Stickman Readers' Submissions November 2nd, 2010

Thailand, Too Much Of A Good Thing?

I was thinking about my visits over to Thailand and how, as a 57-year old guy, I was suddenly exposed to thousands of available women. It's so out of the "normal" realm of reality as I've known it. Even in my youth, when I was with
a ton of women, there were never "thousands" to choose from. I show up in Thailand and there are wall to wall women. I guess I'm talking about the sex areas, but also to get out in public and see all those beautiful, thin Thai women
was a treat. Where I live in a rural area in the States, fat, chubby women are the norm. What's that joke? What do fat women and mopeds have in common? They're fun to ride, but you wouldn't want your friends to see you on one. Ha!

Anyway, to suddenly have all those available women, it's like having won the lottery and having all that cash available. It's great in some ways, and it's everyone's dream, but to have it happen to you, it throws everything
out of its natural order. The balance of things is suddenly off. It can really mess a guy up.

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After my first trip to Thailand, I decided I am never going to have to be with anyone in the U.S. again just for sex. And, I won't have sex as a factor in deciding if I stay with someone. Before Thailand, having a regular sex partner
was always a priority, even if the chick was mentally way out there. Sometimes if the sex was great, I would continue to hang in there. Of course, throughout the years I was super fortunate to have been in love with many beautiful women. One for
9 years, one for 12 years, one for 3, one for 4 etc. Never did get married, although I was very close three times.

I was always joking with my buddies, that if I ever told them I was going to get married, would they promise to take me out in the middle of nowhere and beat me senseless? Ha!

Anyway, I came back from Thailand and looked at all these middle-aged women differently. I thought to myself, ok, maybe these guys that live here can choose from this pool of porked out women, but for me, never again. Don't get me wrong,
there are some wonderful older women around, but they are just not sexually appealing after 50 or so. I think most guys with women in that category either just decide sex is not a priority, or they look at porn when they get a chance, or they
buy a big batch of Viagra. I'm guessing, that most guys can't get it up cause their women's bodies have just gone south. That was another thing when I got to Thailand. Suddenly, my sex drive was back to when I was young. I swear.
A hot, young, hard body is like natural Viagra. Wow. It was really a lot to take in.

Has it messed me up? I guess in some ways it has. I still don't know if Thailand was the best or the worst thing to happen to me. I'm sure guys that win the lottery have this same feeling. It's like that saying, be careful
what you wish for. What's that saying? Too much of a good thing? I can't help but feel very lucky to be able to make my yearly trips. For 20 days I have no cell phone. No pending appointments. Nowhere I "have" to be. It really
is a freedom like no other. If you have a bunch of cash with you, you've got an endless supply of women and / or fun. I feel very safe in Thailand, but, no matter how many drinks etc, I still try to stay aware of my surroundings.

Thank God I found Stick's site. I've learned so much here through reading the submissions and Stick's weekly article. That last article about that
westerner that films porn was amazing. I think it even amazed Stick to learn how corrupt the press in Thailand
is. Can you imagine in the USA if you could just pay a bribe after getting arrested and not only would the charges be dismissed, but the stories in the press suddenly went away?!

Wow. I wonder how far up the ladder in Thailand that stuff goes? Do the major papers, the Bangkok Post etc. all take bribes or payoffs on some level not to run "certain" stories? Maybe it's better not to really know these answers.
I think a person is better off not really knowing. Judging by everything else I've heard that goes on in Thailand, not much of anything would surprise me. You have to admit. It's a way to control the society in Thailand. Keep them thinking
their country is this "perfect" place. Keep them thinking they are all "special" because they are Thai. Let them all continue to live in this dream world. Hey, why not? It seems to be working? Let everyone keep living in this
dream world and not ask questions of the government and the press. In some ways, when I think about it. I'm jealous of these mindless robots. I live in the west where we deal with reality. Who is really better off? I think it's easier
to live in a dream world then deal with the harsh realities of life. Guess that's why I find Thailand so appealing. It's not real.

Stickman's thoughts:

Excellent question you ask about how the availability of virtually unlimited pretty, young, obliging women at a relatively low price can mess up a guy. I think many guys do get messed up and the most obvious example is the young guy who retires to Thailand prematurely, only for the money to run out quickly. I've seen it happen rather often!

The second point you make, which follows on from the opening piece of last column, I think the press in Thailand is scared to write about certain things and for sure, there are any of a number of influential people for whom they will immediately pull a story if requested to do so. Thailand scores appallingly in terms of press freedom and freedom of speech.

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