Stickman Readers' Submissions December 28th, 2010

Why Do Some Bargirls Do What They Do?

It was eight years ago and I was doing my usual pimp routine for visiting executives from America. Basically, that means after taking the executives to some swanky restaurant in Singapore, my home at that time, I would innocently ask them if they wanted to experience the local nightlife. I performed this act knowing full well they had done their homework on sex in Singapore and would say yes (they aren’t executives for nothing, for goodness sakes!). On the taxi ride to Orchard Tower, I would explain the rules of conduct for the Top Ten club. After we arrived, I would show my guys the back way out of the building to where the taxi queue was. Inside the club, I made sure that only the best girls sat at our table. When everyone was focused on getting to know each other better, I went up to the top-most bar in the club to enjoy my well deserved beer. Looking over the railing, I was admiring my work when I felt a warm presence next to me. Turing quickly, I saw a 5-foot Thai beauty smiling up at me. I made some small-talk but she could speak little English except to say her name was Nok. She slowly worked her way in front of me and began dancing to the music while moving her ass in front of my pelvis. After a couple of minutes of this arousal I asked her to stop. Please, pointing to my hand phone, can I call you tomorrow night? She understood somehow and slowly entered a number into my phone. I promised to call her the next day and left by the back escape route. Why? Even with the sacrosanct law of “what happens in Asia stays …” I still don’t trust executive weenies, who would cheat their mothers to move up the corporate ladder or turn on their Singapore benefactor in a heartbeat.

The next afternoon after work, I called the phone number and was greeted by a friendly voice. She said in pretty good English that she was not the girl from the previous night but her good friend. I said I wanted to be with Nok that evening and we agreed to meet at a small beer bar on Orchard Road at 8 PM. I was there early and when they arrived, Nok was being lightly restrained by her friend. I spoke to her friend, who was much older and obviously her big “sister” and we agreed to a price for a short time. When big sister gave a nod, Nok rushed to my side and grabbed my arm like I might try to get away. I hailed a taxi and instructed the driver to the nearest short-time hotel. Inside our room and without taking a shower, Nok and I engaged in enthusiastic revelry. Afterwards, she started her ass routine again and soon we were back at it. Now, both of us exhausted, we relaxed for a few minutes. Then, without any provocation on my part, she started stroking my pride and after ten minutes of earnest work, I was ready to go again. Only this time, she was on top and making me follow her lead. We finished five minutes before the knock on the door, and thank goodness, because if she had coaxed me into action again I might have ended up in the morgue.

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Why did Nok do this? I was ready for the usual two hour drill of a couple of routine boinks, but Nok had demanded much more from me that night. As much as I would like to believe that I have some special way with women or a John Holmes profile, the sad fact is I have neither. At best I can be called an attentive lover but I doubt it would have made any difference to Nok. Certainly I know the intent of this activity was to transfer some cash from my pocket to Nok’s. So why did a supplier of service go way beyond the terms of the contract? Working girls are supposed to be in the business to help their families or to buy the new 4G iPhones, not to have personal enjoyment in their work. I tried to explore these questions more fully but when I called the number again the next night, it was off-line and it stayed that way for the next two months. I have not had a similar experience since so I decided it was one-off event or a hallucination or a ghost of a girlfriend past getting her revenge after I had neglected her sexually one night.

Now eight years later and after landing in Changi Airport in Singapore, I take a quick taxi ride to my hotel on Orchard Road. I walk into my room just after midnight and quickly jump in the shower and change into fresh clothes. Although it is a quick 10-minute walk to Orchard Towers, I decide to take a cab as I was eager to get there. It is Saturday night and as my taxi pulls up to the side of the building, I see that the taxi queue has a long line of couples waiting for rides to a choice of venue of where hopefully, passion will ensue. The night is unusually cool due to the rainy season but inside it was air-con cold. I look in on a few bars but I am in a hurry to get to my favorite place in the Towers: Ipanema. As expected, it is packed to the hilt with drunken ex-pats and fondling women, most in rhythm to the loud beat of a Filipino rock band. As I walk towards the bar, a small hand grabs my arm and I turn and see a sweet, smiling Asian face. I smile back with a slight bow and she immediately increases her smile by 100 watts and grabs my hand. Man, it’s great to be back in Singapore.

But I don’t want to take the first offering so I release her grip on me and head for the bar. My new friend follows me there, still smiling her sweet smile. I try to ignore her as I order a Tiger beer. The price of a bottle is $S10, an exorbitant price for an American, thanks to the lopsided exchange rate for the dollar and the bozos running our government these days. Now I remember the job offer I received to work in Bangkok some years ago and wonder how much better off financially I would be now. My friend is still grabbing at me so I start walking and double-backed a couple of times, easy to do in this crowd, and finally lose her. I check out the action on the dance floor. There is the great looking babe dancing on a pedestal who is soon joined by a drunken Brit who insists on showing everyone how much he can’t dance. In fact, his dancing is so bad the girl jumps down in disgust, with his mates still cheering him on. Note to Brits: men come to these bars to see pretty girls dance, not you. I also notice that girls are starting to get sparser and uglier as it gets closer to 1 AM. I start to regret losing my friend when I felt a familiar tug at my elbow and there she is; still smiling. Her name is Mary and she is from Vietnam.

This time I don’t waste the opportunity. I quickly negotiate an all-night price and whisk her out of the bar. As we exited I notice two Singapore policemen walking up the non-working escalator. Mary releases my hand and walks several steps in front of me. I know the drill and pretend to be looking at some snacks in front of a small shop. Mary did the same. I turn to look at the officers and see them having a pleasant chat with the bouncers. Seems they are here to keep the peace and not to check the passports and purses of the girls. I think I feel a collective exhale from the bar. It is certainly damned nice of the Singapore government to send their policemen to be on hand in case some punter is accosted by a ladyboy whacked on yaba.

Mary and I re-unite and start to exit down the back stairs when I realized I have had only one beer since I arrived in Singapore. I ask Mary if she minded a stop at this other bar so I could have a couple more before heading to the hotel. She agrees but remarks that she might not be allowed in. I give the hostess at the door a serious look as we entered without a problem. I order another Tiger and Mary has an orange juice; always a good sign. The bar is dark with only a few people sitting. Music is a one-man band singing rap karaoke. He looks to be Chinese and he is killing the songs; some people aren’t born to do rap I guess. Anyway, I am finally able to have a good look at my date for the night. She has light skin, a broad nose, Asian eyes, and a big smile. Her breasts are a little large so I suspect some plastic had found their way in there. Overall, though, she is very beautiful, much more than I originally thought. In fact, so much so I start to fear I may have snagged a ladyboy by mistake. I start down my mental checklist of ladyboy signs: throat, shoulders, hands, etc., and Mary passes them all. Now I let out a huge exhale.

Now that I realize I have a real winner for the evening, I decide one beer was enough so we are off to the taxi queue. At the hotel, we strolled right past the check-in desk and up to my room. Thank you Singapore, for making these activities so safe and free of the bullshit punters put up with in other Asian cities. Once inside, Mary quickly disrobes and my eyes were not disappointed. She immediately jumps on the bed and beckons me to her. After a few minutes of fun tussling, she retreats to the bathroom for a shower. I soon follow and we are soon ready to get down to business. It starts with the usual foreplay, but then Mary stops asks me an unusual question: “Tell me, please, how do I love your dick?”

In all my time with the wonderful working girls of this world, this is the first time I am asked this question. As surprised as any man can be in the situation, I managed to answer the question in the same serious manner as it was asked. I give Mary a little instruction along with a quick demonstration with my hands. She is an attentive student and soon applies her lessons to great diligence. After this learning experience, she is immediately ready for another. Afterwards, we both sleep soundly into the next morning. It’s a glorious sleep but around mid-morning, I awake with Mary slowly stroking me, obviously asking me for more instruction. I comply as any good teacher would. Near 12 PM, we finally climb out of bed with Mary darting for the shower. I offer her breakfast but she wants to get home to have lunch with her friend. I pay her the $S300 we agreed too and I walk her down to lobby. She leaves her cell phone number and asks that I call her again real soon. I readily agree.

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After I retire to bed again, a strong feeling of déjà vu comes over as I think of Nok. I am under no illusions that engaging a working girl was anything other than business contract: I pay you and you provide a service. Most of the girls feel this way as well, with some going about their work in as good a humor as they can while others barely show any life at all. In years past, I have been the recipient of the GFE in Thailand, but even then, there is an unstated pact that your money buys only so much sex. If you want more you were jai dum and the experience is over. A couple of times I was considered husband/wife material but even that has its limits with most sane girls. Most men who monger in SE Asia will tell you these are the majority of experiences when buying sex. So why did Nok and Mary do what they did?

I started to think that some working girls might just like what they do, especially with a kind and playful partner who is not 300 lbs. of smelly blubber. I can understand that sentiment as I can’t imagine having a song in my heart as I humped a human pig. Yet I am a physically fit, not too ugly guy and these experiences of raw passion are extremely rare. I had heard stories that some girls coming to the trade as virgins or from a relationship lacking sexual pleasure, have had a brief awaking of overwhelming sexual desire. This could certainly be true of Nok but I later discovered Mary is a webcam girl who has been in the business for some time. No, on the nights I was with them, Nok and Mary were just plain horny and I just happened to be the next guy in line. Thinking about these girls has also made me realize why I am still chasing bar girls after all these years. Sure, they are beautiful and sexy, but at the end of the night you never who you’re going in end up with; and to me, that’s still exciting.

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