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My First Trip To Angeles City

After spending 3 weeks in the Philippines travelling around to many different places and seeing many different things, I thought I would write in about my first trip to Angeles City. I chose Angeles over Pattaya as I would rather go to a country where they actually like foreigners and aren't racist towards them. As after reading many horror stories about Thailand and farangs I booked my trip to the Philippines. All in all I spent 4 days in Angeles out of my 3 weeks and if anybody wants I can write an article about the other side of the Philippines and spending time with families, building houses and project work.

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In my 3 weeks in Philippines I did not once come across any form of racism towards me and it may have helped having local native friends who knows.

First Impressions of Angeles: –

Well it is a dump and it is not a dump. When I travel, I like to have an open mind. The roads and houses do leave a lot to be desired but after travelling in Africa it wasn't that bad. Once you're inside a hotel this all changes, from having my own room with a Jacuzzi in (yes, naughty boy I know) to hotels with private swimming pools. There really is a hotel for any budget and taste. Some of the better ones were Orchard Inn and Swagman being nicely located and soundproof. You just have to seek out what your after and research well.

Food Things to Do:-

Food wise there seems to be plenty of choice and as I am not to fussy was happy to eat Filipino food. We tried a number of restaurants, granted the food was not as nice as Thai back home but it wasn't that bad. During the day there is the Mall and the gym but apart from that the late nights and late mornings mean we didn't really need anything else to do.


Not one to be wrapped in cotton wool and like to get out there, we tried the Jeepneys. Man, these are small for a 6 foot 1 English guy. However they are cheap and plentiful so easy to get so were our mode of transport during the day. Don't be put of by being the only white person on them – that's half the fun. At night it was tricycle and I had such a laugh with the tricycle drivers. Racing other tricycles, trying to squeeze into them and putting luggage on the top.

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Security: –

Did I feel scared at any time? Nope, intimated definitely not. What I did find is a smile and laugh brings down barriers. If they see you are smiling and happy they really do open up to you. Filipinos are extremely shy and nervous to speak English, but most of them can speak really, really well. To walk around a place and be the only White face didn't bother me. You do have to make the effort to interact but the rewards are worth it and laughing genuine. They will look at you because you're different, foreign and wealthy but don't be put off by this. Also walking home on my own back to the Hotel I was told was not really a good thing to do but a drunken laughing conversation with a security guard was the worst thing that happened. At no point did I think I was going to be robbed either in a bar or outside a bar.


Well after never having been in a bar this just blew my mind. Wall to wall Asian women to choose from, a shame they were wearing clothes as generally nudity is not allowed. This however didn't stop some of them when talking to them. The names of the bars I generally can't remember as wasn't looking at that 🙂 but I do remember Blue Nile, another bar with 5 floors of women and the list goes on.


The women were hot, plentiful and there were many to choose from. They were friendly, spoke good English which made talking easy and were not afraid to have photos or videos taken. The mamasans were also polite but stern. Also I found you have to be careful as many won't work together but some do and you are in for a trip. I am afraid to say in Western eyes I am a deviant and love Asian women. The women are so sweet and caring it is easy to see why the fine line between work and love gets confused.

Bar Fines: –

The way it works is you pay the Bar Fine and this includes the girl's money. You negotiate a time for them to leave the next day and short time or long time could be had. One of my girls left at 7 AM and the next one left at 3 PM. Of course you have to take care of them and feed them but then that's a small price to pay.

Other Foreigners:-

Well this is the weird thing, some many guys from different countries with stories to tell. A lot of the stories may have been lies and made up, and guys who just sat at the bar all day, everyday. Guys who had bar names as well as regular names because all they did was drink all day, everyday. I only spoke to a couple of guys there and found that it was enough for me, but when I listened like I had never listened before for any advice.

I think Angeles gets a bad rap sometimes but for a newbie who had his first taste of the naughty Asian bar world I will be going back. After meeting the manager of one of the bars who is 21 and loving it, to going back to a bar girl's house to meet her house mates who all work in bars.

But remember when you walk out of Fields Avenue it is back to the normal Philippines, so I made sure my girl of the day dressed accordingly. Gone were the short shorts they like to wear as a so called uniform. Many girls are looking for a man to take them out of this life so be careful. Also there was a large percentage of cherry girls so as long as you ask them you can make sure you end up with a professional.

Will I be going back? Hell yeah! Some people may not enjoy it but as I have never experienced anything like this before I had nothing to compare it with. An open mind helped as I did not know what to expect. I can't get the thought of little brown sex machines out of my head.

This article is not having a go at anybody, or saying I am right or wrong it is just intended to give another perspective on things.

I did also partake in the naughty side in Manila but that's a different story.

(I welcome any questions, comments or feedback)

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Sounds like you're sold on the place!

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