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An Evening’s Quest

An Evening's Quest

By Occasnltrvlr

Stepping Into the Big Leagues

After having the driver drop Tracy off at Lost In Asia, it was time to ratchet up the level of excitement a little, and set foot in one of Angeles City's premier venues. Tracy was very special to me, and I would want to see her again. But right now,
I was after big, commanding beauty, something my petite, young Tracy just didn't have.

He Clinic Bangkok

"Where to boss?" the driver asked.

"Club Atlantis!" I replied.

This was just my second day in AC. On my first day, I had intentionally avoided setting foot in any of the larger, better-known clubs (Dollhouse excepted), exercising a "venue foreplay" of sorts. In doing my homework for this trip to paradise,
I'd seen numerous photographs and videos from inside Club Atlantis. The images were emblazoned in my mind, and were a big part of my motivation for this trip. The car headed east along Perimeter Ave, onto Fields Ave, then the driver eased
around the "Walking Street" gate to the entrance of Club Atlantis, arriving just about 7:30 PM.

CBD bangkok

The interior of Club Atlantis is distinctly a cut above any of the places I'd seen so far. It is big, very nice, and very clean. There are three
levels of seating, and every seat has a great view of the stage. It has a very big, open feel, but all of the couch seats have a distinct feeling of privacy. A lot of thought went into the configuration and I rate it a great success. The colors
are primarily blue and white, so even in the subdued lighting there is plenty of reflected light to see everything clearly. It has a big stage, a giant screen, a great sound system, laser shows, and plenty of professional stage lighting. I would
find over the next few days other clubs of similar quality, but this was most definitely the best I'd seen up to now. I would end up visiting Club Atlantis several times through the week.

As I walk in, I see only a few customers, maybe five or six. I am taken to one of the couch seats in the second row of the first level. As I take the couple of steps down to the seating area, I am stunned by what I see before me. Of the 30 or 40 dancers
on stage, three up front look like music video fantasies, at least six more are stunningly beautiful, and almost every one was a looker. Above the stage is a second level, where about 30 or so more girls stood, and again, most of whom are pretty.

As she seats me, the waitress asks the easiest questions posed during my entire trip: "Are you here all alone? Would you like to have one of the girls on stage come over to keep you company?"

"Uh, YES."

wonderland clinic

"Which one?" was her next question, and suddenly the answer wasn't so easy. There were so many beautiful girls, all for me, just for me, to choose from. There is nothing even remotely like this in my country, and this is my first unencumbered
trip to paradise. Before me is a stunning array of many very sexy girls, and each of them wants to give me what I've spent a lifetime needing. Finally, I have found it, complete freedom!
True masculine, spiritual freedom! I am welcomed inside the treasure-house of El Dorado.

In a dizzying moment, I narrow my choice down to two of the very hottest-looking girls, then on a whim I choose between them. I answer my waitress, "Over on the left – I can't see her number." Her number was clipped to the top of
her knee-high go-go boot. As she danced, she turned slightly, then I could see it. "There: 2267." In about two minutes #2267 was sitting very close beside me. Seeing her up close, she was using makeup to its better effects, nevertheless,
she was a genuinely pretty and sexy girl. She was very hot-looking, so much so that I was nervous and intimidated. Girls of this grade just don't sit and talk with guys like me – unless I'm paying them $20 per three-minute song.
There was no real chemistry or spark between us, but now, looking back, I think she felt my nervousness and it made her a little uncomfortable. Because I felt no chemistry or spark, I did not want to barfine her, despite her awesome looks. But
she was open and friendly, I liked her and I enjoyed her company, as she sat with me for about forty minutes or so. Her name is Joy, she has one son, whose name she wears on an amulet about her neck. I was to see Joy again, later in the week.

Shortly after deciding to not barfine Joy, I kept watch for my next potential barfine. Groups of girls had been rotating off and on the stage. They would sometimes come out in a small group for a simple dance routine, usually with matching costumes, or
there would be a general "regeneration flow" of girls, where more would come out from the rear of the stage while some exited the front. I found out later that over three hundred girls work there, and, from what I could see, they
don't hire fatties or uglies. I soon had her picked out: an exotic-looking, eastern-Asian-heritage, very beautiful girl who was up on the second level. As soon as Joy left to return to the stage,
I looked about, and spotted a waitress and a mamasan with her handy laser pointer, nearby.

"I want #4 from the right." (What an exquisite joy, ordering a girl like I'm selecting a delight from a favored bakery!)







"Na Na Na-Blah Blah-Do Do" (Okay, that may be a tad culturally insensitive. I presume she was speaking Tagalog.)

In about two minutes, the girl, Sheryl, was sitting beside me.

Studying her up close, I found her an exquisite beauty – her facial features are just my cup of tea. She spoke very little English. She is from some other island province, where Tagalog is not their native language, probably Mindanao, but I don't
remember. I asked about her ethnic heritage, and in slow, deliberate English she demurely replied: "pure Filipina", not acknowledging the Chinese or Japanese dip into her family's woodpile. Again, just as with Joy, I felt no sparks
or chemistry between us, so I decided not to barfine her and didn't ask her any "difficult" questions. But by this time I was relaxing a lot, and feeling more comfortable, and just enjoyed her company. However, I would not forget
Sheryl, and I would seek her out later.

I was not feeling great confidence or success at Club Atlantis. I had chosen two girls who each touched a nerve in me, and frankly I was overwhelmed by each of them. The music was getting louder and louder, so I decided to change my luck, and left.

The Indefinable Gilley's Roadhouse

Anyone having seen the "Thunderstruck" video from Gilley's Roadhouse would likely want to visit the place, as did I, and I headed there. Nice club, I liked the music, not too loud, and the girls were all friendly, cuddling nicely and warmly
responsive to touch. But there was something odd about my experience there. I felt both welcome, yet distinctly unwelcome, at the same time. It would turn out to be three strikes, and I was out of there.

It was here that I first saw the K-Pop Wonder Girls video "Nobody". I'd heard the song countless times by then, and someone had told me it was Korean. When the video came on, it consumed my complete attention. A couple of the girls on stage
kept waving, indicating "Hello, you're supposed to be looking at us!"

Looks-wise, my very first choice looked too much like Tracy, a girl I'd taken out for short-time earlier in the day. But variety is the spice of life after all, so I had to make another choice. Later, as I was leaving, I saw that girl outside and
I told her as much. Her look and reaction are easily summed up as: "Why the fuck would I be interested in you?" Knowing this, I'm glad this one didn't get peso one out
of me. I looked and looked, then made my second choice, and she came over for a lady drink. She was very friendly, but as she approached I was a little disappointed at her small size, and youth. She had appeared to be a little taller while she
was on stage. She cuddled very nicely, and was very open; there was decent chemistry. I still was unsure, but decided to start with the questions. "Yes, I'm cherry girl". Strike one.

So, I started looking for a next choice. This was difficult: there were two girls on stage who, to me, were the next-best looking, and for me, they were dead equivalents. I sat looking and looking, when finally I make my choice, who I summon over for
a lady drink. She cuddles nicely, is fairly responsive to touch, there is some decent chemistry between us. Cherry girl? No. On menstruation? Yes. Strike two. I laughed out loud, saying maybe
they should wear a red "M" on their outfit, similar to the red "V" on their license. She didn't think it was funny. I bought her a second lady drink, as I was genuinely enjoying sitting and cuddling with her.

She suggested a third choice who was nearby, of nearly equivalent appearance quality, whom she called out to. Hardly breaking stride, her friend replies "No, sorry, on menstruation". Strike three. Frankly, I did not believe her. By this time,
it was clear either I had unwittingly done something wrong, or I was just having really bad luck there. Either way, no matter, out I go. Gilley's Roadhouse was a wash for me. I didn't darken their door again.

Following Up On A Lead

I decided to go back to Fantasy, to enquire on Ailyn, a very beautiful girl I'd met the night before. I didn't get a chance to communicate with her to my satisfaction, to be sure I'd really want to take her, and she was still a bit of a
question mark. A waitress, a big girl, who had helped me while I was in Fantasy on the previous night, was right there by the entrance as I went in. Last night, here at Fantasy, I'd given a guy P100 to have my photo taken with Ailyn. He said
I could pick it up there the next night. So first, I asked the waitress about the picture. The guy hadn't been in, so maybe P100 gone, no big deal. She said she'd keep it for me when he was back in. Then she took me to a table where
she had been sitting.

There were lots of girls, and most all of them attractive, but none really the complete package. I soon understood why. I looked and looked, but didn't see Ailyn (who was the complete package,
looks-wise). I asked the big waitress about her. She explained that Ailyn was in for an early shift that night and had already left. If a girl is not barfined, she is expected to be in for an early shift the next day. Ailyn wasn't available
to be barfined on the previous night because she was featured in the Halloween body paint show. She had already worked and left for the day. (This explained why the girls who were there weren't the best – the best had been in the body
paint show, were not barfined, and had come in early.) Anticipating the cynical reader, who may be thinking this was some elaborate cover story for a barfine, the waitress then asked me "Why don't you text her?" This revealed that
she knew Ailyn had given me her number, and that Ailyn was likely available. I didn't want to text her (and I didn't have a local SIM card, anyway), I wanted to sit and talk with her a little more, and ask the important questions, to
develop a level of confidence that she really is a warm-hearted girl.

Soon after discussing Ailyn, the big Filipina read my mind: with no prompting, she got up, walked around behind me, and started giving me the massage I'd been wanting all day. It was very good, she was both strong and conscientious. I had bought
her a lady drink already, for her help in trying to arrange things, but after the massage I tipped her P200. A few minutes later she massaged my hands, again doing a great job. While sitting there, the power went out a couple of times. She said
the bar had their own generator, and the power came back on in just a brief moment. I enjoyed the none-too-subtle reminder of being in a third-world country. Since there was no Ailyn, and no other great lookers, I soon left.

I stopped at a restaurant/bar called Kokomo's, to enjoy a bottle of Coke with a street view. I wanted to try to clear my head a little, and decide what to do. Meanwhile, there at Kokomo's, sitting next to me was a man, a foreigner, talking with,
or rather at, his cute little Filipina companion. This was so very funny that I had to exercise restraint to maintain my composure. In pure, rapid, American English, he talked and talked and talked, sharing details and his opinions about how his
workplace was scheduling employees' hours, who was being chosen for work assignments, his morning routine, how his exercise and diet adjustments were making him feel so good, etc., etc., etc. I have no doubt that his little companion was
bored to the extreme, not understanding most of his words, and not caring about those she did. I envisioned her considering giving him a blow job just to shut him up. I really cannot understand a man like that; talking to a photograph would have
had as much meaning. Does he have no compassion for the overwhelming boredom he is causing this poor girl to endure?

On the street in front of me was a group of about five transvestites or transsexuals. In Bangkok or Pattaya they would be called Katoeys or Ladyboys, and there would be a lot more of them. These stood out, they were obvious, although
they were dressed nicely, and well-behaved. There were very, very few of them in the area, fine by me.

By this time it was probably a little after 11:00 PM or so. As I sat there thinking, I decided I didn't really feel like I needed boom-boom, but I definitely needed a companion for the night. I decided to go to one of the big clubs, to increase my
chances of finding someone suitable, fairly quickly. Walking out of Kokomo's, I saw the sign for Crystal Palace. It seemed like just the ticket, so I headed that way….

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Normally I don't care for reports of adventures into the nightl, but yours I do like. A lot. You capture the feel nicely and omitting the between the sheets stuff shows class.

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