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Travel Day, Night In Makati: Becoming “Orient”-ed

Many careful hours of research and planning went into this, my first solo adventure in an Eastern Paradise. I'd visited Bangkok while in the company of the wife, and I've "had the pleasure" of occasionally meeting accomplished professional
ladies here in my own hemisphere, but this was my time to see, feel, taste, touch, and smell Angeles City, one of the exotic locations that remain such a complete mystery to most here in the Far West.

A few years back, while doing some research for my wife's and my trip to Bangkok, I came across photos posted on from the inside of what I later came to know as Club Atlantis in Angeles City. I have a weakness for Oriental beauty,
and the photo showed dozens of (mostly) beautiful raven-haired Filipinas. Doing my careful and fastidious research, it became clear that one can enjoy, in this "Angeles City", entertainment experiences for about five percent of the cost
(or less!) of similar adventures in my home country. (In quotes, because, until proven true, such a place sounds like the mythical city of gold, "El Dorado".) Something I did not discover during my research, was any understanding of
the heart of the Pinay. If a man with a generous and open heart is careful, and patient, and chooses wisely, he can find a Pinay who will reward him with a heart of gold, while teaching him the true meaning of "LBFM". She will give the
man from the Far West something deeply satisfying, that he simply cannot find native in his own nation.

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I never forgot the photos, or the written accounts from several different websites, and I knew that some day would be my day to step into Paradise. Today was that day. The Cathay Pacific A330 from Hong Kong landed in Manila right on time, despite typhoon
Mirinae passing through Luzon the previous day, capping my multi-leg journey originating some twenty-eight hours earlier, from my home in the eastern United States. Cab fare from the airport to the Best Western Astor Hotel, in Makati, was a little
less than P500. I checked in around 11:00 PM, right on schedule. My room, on the 16th floor, was not quite as nice as I had hoped, maybe 2½-star in the US, but it was large, with soft lighting, and a warm, cozy feel. During the cab ride,
we'd intersected with Burgos Street, and the blazing, colorful lights called out to me the promise of the excitement I was seeking. Looking out my hotel window, into a window across the way, I saw one of those raven-haired Filipinas, her
back to the window, strip off her top, and move over next to whomever her companion happened to be. I knew I was in the right place.

Tomorrow, a driver would arrive to take me to Angeles City. My plan for tonight was simple: from my room in Makati, head out to the Burgos Street area, and find a suitable companion. Because my scheduled arrival in Manila was late in the evening, and
because of the additional complication of typhoon Mirinae lurking near Paradise, I had pre-selected a 24-hour Makati escort service as a contingency. As I settled-in to the room, and showered, I was mulling over the idea of taking the path of
lesser resistance, and just telephoning the service. I was tired, and frankly, nervous. Not only was I in a land completely foreign to me, but going out would mean my first experience with "barfines" and "GROs", a world completely
unknown in my own vast country, and an experience completely foreign to me. I had done my homework very thoroughly, and I understood all of the basics, but facing me was the challenge of putting theory into practice. Even if my first taste of
"barfining" turned out to be, well, less than savory, I could still redeem this, my first night in Paradise, with an accomplished, beautiful, Filipina by using the 24-hour service. But this was my time to "man up", to bravely
and brazenly reach out to taste life for myself, pursuing my own definition of "extreme"; this is what I had come so far to do. I resolved to push myself a little, to step outside of my "comfort zone", and hit the streets.

Stepping into Paradise

Being so very unfamiliar with the circumstances and situation, I decided upon one simple rule: I would not barfine a girl from the first bar I went into. It would be too easy to fall into a "trap", or "easy answer", and effectively
shortchange myself from getting the best that I could find in the area. I strolled over to Burgos Street, and started looking around. Internet research, regardless of how thorough, cannot prepare a man from my country for his first walk around
an area like Burgos Street. There were many bars, and I was indecisive, almost overwhelmed. I very soon realized that I had to rely on instincts, passion, and whim, as much as, or more than, I could rely on any specific, web-garnered information.
Just about the same time I realized this, a Door Girl at a place called "Bottoms" caught my eye and ear. I responded to the whim, and heeded her beckoning call. Walking in, I wasn't too enthused, the place seemed small, kind of
cheap, and a little sleazy. But, hey, I tell myself, just relax, give it a chance, have a beer, take in the surroundings, and let the environment grow on you a little bit. If things don't feel right, or don't go well, I'll finish
my beer and move on, being a little wiser for the experience.

I was shown to a seat at a table where two bikini-clad dancers were sitting. I was nervous. Of course a waitress was there immediately, as soon as I'd been seated. They have a way of surrounding a new customer with four or five girls right away,
conveying a welcoming feeling, and potentially inciting desire. Looking at it from their side, they're measuring everyone up, seeing if anyone can latch onto a wallet. After all, it's all business. (What a business!) I ordered a "San
Miguel", and the waitress had to ask if I meant regular or light, since I wasn't yet savvy enough to simply ask for either "SMB" or "SML". Even though everyone spoke decent English, it began to fully sink in that
I was completely alone. I began to feel the truth that I was on the other side of the Earth, in a country and culture completely foreign to me. I absolutely reveled in the thrill – dreams becoming real – this is the definition of
living. I feel that so many in my country play, pretend, and pose. Why are there so few white faces in here, where there is no playing, and no pretention? Sitting at the table, with the two dancers, I felt some sense of being connected with someone;
I would have felt very alone had I been seated at a table by myself. One of the dancers was moderately pretty, and the other was cute, but nothing special. Looks-wise, either was "good enough", but neither was something I'd necessarily
seek out. They engaged me in light conversation, asking me the questions I was to hear again, a hundred times over, throughout the coming week. There were five or six girls on stage. One of them, with more distinctly Chinese heritage, was very
pretty, the others cute, and appealing, but none of them outstanding. In a way, this helped to make me a little more calm, because I could sit and take everything in without being quickly overwhelmed by beauty. As I did take everything in, looking
about, I could see there were many girls around the club, at least twenty or so, maybe more. I felt confident that someone would really strike my fancy, so I just calmly looked about, being polite to the two girls sharing the table, but trying
to not give them undue attention. Very soon, a waitress came by to ask if I'd like to buy lady drinks for the two girls, but I politely declined. It wasn't hard, but from what I've read, I guess some men are uncomfortable saying
"no". Although a little awkward, this was, in a way, a plus: these professional ladies likely suspected that I was a "newbie" in their island nation, but this made clear that I wasn't just a simple, easy mark for a few

Hello, Danielle

Soon, a third girl joined us at the table. She was sitting to my left, opposite the stage, and I didn't notice her as she took a seat. I turned my attention away from the stage to again survey the club, and there she was. Wow. Stunner. I did a double-take,
giving her a thorough once-over, to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I was: this girl was a beauty. I gave her a couple of very good looks in the eye, silently telling her, "stay put, I'm interested". She was very
respectful; she had quietly taken her seat, not saying or doing anything to solicit my attention. After the eye contact, she patiently and demurely waited for me to initiate conversation, and it didn't take very long until we began chatting.
Her English was excellent. I soon learned her name is "Danielle". She was very warm and responsive, but retained an air of respectful distance. I didn't really understand until many weeks later, this girl was a top-shelf professional,
a class of woman virtually unparalleled in my own estrogen-dominated country. She was reading me like a book, and her "air of respectful distance" was her mirroring my feeling. After a very few minutes I bought her a lady drink. The
other two girls got the hint, they conceded to the power and beauty that was Danielle, and tended to leave me alone. I asked when she would be dancing, as I'd like to watch her dance. She told me, firmly, that she would not be dancing, she
is not a dancer. "You are GRO?" I asked, and she said yes. (My homework clearly paid off here. This simple question revealed that I understood the nature of her companionship.) Encouraged by both her attractive appearance and warm demeanor,
I wanted to make clear to her that I was definitely interested, even though I was far from prepared to make a commitment (which would have broken my one self-imposed rule, anyway). So, I soon asked her how much her barfine was. She answered P3,900.
Now, she unambiguously knew I was interested.

I had read that barfines in Makati sometimes run up to P5,000, and because of this girl's top-tier look and cosmopolitan composure, that's what I was expecting, so I was pleasantly surprised. We spent a little time chatting, and the feeling
she was projecting made clear that "getting a little more personal" would be perfectly appropriate. Being seated on barstools at a table out in the open floor made me a little bashful (remember that this was my very first interaction
with a GRO or bargirl). I looked about, noticing that a booth (with U-shaped seating, and more discreet) had opened up nearby, and wondered aloud if maybe it were available. We moved over to it. Right away I mentioned that I felt bad about not
buying lady drinks for the other two girls, but Danielle assured me that it happens all of the time, they're used to it, and they understand.

Being in the booth gave us the chance to talk a little more openly, and get a little closer. Even though she knew I was interested in her, I was a bit more gentlemanly, and more restrained, than she's accustomed to. We'd touched one another
a little, on the arms, shoulders, thighs, and I think by this time we'd probably lightly kissed, but when things would get a little, well, "more personal", I would tense up some, and restrain myself, concerned about being too invasive.
For those of us reared and heeled in the estrogen-dominated Far West, the reality of a place like "Bottoms" is virtually unimaginable: a fantastic tale of a city made of gold. Hence, my behavior was more on par with strip clubs in the
US, where I've had my hands slapped away on more than one occasion, than it was for this new experience with this top-tier professional Filipina GRO. Danielle was sensitive to my seeming reluctance, and probably a little puzzled. She broached
the subject by saying she couldn't tell "how naughty to be". In her chameleon-like way, her voice simultaneously projected warmth, respect, mild disappointment, and hope – she was making clear she was prepared for any response.
This was my clear sign that this Paradise I had only read of really does exist, and I was in the midst of it.

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I wanted to explain. I wanted her to understand what was, to me, the enormity of finding El Dorado: nestling next to a very friendly, dazzling, scantily-clad
Filipino beauty, completely alone among a foreign people, in a foreign nation, in a foreign hemisphere, knowing of the incomparable adventure that was just now unfolding before me, transforming from hopes and dreams into the reality of the dizzying
life I am now beginning to taste. For sake of pragmatism, I reduced all of this to simply "be naughty".

It Keeps Getting Better

She was immediately more comfortable; her natural passion began to flow. The touching was hotter and more responsive, the kissing was deeper, the mood took a decidedly more erotic turn. Her streak of Spanish blood began to show. Looking at this more realistically,
she was probably concerned that she was wasting her time with me when she could have been pursuing something a little more certain. But now she had the green light to ply her trade. It didn't take very long for her knowing hands to find their
way to their natural target. Soon we were kissing and pawing one another like teenagers.

There at the booth, she danced for me, proudly showing off and sharing the beauty of her sexy body. Danielle was stunningly beautiful, maybe 34C-23-33, 25 years old, about 5'4", I'd guess around 112 lbs., a Filipina with some distinct Spanish
blood. She said, "You buy me another lady drink and I'll get tequila and give you a body shot". This was a first for me. I'd read about it, but now was my turn to "put down the book", and live the moment. She'd
had a boob job, and it was excellent. Her breasts were just the right proportion for her body, with very natural shape, and perfect symmetry.

We continued making out, with lots of deep kissing. Both of us kept our hands busy, and the heat continued to rise. She unzipped my shorts. Passionately peering deeply into my eyes, she lightly, and with a knowing talent, licked my fingers, while very
elegantly fingering my manhood. There was distinctly erotic feeling in her touch. The message was unmistakable, and very persuasive.

Rules Were Made to be Broken

Now was the time to reexamine the efficacy of my self-imposed rule: I couldn't come up with any earthly reason not to choose Danielle. I was a little concerned that Danielle's tender-heartedness
was not genuine, but rather a reflection of her read on me, and may dissipate as soon as we walk away from the bar. But this would be a risk I would have to take with any girl anywhere; I could only rely on my intuition. Despite her clearly "professional"
passionate enthusiasm, she had a very soft, accommodating, caring feel, and my intuition was telling me she was a sincere, warm-hearted girl. I trusted my intuition, and decided that if she gave the right answers to the hard questions, she was
it. (I'm relying on the reader here to understand the basics that must be clear, to ensure there are no disappointments or misunderstandings about the potential companionship.)

Different than in Angeles City, here the bar keeps the entire barfine, and tip is extra. I asked about her tip, and she said she usually gets P4,000. I said maybe P3,000, she said no, four, which was in line with what I'd read about activity in Makati.
I expressed concern because I was a little short on Pesos, and asked if I could give her USD, she said fine, no problem. This was my first time to pose the "hard questions", and it was a little difficult for me. I really am a gentleman
at heart, and very dislike being so crass. But Danielle was a professional, and very open, and very tender, and hence, she was very easy to talk to. All of her answers were the right ones. With open, sincere eyes, and tender, submissive, caring
voice, she said "Yes, of course, I will do anything you want," then mildly emphasizing "I will be yours." With gentle eagerness, she added, "I'll make you cum in my mouth."

"The Rubber Meets the Road"

That did it – time to locate mamasan. I could see no possible benefit to taking any additional time to look for someone better, and broke my rule. A very young mamasan came over, and we sealed the deal. Mamasan had a "gift" for me, or
really a small package of three "gifts" for us, making clear a most reasonable expectation. Paying the bill was one of the most special, fun, interesting, and unique things I've ever done, and even after spending over a week in
Paradise, I still took joy from this, every time. There, itemized on my bill: my drinks, lady drinks, and a girl. And typically that girl would be standing there, beautiful, smiling, and happy to be being paid for. (And people think men don't
enjoy shopping!) This was, and is, a special element of a man's Paradise.

Before she went to change, I asked Danielle if she had a dress to wear, and she said yes, but she also had jeans. I could tell she wanted to wear the jeans, so I said "whatever you're comfortable in is fine". She came out wearing the dress.
This made me happy, helping to confirm the authenticity of the soft, accommodating feeling she portrayed. As we walked back to my room, she paired with me, becoming a part of me, responding to my every touch, as I gently guided her over and around
the myriad obstacles that comprise a Manila street. As we walked, some woman brazenly offered me a massage. Danielle said quietly, with a hint of jealousy, that if anyone were to massage me, it would be her, as I am her responsibility. She gave
me the special, respectful honor that only a woman can give to only a man, and her being such a beauty greatly magnified the effect.

As we approached my hotel, another first was ahead of me: my first "walk of shame", and I was somewhat nervous as we walked into the hotel lobby. Yes, the hotel staff has seen this a thousand times: a foreigner checks in alone, soon leaves the
hotel, then returns with a beautiful, young Filipina. But this time, for the first time, it was me. Of course there was no problem, we just walked to the elevator and went up to the room.

A Personal Welcome to the Philippines

Everything in private was better than anything in public. In the soft lights of the room, she was every bit as beautiful as she had been in the club. She had a small birthmark or mole on the end of her nose that hadn't been visible, or was covered
by makeup, in the club. It was not raised, it was smooth on her nose. Shortly after entering the room I gave her $100US (more than P4,000, I know, but I wasn't about to ask her for change). I know this is not typical in the Philippines, but
"business before pleasure" is SOP in the US, so I really just wanted to get it out of the way. Everything she said and did authenticated the soft, warm, accommodating nature she portrayed. She showered first, leaving her purse out in
the room, which really put me at ease. As I showered, I wasn't too concerned she'd be a runner – the mood was consistently open, easy, and relaxed, and my intuition continued to reassure me that this girl really was a gem.

Now clean, we took our time as we resumed with deep kissing, touching, and caressing. The chemistry between us was fabulous. She effortlessly harmonized herself with my gentle nature, and my desire for calm, deep eroticism. As I was sitting, she happily
lowered herself to her natural place, and began giving me very good uncovered oral. This is so much more than stimulation, it is the ordering of nature, a natural alignment with something far larger. We soon moved onto the bed, where she gave
me excellent, attentive oral, suited me up, then got on for a round of fantastic CG/ACG, with finish. When it is very good, as this was, I always feel a joining that takes place. My very soul is intertwined with exotic, foreign, strange beauty
– there is power, there is something far larger. This is a thrill with no parallel. For me, this is not a "notch on the bedpost", it is a mark on my soul.

Then we took a little time off, talking, learning about each other. This always means so much to me. It is the chance to fast-forward into a depth of intellectual intimacy with a complete stranger. In this case, it is someone from a completely different
world, who can give me perspective and experiences that I can live through, seeing things that are new, and different. Among many things, she told me of her boyfriend, or former boyfriend, and how she was intentionally seeing others to make him
jealous, to make him understand and yearn for what he had willingly given up. I cannot know if she told the complete truth, but that really does not matter. In saying what she did, she was perfectly comfortable letting me know that she knew she
is a real beauty, and that although her heart was mine at the moment, we both knew it was a transitory moment. The openness, the honesty, the candor itself is a depth of sharing that I dearly love, and a rarity.

She said I reminded her of a Filipino actor, especially my eyes. As she was speaking, I was taking in more of her beauty and her sexy body, and she thought I wasn't listening. She gently quizzed me, and I passed, repeating the name I'd heard
her say, "Albert Martinez". She was so insistent upon the point that later, she wrote down the name for me, to ensure I'd follow-through on my promise to look him up on the internet. Lucky guy. I still have that slip of paper, it
is a memento I will keep forever.

After sufficient time had passed, and without my prompting, she slowly began some light stroking. Soon, she knelt down on the floor, resuming the passionate, attentive oral. Looking up at me, she sweetly said "You can cum on my face." By this
time, I'd gone thirty-four hours with no sound sleep, and I wasn't entirely sure I had another one to give. If so, it wouldn't be strong, so I reluctantly declined that specific offer. She suited me up. I stood, had her lie on the
bed, and we resumed. After a few minutes, I had her flip over for some DS, done very hard. Her beauty, the power of the motion, the deeply rich, turbulent, indescribable mosaic of feeling:
in this moment I am living the expression of life that consumes a man. The second one found its way out, despite my fatigue; she was so very good.

Then it was time to relax. We had wonderful pillow talk; she became my confidant and counselor, as I openly shared deep thoughts and feelings with her. It's so easy, and perfectly natural, to open one's heart to a woman who has opened her body
to you. It felt like a grade school sleepover, with an energetic, yet relaxed feeling of excitement, and, just like so many years ago, I didn't want to go to sleep. I told her so, she took pleasure in my happiness, and encouraged me to enjoy
the rare moment.

It was nearing 6:00 AM when we finally turned out the lights to sleep. She cuddled like Velcro. Regardless of what position I took, or how I moved, she moved with me and snuggled very closely, yet unobtrusively, always gently fitting herself to my position.
Being unused to sleeping with a stranger, and still somewhat taken in the moment, I did not sleep very much, or very well. The next day she said she had slept well, and with what I learned later through the week (that Filipinas typically sleep
easily and soundly), I don't doubt her.

Morning with Danielle

About 9:30AM or so we got up. Very soon, and with no prompting, she was at it again, giving me excellent oral attention. After a few minutes, she reached for the remaining condom, and up she went for some more CG/ACG. She rode me very hard. I felt her sexy body heat up and begin to lightly perspire as she worked me for at least fifteen minutes. I was loving every moment of it, but, eventually, disappointed that I would not be able to cum again, I reluctantly slowed her down.
(I am confident she was doing this for me, not for herself.) We cooled off, showered, and dressed, enjoying a calm and casual morning. We went out for breakfast to a nearby Chinese restaurant. One thing I began to learn, when eating out with a
Filipina, don't order much, because she will share everything she orders. Although called "Danielle", I asked during the evening if she would share with me what her real nickname is. She said she would think about it and let me
know in the morning. Her name to her friends and family is ****. We ate, we talked, we parted ways.

What a perfect GFE! Temperament, demeanor, performance, all extraordinary – outstanding. No TV, no cell phone, complete attention, respect, no demands. She showed her heart, and listened intently as I shared mine. All of this with outstanding good
looks and a streak of hot-blooded passion.

My adventure in Paradise had begun. El Dorado is real.

Stickman's thoughts:

Very nicely put together and really capturing the mood and feeling of the situation. It sounds like you had a great time!

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