Stickman Readers' Submissions January 1st, 2011

About Corruption, My Response

Anonymous 2 wrote about my post Thai Corruption Exported to America. Unfortunately his response was largely about his own issues in Los Angeles with his ex. I have to say that I certainly believe his accounts about his ex wife, but I think she is just
a complex bitch and would be a difficult person regardless of gender. Politically correct California, is largely feminine biased and home to many outrageously inept politicians like Nancy Pelosi.

I am aware of a California child support case that baffles the imagination of even the most outrageously PC liberals. A woman became pregnant, by God knows who, and named a "father" that had worked in her office and, had very recently
been transferred to another location. They did actually know each other from work but that was it. He was a capable guy with a good position and good earnings, but by no means wealthy. In the meantime she went on welfare and enjoyed California's
copious entitlement programs. Fast forward 3 or 4 years and California's Child Support Enforcement caught up with this guy. He was presented with an $90,000 past due support bill and a full 90% of his wages garnished. No problem you say,
DNA testing will prove he is not the father and while inconvenienced he will be fine. Not so fast. In California, the law provides that paternity can be established by a court simply by notifying the “father” of a hearing date by
mail at his last known address. A court will decide paternity on that date. Of course this man had been transferred and living at a different address never received the notification letter from the court. On the hearing date that the court rules
on paternity the man will have 2 years to appeal the findings. The fact that this man only had a passing acquaintance with the woman, and only discovered her claim after the statute of limitations in the case passed, did not help him. This and
other cases made their way to the California legislature where they passed a bill to allow the man named in a paternity case to appeal the findings for up to 2 years after he had knowledge of the claim. However, then California Governor Grey Davis
vetoed the bill with the remark the state couldn't afford it. (He was later recalled by election before his term ended for many reasons).

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Pardon the digression as this submission is really about Thais. I thought the above may be of some interest to readers as many turn to Thailand to avoid the PC nonsense we live with here. This is the worst of the worst testament to that awful
PC crap we Western men live with.

Anonymous 2 states that I don't understand the root cause of illegal immigration as if there was one beyond the obvious. The Thais I describe were working in the US which is also illegal. They worked under the radar for a Thai employer,
and of course paid no taxes. This is a crime anywhere in the US. The buy a husband group is committing the exact same crime as their American fake husbands. I can only guess that the US doesn't bother to charge the foreign half of the fraudulent
marriage because it is simply easier and cheaper to blacklist and deport them. This is not a civil matter but rather a felony and a serious federal crime. The Thai that arranged these fake K1 visas if caught, would likely be charged and forced
to stand trial for her actions. What I thought was so unusual about the corrupt Thais we met in LA was that it was just a random selection. These people were just met in the course of socializing about LA. Some of them didn't even know each
other. Anonymous 2, we didn't join the LA meet a corrupt Thai club, but rather these people just drifted into social situations and freely discussed their deceptions with my wife. Thais just cannot keep a secret. I do realize there is not
a statistical significance to support anything that could be applied to the Thai population in LA. However 7 of 8 seems a little odd to me and produces a raised eyebrow.

The reason we traveled to LA was to check it out for relocation. I picked LA in particular because of the large Thai population. I was thinking that my wife would enjoy the large number of Thais and perhaps provide some social opportunities
like Thai entertainment and so on. My wife loves those sappy Thai love songs and live performances are available by Thais singing these songs. After 6 weeks my wife hinted strongly that she didn't like LA. When I asked her why she didn't
like LA she was, at first, reluctant to say. I got things from her like “I miss my kitchen at our house and, I miss your sons” and so on. Finely when I pressed for a better answer she told me she did not like the Thais she met in
LA. I know it's a little weird but my wife gives hints when she wants something rather than just coming out with it. I think this style is born from not wanting to be a burden or something like that. It isn't an issue if you don't
get the hint she just calmly continues to hint until you get it. I am much better at it now. Call me the Hint Master.

My wife is far from a country bumpkin, a long term resident of Bangkok, intelligent, with an excellent family as well as a host of dear friends in Thailand and the US. She is what I would say a stand up person, honest, dependable and loyal.
Not just my opinion as she has some very good friends here that love her dearly. She is also very tolerant, so her opinion of LA Thais really surprised me. Just as we were leaving LA we stopped at a store where she met an elderly Thai woman that
worked there. They had quite a jaw wag. I just stood back and waited for her to finish. I know a little Thai and I can usually get at least the gist of what is said, but I get lost in the rapid fire Thai. Later she went into some detail about
the Thais we met in LA and described this woman as a “real” Thai.

Anonymous 2, I respect your the efforts you surely must have expended to get custody of your children. For a man that is about as difficult as putting toothpaste back in the tube. However, get over it! I have an ex that is very nasty too,
but I decided that I was not going to let her own a piece of my mind. Why don't you look for a Thai wife. I am very happy I did.


The way that paternity is "determined" in California is really fxxxed up. If the State has any other processes or laws even remotely similar to that then it would seem to be a very seriously fxxxed up place.

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