Stickman Readers' Submissions January 17th, 2011

100,000 Baht A Month Girls

I was following your latest column up until I read, “It should be noted that the most popular girls never earn less than 100,000 baht a month.” I am assuming you have taken quite a bit of writer’s creative liberty
when penning a statement like that without an extreme and lengthy disclaimer.

Not just in Thailand but anywhere the number 1 whore lie is, for several reasons, about how much money she makes.

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Although it is possible for a girl to get lucky and hit a good month were she is consistently paid well above the going rate (double or triple) I would not think this is the norm.

With 3 types of girls in mind: go-go, freelance and beer bar, prices for services are pretty much set by de facto norm and I find it rare for a girl to request anything above those prices. To request a price above the norm makes the girl
vulnerable to being laughed at and very possibly losing an “in the bag” sale. It is true that some girls are going to get picked up first but the money earned will be roughly the same and she will just be worked for a longer period
of time.

Thailand has both months of monsoon and low season that are not conducive to propping up any sort of high average. This still does not take into account the girl’s off time because of her period.

I go during low season and I spend plenty of time in the bars. During that time it is common to see girls sitting there all day with no movement. What I do see (Pattaya) is guys will come in and finger girls for free while they drink their
1 beer then leave alone.

Places like soi 6 with 20 girls waiting in the bar may have 1 customer.

Go-go girls do better but at the end of the night there are plenty of girls that did not get picked up.

But to give you credit you were not talking about the average girl, you were talking top shelf. Well how many of those are out there and what is their shelf life? The best of the best have a shelf life of a strawberry before they become such
damaged goods they must be discounted. Thailand, like any place else does have some very beautiful girls but they are uncommon. I would say 1 in 50 is very pretty with 1 in 15 having marketability. That statement only applies to young girls. If
that statement is even close to being true that leaves 35 out of 50 as subsistence whores. How often do we stick our heads in a door, see 20 or so girls and walk out saying, “there is nothing in there”?

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In my opinion any girl consistently averaging 100,000 THB is doing it on a very high volume approach and should be avoided if health is a consideration.

In Pattaya from my observation and with the noted down times I would peg an attractive young girl’s average true earning potential at somewhere around 35,000 THB a month. It is a supply and demand thing with men that are paying well
beyond the going rate to be more urban legend based upon whore lies rather than reality. Even a new guy right off the boat will know what the normal rate is within minutes of setting foot in Pattaya. It is no secret.

Over the past few years I have noted a growing Indian and Arab influx into Pattaya and that certainly will further impact a girl’s earning potential and greatly skew to the left the average percentage of over-payers.

I do not know too many men that would go into a restaurant look at the price of a steak on the menu then insist to the waiter that they will double or triple that price.

Ah, this has been fun.


I absolutely stand by my comments. I was talking about the mot popular girls in gogo bars. I would suggest that you ask any bar owner about the behaviour – not the earnings – but the behaviour of the most popular girls. There are girls in some bars who go with a customer every night and get paid 3,000 or more baht. Some will do a short-time and then a long-time. On top of this, factor in their salary and barfine + lady drink commissions. Then factor in that many get sent money from abroad! It's not about listening to what the girl says, but about observing what is going on. I'm not winding you up when I say that some of the top girls may hit 200,000 baht a month, from time to time!

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