So, what in the world might I have to say to you?
Hopefully, nothing. You already know what it is I have to say. This is for someone else, the person just now dipping their toes in the water, or having had "experiences" primarily or only in one nation, perhaps even in Thailand.

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It's ALWAYS about the money.

Yes, of course, yours is different. She really loves you, and you can recount dozens of incidents and facts to prove it. You've met her parents. She's shown you where she grew up. Her eyes light up with delight because she's found someone who listens when she tells the silly stories of when her pet chicken died or her best friend moved away from the village. I don't know, because I haven't seen how she acts with you, how she treats you: it's always deeply personal, not like it is when she's with other guys.

Here's a special news bulletin: It's ALWAYS about the money.

"But you don't know the details," you say. You were out somewhere, and she refused that 500-baht note you offered, and more than once. She always returns your change, down to the satang. You took her shopping and all she wanted was <insert name of trite bauble>. Of course, you still have to pay the barfine, but when you're together you're not really paying her for sex. Of course you still give her something, after all, she has bills to pay. But you're just looking out for her; she has opened to you, become yours, this is a relationship: this is love.

"So cynical?" you say. "Please share the experiences of bitter treachery that have hardened you (and will never happen to me, because my situation is different, snicker, snicker)."

I don't mean to disappoint, but I bear no tales of love betrayed.

I fondly remember my very first, nigh unto ten years ago (very first professional, that is). She was a delightful lass, a bit of a Southern Belle. She proved a memorable, true GFE, and a new and wonderful world had now opened up to me. That was here in my own country, where high-quality, genuine GFE P4P is MUCH more expensive than maybe where you are. I suppose that makes it easier to clearly see the truth over here. Being completely green to the trade, and being a little soft-hearted, I made and followed one simple rule: don't ever see the same girl twice. Given my then-current circumstances, it was an easy rule to follow, but critical for my own well-being nonetheless. And I've now safely broken my own rule twice, once in Angeles City and once in Pattaya.

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Please allow me to emphasize that I'm not suggesting that P4P activities are, or should be, cold-hearted, rather quite the contrary. During a glorious week in Angeles City I fell in love
four times. Really. A week in Pattaya saw me fall in love twice. I always seek warm, open-hearted girls who convey and receive warm emotions – I crave that connection of the heart. And I remember each and every professional I've ever
seen, most of them quite fondly. But, dear friend, do you not see, have you not learned, this is what makes girls so dangerous: most of them, professional or civilian, can turn that nourishing, caring love on and off. The professional cultivates
that skill, although perhaps not consciously.

They're truly professionals, all over the world, including the nation you are now in. Let the meaning of that sink in. It doesn't mean she's ruthless, or cold, or necessarily dishonest or disingenuous, but she is there for a purpose – it is her profession. The talented, dedicated professional will always turn her heart on and give it to you, as much as you will take, if that is what you are seeking. But if you've
never encountered a professional in your own nation, or elsewhere outside of the maelstrom that is Thailand, you may not know that. That beautiful, open, sweet-hearted girl you've found is giving you what you want, so that you will give her
what she wants.

"But you've overlooked the 500-baht notes, and the change down to the satang", you say. No, my friend, I haven't. Here's another special news bulletin: she's smarter than you are. She feels you, and she is meeting your expectations…so that you will continue coming unto her. Her turf, her network, her rules, and you don't even realize it. She
may not even realize it, at least not in a conscious fashion. After all, this is life, and she brings to it a completely different moral compass and set of standards than were instilled in you in the west. At the veneer level the difference is crickets
vs. chips for a snack; below the veneer everything is just as different.

It's likely that she grew up in poverty, and that her beloved family remains in poverty. Finding a way to save face by providing something for her family is her primary motivation (or, more whiskey for her friends, or another piece of gold jewelry, or her boyfriend's motorbike payment), and always will be. You are not the end, you are the means to it, and that is why her profession is to love you.


Yep, and if you ever forget that, all that follows will be bad news!

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