Stickman Readers' Submissions November 16th, 2010

Farangs In Thailand

Recently, I have wanted to put a piece together describing, and what I hoped would be entertaining to read, about the farangs I seem to meet in Thailand. Lately though, there has been so much ranting and raving over others' submissions it is time
I compile it now and add that mindset, which appears to apply, into this piece. My disclaimer as always is that these are my observations and my opinions period!

Farang #1: The know-it-all. We all know the type. They know everything from food to bars to politics. Their opinion is all that matters and you are nothing but an ear to them. The basics were like this:

He Clinic Bangkok

Farang: "How long have you lived here?"

Steve: "About a year."

Farang: "Oh, so you probably still like it here?"

CBD bangkok

Steve: "Yes, absolutely."

Farang: "Well, I have lived here over 15 years and let me tell you some things….."

The rest is irrelevant, because if you still live here after 15 years, the question that immediately comes to mind is: "What the fuck are you complaining for?" It was completely comical. I am continually reminded that the only way
a farang can communicate is by telling me everything wrong with the country he/she lives in. Why is that? Where in their sad life does it come to this? Only misery loves company? They are usually the type that sit around with their other farang
buddies and just complain for hours. I honestly can not figure it out. My logic says you come here for a different type of life, but still bring all the baggage with you. You come supposedly to change your life, but all you change is location,
with no thought of anything else. I am not of that nature, so it will continue to boggle me.

Farang #2: The miserable man. Everything in their life has gone wrong and their is no hope left. He sits at the bar everyday hoping something will change. We all know the famous quote from Einstein, "The definition of insanity is doing
the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome." I just insert stupidity for insanity. The same thing applies in my opinion.

wonderland clinic

Farang #3: The serial relationship man. He changes out g/f's like I change my socks. Yet he is never happy and wants to complain how bad Thai women are. There are psychology books written about these types of individuals.

Farang #4: The con artist. He may not be on the streets of Bangkok selling you a time share, but has an imagined glorious life, but no money or anything to show for it. Basically everything that exits his mouth screams BS, but enough people
either believe him or don't bother telling him what they think that he continues this path.

Farang #5: The dirty farang. I have met some of the worst smelling people in my life here. How can they leave their apt. smelling of what can only be described as "Garbage fungus" and go interact with the public? I have a guy my
building like that and a few times have had the unfortunate occasion of getting in the elevator after he exited praying no one got on the elevator from my floor and lumped me into that category. I saw him out one day at a bar I like to go to and
all the staff scattered. I, of course, asked why and they told me because he is the "smelly farang." Just astounds me.

Farang #6: The criminal farang. He left his country and hopes to avoid the law by living here. I met a few of these clowns and I need say no more.

The list goes on and everyone can compile a list of their own encounters for entertainment value. It would not be fair if I did not include the opposite. I have met some great people also in my travels. They either live here or are tourist,
but spend no time in the bar scene, do not drink and are just here to enjoy themselves. From the hard working man trying to take care of his family here to the tourist that just wants peace and relaxation. You can truly meet people from all walks
of life here and that can make for quite an adventurous time if you actually leave your house and go interact with people. I have even met some people that rarely leave their home and choose to live completely alone with few outside interactions.
To each their own of course.

Lets move on the rant and raves of late. We are all individuals and myself and a few other writers have submitted articles reminding people (never thought it was a lesson) that we all act, think and do things differently. Our own realities
are always different. This is why a good debate is always refreshing for us that actually enjoy that type of thing. Again a majority of all conversations as well as readers submissions are completely opinion based. We may throw a fact or two (which
is always open to debate as well), but the rest is straight up opinion. I see 3 farang ladies on vacation somewhere and may think "Wow, I am glad to see farangs outside their own country experiencing the world" where as another will
say "Figures, 3 fat hogs taking up my breathing space". We are different and it needs to be said to remind people of this.

If a person documents his/her travels and provides their opinion on said travels, why would I try to denigrate that person? He/she is not wrong. They go somewhere, see something and comment. Again it is opinion and not fact based, but yet
people always jump on the crusading bandwagon to try and put themselves in some moral high ground and denounce said submitter. Who really cares what the person likes to eat? Who he like to fuck? Or even how he goes about it? When did others become
the experts? Well, they haven't. They are just bored and want to write some BS to stir the pot. How about you go do the same trip and document your experience and we will tear it apart? Of course you wouldn't want that, but your hypocritical
nature can't see that far.

I said before and will say again. Every story is invaluable. It can give you important or not so important information. It describes how the author sees things and how you differ. Some things can be related and may bring a smile. Other things
may be way off base from your own mindset. This does not mean the author is right or wrong it is his opinion based on what their sum life experience is up to that point. Again the reminder.

This website is about Thailand first and foremost, but some people just want their voice to be heard and will write anything they can and hope it gets submitted. I personally still enjoy the occasional story of the newbie to Thailand and
if he thinks he is in love? I still find it fascinating how magical Thailand is to the new people. My first thought is reminiscing about my first few trips to Thailand, where as others first thoughts are to immediately write the author and tell
him how wrong he is and how bad his life will be (these are usually the people that have been burned). Again to say it one last friggen time: We are different!

So, try not to make yourself look the idiot by trying to show us how PC or whatever you are and downgrading someone's opinion piece. Make your own trip and your own observations and I am sure many of us would like to see that. That's
all for now.

Take care gang,

Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, you touch on a good point that it would be nice to hear more people's stories such as the one by the guy who thought he'd lost his passport in Laos. Nice, gentle stories like that are entertaining, and may be informative at the same time.

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