Stickman Readers' Submissions December 22nd, 2010

The Freelancer Advantage

Recent submission from Occasanltrvlr on the mentality of the (a) girls in Angeles City got me thinking about the girls here in Thailand on a relative basis. One thing that immediately came to mind was the attitude of gogo girls I have barfined relative
to freelancers. I can not speak for young dudes and excessive spenders. I am just giving my opinion.

My nick name is Curbie which I got that from friends after my second trip in about 2003 when I started noticing all these gals out on the streets. I would sit down and chat them up with my horrible (still is but gets better as I drink) Pasa Thai.
Found many to be really sweet gals, many young (22 – 28 years old) kind of curious, kind of needing some money, some… who really knows. Once I got a phone most would call back for repeat business.

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Funny thing is at the time all my friends are telling me you are going to get drugged, robbed…hh the horror stories they would tell. The same guys soon enough got the bug and started doing the food courts and discos for freelancers also.
So let me get this straight, if they can get into a disco or food court they are inherently safer….? Better idea, use good judgment.

Let me start by saying my experiences with girls out of gogo bars is mixed at best. I would describe most after 2004 to be very business-like with phones ringing, no girlfriend experience. So how do you get into a marginal experience like

Go into a bar in Nana or Cowboy, buy a beer 150 baht, lady comes over usually within 2 minutes says buy me a lady drink. This will cost at least as much. Expect this three times over at least unless you are extremely lucky to hit on the first
or second bar. Okay now you have found the girl, beer goggles and her petting your ego says this is the girl, okay you bar fine me? Okay! 600baht (minimum unless in beer booth…err beer bar). Next question, you want long-time or short time? Let
me tell you just go short time because 90% chance she will come up with a story and still expect long-time pay anyway (good luck fighting that battle…just not worth the baht).

So add it up, 3+3 drinks, small tips for staff, barfine, lady, taxi/tip…. 900B + 600B + 1500B +100(+)

If the old abacus is right that is 3,100 baht at a minimum or a little over $US 100. That I argue is the minimum for a gogo gal out of Nana, Soi Cowboy, or major Pattaya bar. Someone prove me wrong and not on your regular girl, but a random
pickup. Note this would be very reasonable if one had experiences like pre 2004, pre cell phone, pre sponsors, and the pre young dude invasion.

Now, independent / freelancers: Meet one and judge her for attitude and sobriety any signs of weird (self-induced) scars, alcohol, or drugs move on. If she seems only modestly interested then move on. Then agree to short time, if she likes
you it will be long-time on a repeat. Buy her something out of the 7 Eleven or Family Mart on the way home or dive into the hotel minibar. It is far cheaper than any gogo I have visited. Cost: 500 – 1000 B for lady, couple snacks drinks and a
taxi tip maybe 200B… Total on the abacus..700 to 1200B and no cigarette smoke on your clothes in the morning. <I know it may be possible but good luck getting a freelancer in *Bangkok* for 500 bahtStick>

Now this is not for everyone, you have to have decent sense and follow a few rules:

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Be able to judge character.

Be able to identify a ladyboy, okay if that is your thing just know up front.

Do not attempt this unless reasonably sober.

Be able to determine another person's sobriety to a reasonable level.

Look the gal over, you might still get one with a c section scar but look for scars and homemade tattoos.

Require an ID card, ask before you start to hotel, just say hotel require if they hesitate.

Only stay in hotels that require an ID card for guests (prefer ones that call room before releasing card).

Do not stay in a 5 star hotel and if you are freelancing have a modest room.

Have no more in your room than you can afford to lose.

Do not flash a lot of cash, best if you express regret for a modest budget.

Give her a little more than you agree to if all goes well “for motosai”.

Treat her nice, take your time, have some lotions and take a shower even if you had one earlier.

Sounds like a lot of rules when I look back but really they are basic sense. I have never had an upside down situation with a freelancer. Actually have had my very best experiences and often have to stop seeing gals just to avoid the mutual
risk of reading too much into the relationship. I have girls texting me about what a nice man I am to them… Me? I am 53 year old plump white guy that does not get a second look from gals younger that 30 at home. Someone asked me why I do not
date at home and I replied, “I am not attracted to women that are attracted to me”. Enough said!

My experience with gogo girls – 20% great 70% marginal 10% messed up attitude once in the room.

My experience with freelancers, 80% great to excellent 10% marginal 10% bad because they did not want to leave…

Not for everyone works for me, Cheers fellow Stick readers.

The Curb Meister, working to solve Thai girl poverty one or two at a time.


Gogo girls are as much of a lottery as freelancers. What I don't understand is why more guys looking for sex just don't go to the massage parlours that are popular with Thai (and other Asian) guys. The women are prettier, the prices are lower and the service standards are generally higher and more uniform. There is less chance of the girl flipping out and no real danger to you in terms of theft, trashing a hotel room etc. A few years back I outlined why for those looking for sex – as opposed to a "holiday romance" – a Thai massage parlour experience is probably a better option.

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