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A reply to Leon Sun

I read with interest your sub about picking up girls in the west.

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In fact it very closely resembles the text of a book I bought about 10 years ago on a trip to Oz called the Lay guide by Tony Clink.

In fact the terms you use are identical.

Now I know that Stick made some less favourable comments to your sub.

My point of view would be thus:

In Asia, because of the economic buying power differential of the westerner compared to the locals, you would have a natural socio-economic advantage as regards the median local guy.

In the west where you may even be at a negative differential (due to others earning more than you may be in a worse situation.

Of course the economic advantage is not all of the equation, but according to the fiendishly clever Biffault it does have a heavy weighting in many cases.

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So In accord with Mr. Stick I would go with the feeling that this "system" is not really needed for westerners in Thailand or most of SEA.

However I would have to also say that the "system" could give a certain advantage in highly affluent countries like the Scandinavians, Swiss and Canada (note I do not count the USA as affluent at the current time) in as much as
the routine in the book would allow you to more cannily introduce yourself than with tired old routines.

However, the system will not replace a true personality sprinkled with some culture.

Also I would add that if you are in South-East Asia, you are highly unlikely to want (probably for ever) to hook up with a lady from a highly affluent country as you will be in all metrics be getting a sort end of the stick in the longer run.

About the Indian fellow(s) sub (s) and later replies about racism in LOS

From my trips to LOS when ever I have had the (mis) fortune to meet up with an indigenous Indian fellow it has always been 100 pct about them being
on the get go.

Unfortunately this has also been born out on a earlier trip to India some years ago and also when I lived in the UK, when dealing with the merchant classes there.

I will be travelling via India to HK in the next weeks via Jet Airways (one of the larger Indian carriers) and I will observe carefully about the standard of behaviour of the staff and the passengers.

I think that so far the Indian people have a lot to answer for in respect to the hostility to them as compared to the Chinese (who I deal with each day) who are by and large much more hospitable and less self indulgent and opinionated.

Re the sub from Korski about the shark attack to his lad's best friend

It was a shocking read, and Korski's insight as the laws of probability for this to occur was enlightening, as was his diversion into the realm of stds.

My take would be thus:
About dying, it's hardly a surprise.
When you have been on the planet for a while you kind of get used to it, of course it always happens to someone else (when you are younger) but as you get older the noose
tightens and the people popping off get to be within a closer and closer circle until….it's you!

Of course we all expect to underlive our siblings and their like aged friends, but male sports, cars, drink and other pleasant diversions make for a more level playing field so to speak. I would guess it's a like of random natural selection
overlaid on the regular natural selection.

I've some close to popping off (not in the sexual sense btw) several times:

– hitting cars while on a motorcycle at a good lick.
– hitting a stopped truck at 100 km/h on the slow lane of the expressway (at night in a downpour with no truck lights on and no driver inside).
– not only are the Thais stupid drivers,
I do believe the Polish could give them a damned fine run for the money. Certainly the highways in Poland are worse than those in MT and in many cases there are crosses every few hundred meters to make the spot where a good Catholic missed the visit
to his next mass.

Anyway in both cases I walked away from them, the ambulance drivers couldn't find the body in the car, I had to explain it was me! Mr. Grim will certainly catch up with me one of these days …. which reminds me of a old Iraqi saying about

A servant goes to a Baghdad market and meets the grim reaper face to face. In a panic he goes to his master's home, packs his things and escapes off to his home city of Basra. The grim reaper later calls round to the master's house.
The master, surprised asks him why he is there. The reaper explains : I met your servant in the market today. I was just going to tell him I would meet with him later tonight in Basra, but he ran off.

So in real life you never know, even if you are careful, what or who is going to come around the next corner and snuff you out.

That however doesn't preclude trying to keep some leeway between you and the grim reaper. So I do certainly agree with Mssr Korski about the inane nature of those who go to Asia (or in some German bareback clubs) and get off on unprotected
fluid transfers. I just don't understand what could conceivably be cool or manly or brave about sticking your codger into a trashy fanny just so you can bleat out how you could dodge the bugs!

I will revert later with the detail of the new Indian encounter !

I wish all the readers a pleasant weekend.

The Frenchman

Stickman's thoughts:

Thanks for the thoughts.

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