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Other Naughty Areas of Philippines

After writing a summary of my first trip to Angeles, I thought I would write an article on the other naughty areas of the Philippines. There are many, just as in Thailand, and it would be rude not to indulge in having some holiday fun.

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I have never been to Thailand and it does not hold any interest for me as of yet. Who knows, it might change. The first area that I would like to talk about is Manila.

Now Manila is horrible, far too many people no infrastructure and extreme poverty. It makes Angeles look like a paradise. Even with an open mind, some parts of Manila just suck the life out of you.

I stayed in Central Manila and also out in the suburbs in Cavite. There is so much smoke, congestion and street beggars it really did open my eyes.

Would I go back to Manila? Honestly, no, I would bypass it and go straight to Angeles or elsewhere.

The hotel I stayed at in Manila was in an area called Makati which is one of the red light districts. I didn't know this when I booked it. The hotel was 4-star and very, very nice however when you walked out of the door within 5 seconds you were being offered something or someone. <Sounds like paradise! 🙂Stick>

However this area proved to be very entertaining, a quick walk round the block and there were bars everywhere. The bars were highlighted in neon with big black doors with some very sexy ladies beckoning you in.

Similar setup to Angeles with bar fine however it was 3 times more expensive and you had to pay the girls money on top. A bar fine in Angeles is about 1,500 pesos in Makati, 2,400 to the bar and then about 1,500 to the girl on top. It is up to you if you take them bar hopping but at those prices it wasn't wise to do so.

Same sort of bars, same hot girls but a lot more flesh on show. In one bar, the girls were topless. Around the corner from that was midget boxing and naked oil wrestling. I guess it sounds more like Pattaya but as I have never been, I don't know.

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The one thing that was different in Makati than in Angeles was the number of street beggars. In Angeles you did get some but not nearly as many as Makati but if you were polite and said no thank you, they were honest and polite back and left you alone.

I will remember a street seller saying did I want to buy some sunglasses at night, I cracked a joke about it being night and he just laughed and walked away smiling.

The quality of girls I would say was just as good, but they were a lot more open-minded. Again short time or long time, what time they left in the morning would you buy them breakfast.

For those guys that fall in love with a bar girl, sitting in an Internet cafe watching one open up her Yahoo messenger and have about 200 contacts puts everything in context.

After having some fun with ping pong balls etc, we chose our girls, 2 each, and took them out of the bar. It was possible to even have cousins go together. We took them for one drink and then back to the hotel as we only wanted short time.

The look on some of the customers' faces as we walked back to the hotel with 2 little brown fun bags on each arm was priceless. When we got to the hotel the ID is checked and then they are let in.

If you ever need anything it is always available on the street from Viagra to just about anything really.

Would I go back to Makati? No, it is cheaper elsewhere and Manila is too much.

The next area I would like to talk about is Davao City on the Southern Island. This place is amazing with so much to do, so much to see. It was clean, the people were friendly and there was a presence of money from the Japanese and Koreans.

I could happily live in Davao as it really was that nice. People talked to you in the street but were genuinely interested in where you came from and who you were. We spent our time white water rafting, zip lining, paint balling – you name it, it's there.

Gyms with running tracks, Muay Thai and MMA coaches. Plenty of restaurants, 3D cinemas – in fact it is that good I am looking at land there. I digress from the red light district. In Philippines you really aren't far from the naughty areas wherever you go. If you are in an area with no obvious nightlife just ask a tricycle driver or a taxi driver.

The hotel we stayed at in Davao was 1 block away from 3 massage parlours. There were no gogo bars as such but plenty of parlours and freelancers. Do not go with a woman of the street as it might be a trap. Always go with a woman from a parlour or bar.

The women in Davao were even more caring than the rest of the Philippines if that is possible.

Prices were back to Angeles levels, maybe even cheaper. Through all my travel in the Philippines I never felt threatened, always felt secure and a smile broke down any barriers. As mentioned before, if you are a nice genuine person and treat people in a decent manner then you will make friends anywhere.

In Davao they even had beer bars like in the West which surprised me. We found ourselves drinking shots with the female Korean owners till some crazy hour. With DJs, live music and waitress service with a smile.

We bar fined some women in Davao and headed out on the town, again making sure the tell tale sign of short shorts had gone and respectable clothes were worn.

All in all an excellent 3 weeks – the sun shone, we learnt a hell of a lot and saw a lot of things. The friend I travelled with had been to Thailand 3 times and he enjoyed himself. But we made a conscious effort to stay away from the tourist areas and get off the beaten track. Many people thought we were crazy and sometimes we did. Walking through a market in a city that had no white people, children would stop and stare, or sometimes forget there was a post which they walked into!

Filipinos are very friendly, kind and caring once they have gotten over the fact they they are scared of you and genuinely shy. I read somewhere on here that they make very good wives. My friend who I travelled with summed it up quite well: Thais for fun and Filipinos for marriage.

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Sounds like you had a nice trip. I love watching the looks on people's faces when a couple of whorists like you and your mate walk into a hotel with two girls each! Priceless!

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