Stickman Readers' Submissions November 8th, 2010

Korski’s Wrong, Slightly or Give Me a Starfish Any Day

I've been reading the Caveman submissions and find them to be completely obnoxious. So much so, I may not read any more of them, I do try to do things I enjoy and not do things I don't like.

I was stationed in the Philippines twice, both times for a full 3 years. I find fault with Korski's latest submission only in that (at least there used to be) yes, there are bars where the gals will do anything and often for a very small
amount of money. These bars are not located on Fields or any of the other "main stream" locations in Angeles. They are located in other places but they aren't all that hard to find, just ask around. Now, if you want to get your
butt licked by a syphilitic, sore infested, in and out of prison, butt ugly, dirt poor hooker, by all means go for it, it is there for those who want that sort of thing. Everything else Korski spoke of, I agree with wholeheartedly. I very very
much doubt you'll find any sort of ass licking women in any of the go-gos or better bars in Angeles.

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I'll digress if you don't mind:

I can't consider myself a wholesale monger but I have been around a bit. I'm probably at or near the 100 different women mark, probably at about 10-12 with normal USA or European women, 3 times with European hookers – one in Amsterdam,
one at the Green Door in Innsbruck, and a really hot/young streetwalker in Barcelona who took me upstairs to her parents' apartment and the parents were there in the living room while we were in a bedroom – you think that's strange,
well, I had just screwed my USA girlfriend about an hour prior and she was sitting in our hotel room – after I had screwed her she told me she needed $300 for an abortion – I knew she was lying so I got even with her, about 10 with South-East
Asian hookers; a few in Vietnam, a few in the Philippines, and a few in Thailand but the brunt of the different women I've been with sexually have been USA swingers. My USA girlfriend is bisexual and, who'd of guessed it, about 90% of
swingers have a bisexual wife and a straight husband. It's great fun if you are both mature about it, love is love and sex is sex seems to be the prevailing philosophy in the swinger world. I really love my current girlfriend, she has brought
me much happiness. So, I guess I'm not a hardcore monger but I believe Korski knows how that should be defined and he also knows how mongers are and there's nothing in my mind that finds fault with mongers. You know, one life, make the
most of it. Some people love chocolate. Oh shoot, I forgot that hooker in Phuket and my girlfriend and I shared, add one to the notch.

Now, like Stick and Caveman, I have never really negotiated sexual agendas with any of the SEA hookers I've been with. I just didn't have to because I was only expecting what some people would call "vanilla sex". As I
recall, the 3 Bangkok hookers I've been with were 19, 19, and about 35. I much preferred the two 19 year olds over the far more experienced 35 year old who really did know every trick in the book, so much so, that she wound up marrying a
22 year old friend of mine, another young GI much like myself back then (that's another story altogether, as you can well imagine). Of the two 19 years olds, one was hot and the other was smokin hot and I'm not talking about their looks.
Of course, they were both nice looking. I don't want an "experienced" 35 year old that may be up to Caveman's maturity standards. I want the ones I can teach something to, not the other way around. Maybe I'm now too old,
perhaps I know too much but if I ever get to Bangkok again, if anyone wants to point out a starfish to me, I'll be one happy camper, thank you!! My feeling is that you only get out of sex what you put into it, like much of life itself. I
know, some mongers will say, just get what you want out of it and never mind the hooker. But, if that hooker is getting something out of it, that makes me all the hornier and justifies my "long time" expense. Two happy people are better
than one.

Negotiating sex with hookers: If you have desires that are considered somewhat out of the ordinary, negotiating beforehand is absolutely necessary and 100% polite. In any given bar, there may or may not be someone who likes the same thing(s)
or, if the price is right, they may consider whatever it is you want. I would not spring on some unsuspecting Bangkok hooker that you prefer to be screwed in the ass with her big toe, it's just not the thing to do, let her know before you
leave the bar please!!!

Caveman doesn't like the waitress cause she can't get the dairy out of the dish. He finds that offensive and I find it charming, it's so Thailand, I love it. You know, and I'm laughing here, Thailand is one hell of a place
because you really do never know what's going to happen and that's what makes it so much fun. I remember a Thai man, his wife, and a daughter trying to cook some Italian food, they did ok but I still remember the smiles on their faces
when I told them it was "aloy mak" but when I told them it was "sep lai" the smiles got wider – I've had much better food many times over but I loved those smiles and I found a good way to make a few people happy. Laughing
here, what did it cost me, nothing!

Stickman's thoughts:

This submission was published as the author made an effort to quickly put together a response to another submission which has since been removed. I regret to advise that due to the removal of that submission, no more submissions will be accepted on this issue.

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